Student modifies iPhone X to add functioning USB-C port

Robotics student Ken Pillonel spent months hacking an ‌Apple iPhone‌ X to replace its Lightning port with a functioning USB-C port to match Apple’s Mac and iPads.

Student modifies iPhone X to add functioning USB-C port
Modified iPhone X with functioning USB-C port

Juli Clover for MacRumors:

In early October, Pillonel shared a video demonstrating the “world’s first ‌iPhone‌ with a USB Type-C port,” and now he’s shared a second video explaining how he pulled it off.

Pillonel explains how he built a proof of concept and the steps that he went through to design a functional USB-C port that actually fit inside the ‌iPhone‌. It’s a technical video, but it does walk through all the steps for those who are interested and for those who might want to attempt their own modification.

The modded ‌iPhone‌ X with a USB-C port is being auctioned off on eBay, with Pillonel guaranteeing a functional phone on arrival. Buyers are forbidden from updating or erasing the ‌iPhone‌, opening it up, or using it as a daily phone. So far, the bidding has exceeded $800.

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  1. I was going to say kudos to the kid until I read about his creepy terms of service about now being able to actually use your phone. He’d be a great fit in Apple’s anti-right-to-repair or surveillance divisions.

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