Tencent Music brings huge catalog of Chinese music to Apple Music users worldwide

On November 8, Tencent Music Entertainment Group announced that record labels and artists who are part of TME Music Cloud can now distribute their music around the world via Apple Music. Bringing TME’s premium music content from Chinese labels and creators to Apple Music users worldwide, will enable music lovers to explore China’s unique music culture and genres, further enhancing the global discovery of Chinese music and assisting in the international development of Chinese musicians.

Apple Music on the web
Apple Music on the web

TME has long drawn on its advanced technology and extensive industry resources, creating a large volume of high-quality new music in collaboration with industry partners. TME also attracts hundreds of thousands of Chinese musicians hoping to achieve their musical dreams through the Tencent Musician Platform. The availability of TME’s catalog on Apple Music will help promote more high-quality Chinese music overseas and realize the global value of Chinese music.

As a new global music distribution platform launched by TME, TME Music Cloud will also adopt “content self-management,””online distribution and promotion,” “settlement of royalties,” and “music data insights,” providing global level omni-channel distribution for a wide range of partner labels and creators. At the same time, TME’s industry resources and Tencent’s social ecology will offer comprehensive assistance to content creators in content production and promotion as well as commercial realization.

MacDailyNews Take: Welcome, TME. This is great news for emerging Chinese musicians, as Apple Music continues to separate itself from inferior, overmatched competition.


    1. I’m not touching this with a 10 foot pole, but if someone else does: please tell me whether Xinjiang musician Askar is available for download. If not, check your moral compass.

    1. Who would listen to “Western” music. Some “Western” music is enjoyable, but not all. To each their own. Everyone has their own tastes. 1.4 billion Chinese living in mainland plus other 50 million+ living elsewhere. I’m sure some of them will find something to their taste on Apple Music.

  1. Since China is a hegomony and limited culture influences. Their Culture hasn’t developed nor evolved, The Govt is limiting and directing it. While they try to take samples of other cultures into it’s own it keep also rejecting them. so the thinking of Expannding Chinese culture with more access to their music is good, the Market is limited to it’s Language Speakers and not to the General world as is the same for many countries. The US music and Media is international and recognized since Silent movies, It’s more Acceptable and wanted. So If they’re expecting to sell music in Africa, Latin America, Europe, It’s minuscule.

  2. So great how Apple bows to their human abusing masters. Because it is so hard to actually leave China as an actual Chinese born citizen, not unlike the old USSR, the market for this in free, non-Chinese countries would probably buy Apple a few pizzas. It is pandering, and it is colluding with a hostile and anti-humanitarian government in the name of $$$. Period. When is the German music circa 1932 coming, Apple?

  3. Why would they do something like that? I don’t listen to Chinese music. /s

    AppleMusic should carry music from all countries. Give listeners plenty of new music to discover. You never know what you might like until you hear it as you may be missing out on extra music you can enjoy. I used to scan many internet stations from around the world and I definitely found music from other countries worth listening to even if I didn’t understand the language.

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