‘Apple Car’ could double Apple’s revenue and market value – analyst

The prospect of an “Apple Car” represent the clearest path to doubling Apple’s revenue and market cap, Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty wrote in a note to clients on Friday.


Emily Bary for MarketWatch:

“We see the prospects of Apple Car — representing the clearest path to doubling Apple’s revenue and market cap — catalyzing a shift in investor narrative back toward the attractiveness of the platform (1 billion loyal customers) and long-term sustainable growth,” wrote Morgan Stanley’s Katy Huberty.

Simply put, “investors should pay attention to Apple Car,” Huberty wrote.

“Evidence shows that when Apple enters new markets, it serves as a catalyst to expand the addressable market beyond what was previously imagined,” Huberty wrote, meaning that she thinks “Apple is likely to accelerate adoption of AVs [Autonomous Vehicles].”

“[M]uch of the brains and power of a self-driving car—including processors, sensors, [and] batteries—are already designed by Apple today,” she wrote, making the company “well positioned to solve complex technology, safety, performance, and manufacturing challenges of a self-driving car and to scale production faster than others targeting the same market.”

MacDailyNews Take: Only double?

Already, Apple has proven that the so-called law of large numbers is quite the flawed law.

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    1. Used Alexa on my Firestick to search for that most innocent of programmes ‘Beer Masters’ on Prime a couple days back. Thought it would be about as clear and easy a question as possible to ask, yet somehow it managed to send me to the internet and started searching for some obscure weapon technology, just hope the Secret Services weren’t listening in. Won’t be buying their ‘smart speaker’ based on that recommendation let alone any car using it and sending me to Area 51 now that doesn’t bear thinking about.

      1. I don’t understand your point. If a car is going to be voice-activated/controlled, shouldn’t the company creating it have the ability to do so on a much less life-threatening platform such as Siri? I’m a huge Apple fanboy (since the IIci), and I’m an Apple investor, so I hope they revolutionize the world with the Car and that profits soar to the moon, but I think it’s fair to question how they’re going to do that when there are related areas in which they have clearly stumbled and failed.

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