Woz ‘can’t tell the difference’ between iPhone 12 and 13

Apple co-founder Steve “Woz” Wozniak says he can’t tell the difference between the recently released iPhone 13 and the previous generation iPhone 12.

Woz 'can't tell the difference' between iPhone 12 and 13
Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak

Wozniak has remained an employee of Apple in a ceremonial capacity since stepping down in 1985. In recent years, he has helped fund multiple entrepreneurial efforts dealing in areas such as telecommunications, entertainment, flash memory, technology and pop culture conventions, ecology, technical education, and more.

Ihsaan Fanusie for Yahoo Finance:

“I got the new iPhone; I can’t tell the difference really,” Wozniak said.

“I worry about largeness and size … but I don’t study it,” Wozniak said. “I’m just into if products are good.”

Wozniak was the creator of the Apple I computer which launched the company back in the 1970s and one of the premier engineers for the company until his departure in 1985.

MacDailyNews Take: Woz, a smaller inelegant kludge (notch) on the front and diagonal lenses on the rear visually distinguish the iPhone 13 from the iPhone 12.

Apple's iPhone 12 (left) and new iPhone 13 (right)
Apple’s iPhone 12 (left) and new iPhone 13 (right)

iPhone 13 offers Cinematic mode in 1080p at 30 fps, the A15 Bionic chip, and better battery life over the iPhone 12.

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  1. I was there at the beginning of Apple. There was no “Apple I”. It was just the “Apple Computer.” It wasn’t until the Apple II came out that people started referring to it as the “Apple I”, but that was never the name.

    Just saying.

  2. To be fair, it’s not obvious. I don’t notice the difference by looking at it. But my eyes LOVE LOVE LOVE the Promotion display. LOVE IT. As in, I was having eye problems for the past two years from my phone and this one fixes the problem. The smooth scrolling makes my eyes so happy.

    Battery life and a very slight improvement in photos is also noticed. But none of that was an issue in the previous phone. I upgraded for Promotion and will never go back.

  3. I use an iPad for most things. My iPhone is for phone calls, taking photos, and other simple things like text-based communication, info updates, music, audiobooks… So it’s best to be small and light while running current OS and software. That’s why my iPhone is SE (2016 model), with its 12MP camera (no bump). My next iPhone will probably be iPhone SE (2020), bigger but still acceptable or maybe iPhone mini 12.

      1. Agreed, I want it, but it’s missing the most important, useful and logical feature in any mobile phone. No gimmick, no high price (hi cost of 3D measuring), nothing, but touch ID. Speed and screen brightness are not the type of things I go after. They have reached very high levels anyway. Looks like we have to wait till spring next year:-(

      2. That’s why iPhone 12 will be a better value when I get around to buying one. It’ll be from a 3rd party refurbisher (as all my iPhones have been), probably 4-5 years from now. The 13 will be newer and deemed better, so it will cost more. It’s true, but from my perspective, they’re basically the same. I know what Woz is saying… Obviously, he knows they are different. He’s saying, from his day-to-day experience in having used both, he can’t perceive a difference. Plus 12 comes in pure “black” (not “midnight”).

    1. Exactly.

      My iPhone SE 2016 iPhone powerhouse in the SMALLEST POCKET PACKAGE features a great camera, sleek elegant design and no stupid bumps and notches. I have been looking at the two you mentioned as well. No annoying notch, no hideous bugeye bumps — not now, not ever!…

    1. That’s it, the cameras are better? They are better every year since 2007, hello, anyone home?

      How much better is better? My SE the camera takes great pictures good enough for the cover of magazines and shooting Hollywood movies.

      Bottom Line: GENIUS, not “Weirdo” clueless! Woz the founding father of Apple Computer!…

      1. Love all the clueless comments here. Woz is old, Woz without Steve is nothing.

        The truth is Woz BUILT the first Apple computers and without him, Steve and Apple would go nowhere…

  4. Yes as some others mentioned… “Woz is getting old…” If you have followed him in the past few years with some of his comments and bad business dealings make me wonder the same. He seems lost without Steve at the front. Under Apple he hardly had anything to say and it was probably a good thing. He’s just a techie or geek like me who doesn’t know how to run a business… so I leave that to others who do, and stay in the production rooms..doing what I do best… Create stuff.

  5. Yep, if not for Steve, the great tech germination would have stayed in the basement (garage). Woz wanted to give stuff away, but Steve (obviously) had other plans.

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