Apple’s Home Services chief departs the company after two years

Last week, Apple’s head of Home Services, Sam Jadallah, has departed the company after two years leading some of Apple’s work on smart home initiatives.

Apple's Home app

Juli Clover:

Jadallah announced his departure on LinkedIn, where he said that it was “a treat to be an entrepreneur within Apple and to create products at scale.” Based on some of his tweets, Jadallah worked on digital key-related projects, such as Apple’s recent iOS 15 effort to add keys for HomeKit-enabled locks to the Wallet app.

Apple hired Jadallah back in 2019, and his hiring made headlines because he was brought on from Microsoft to improve Apple’s work on HomeKit-enabled devices. Jadallah formerly worked at Microsoft, and before joining Apple, he headed up luxury smart lock company Otto.

When Jadallah was hired, many saw it as a sign of Apple’s effort to push further into the home space. Apple has been developing its HomeKit protocol and working on home devices like the HomePod for many years now, but it continues to lag behind companies like Amazon and Google, especially in the smart speaker department.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple strategy for the smart home remains, at best, meandering.

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  1. Never impressed with Jadallah, there is nothing to show for his time other than Apple falling further behind in a market it basically created. Apple should be making all of these HomeKit accessories themselves to bolster up the ecosystem.

    To make a joke, Apple should never have hired someone from Microsoft in the first place…what’s next Steve Ballmer to replace Tim Cook? Couldn’t the leaders at Apple see this guy was just padding his resume to say he worked at two of the top tech companies? There was never any vision or direction from this guy.

    Apple start spearheading your own products to complete the vision of HomeKit. You’ve been waiting years for other vendors to develop your customers user experience, and what do you have to show for it?

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