Apple to hold special event on Tuesday, October 26th?

It’s widely rumored that Apple plans to host an event this month to unveil new MacBook Pro models, a redesigned Mac mini, and third-generation AirPods, perhaps as soon as Tuesday, October 19th.

Apple to hold special event on Tuesday, October 19th?

Hartley Charlton for MacRumors:

While the date of Apple’s rumored October event has not yet been confirmed, its timing has started to be narrowed down, giving us a hint at when we could see the event take place.

Apple typically holds its events on Tuesdays, with invites being sent out to the media one week earlier… with no invites sent out yet, an event on October 12 can now be ruled out. This means that there are now only two feasible options for an event this month:

• Tuesday, October 19
• Tuesday, October 26

Google has, however, announced that it is holding its next Pixel event on October 19, and while Apple could choose to go head-to-head with Google’s event, Apple seems to prefer dates closer to the end of the month anyway, so October 26 is probably the more likely date at this point.

MacDailyNews Take: We’re betting October 26th, too, but we’ll be ready if it happens a week earlier! Beyond the rumored 14- and 16-inch M1X-powered MacBook Pros, we’re really quite excited to see the rumored new high-end, redesigned M1X Mac mini to replace the current Space Gray Intel snail-powered Mac mini. This new M1X Mac mini is also rumored to deliver more ports than the M1 minis with four Thunderbolt, two USB-A, Ethernet, and HDMI, along with the same magnetic power port seen on the 24-inch iMac.

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    1. Apple has painted themselves into a corner here. With the 24″ imacs at the weird 4.5K resolution, a larger model would need to have roughly the same size & resolution as Apple’s 6k monitor. But that monitor costs $6000 with stand! (Which the imac would also have.).

      Knowing Apple, they might not have an iMac pro because of that.

  1. Much of what Apple leaves out of iMacs and Mac Minis are to force people to buy those ridiculous $5000 boxes that still have intel chips and suffer from chronic neglect. It’s more market manipulation. Stop forcing me to buy a product you don’t really have.

    Mac Mini Wish list:

    Expandability: Whatever ram it comes with won’t be enough in 4 years. Internal cards are more elegant than tangled cables all over the desk.
    Hard drive slot, as above. If a Sony playstation can have this, there is no excuse for a Mac not having one. External drives with tangles of wires are inelegant and add failure potential.
    External ATA connector. We know it is in there. Why can’t we use it? Anything Thunderbolt is just an ATA device in a box anyway.
    Front accessible ports for SD cards, USB sticks, and headphones. RCA output for connecting to a stereo. People use this stuff, and having to turn your computer is another risk for damaging wires or unplugging things unexpectedly.
    Real keyboard and mouse. (See Naga hex, lights not necessary. Working drivers are.)

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