Leakproof: Apple’s all-new MacBook Pro models are coming Oct. 18 and the design remains shrouded in secrecy

The widely-expected Apple Silicon-powered 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro models are finally expected to be unveiled on October 18th and, for a change, nobody outside of Apple, or the company’s assemblers, seem to know much about the new design.

Leakproof: Apple's all-new MacBook Pros are coming Oct. 18 and the design is shrouded in secrecy

Willian Gallagher for AppleInsider:

Apple’s “Unleashed” event on October 18 is believed to be centered on introducing new MacBook Pro models. And those models are expected to feature a significant redesign.

Apple is no longer dependent on Intel, it can do anything it likes or at least anything that’s physically possible and it puts enough effort into. Without anything else, any design change, Apple Silicon Macs are faster and we can assume these new machines will be too.

So there is the desire, Apple now has all of the means to make a change — and this could also be an opportunity… The 24-inch iMac shows that Apple can make significant design improvements even on a familiar and very well tested form.

MacDailyNews Take: We are quite happy with pretty much every aspect of our current 16-inch MacBook Pro units except for the fan-taxing Intel i9 snail handicapping them. The MacBook Pro design could stay exactly the same, but an Apple M1X inside will make all the difference!

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