How did the Apple Watch Series 7 rumors get it so wrong?

Late last year and throughout this one, the reports, leaks, and rumors suggesting Apple Watch Series 7 would be getting a significant squared-edged redesign to match iPhone and iPro Pro were voluminous.

Apple Watch Series 7 flat-edged design
Widely-rumored Apple Watch Series 7 flat-edged design (Image: Matt Talks Tech)

But they were wrong. This is what Apple unveiled this week:

The 'leakers' got Apple Watch Series 7 design completely wrong
The actual Apple Watch Series 7

Sami Fathi for MacRumors:

In the weeks and months leading up to the event, credible reports from reliable journalists and leakers suggested the new Apple Watch would be sporting a flat-edged design. The first time we heard of the 2021 Apple Watch getting a redesign was from Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who stated in September of 2020, exactly a year before Apple’s “California streaming” event, that the new watch will receive a “significant redesign” in 2021 “at the earliest.”

The second time we heard and saw the alleged redesign for the Apple Watch was from Apple leaker Jon Prosser, who in May shared renders depicting an Apple Watch with fully flat-edges, similar to the ‌iPhone‌ and iPad… In reports and newsletters after, [Bloomberg News’ Mark] Gurman reported that the ‌Apple Watch Series 7‌ would feature flat-edges, corroborating Prosser’s previously showcased renders.

Of course, we’ll never know for certain what happened and whether Apple had last-minute design changes, or whether all of the previous rumors and reports were simply meant for the Series 8, rather than the Series 7. As stated above, Apple hasn’t provided any dates on availability or pricing for the ‌Apple Watch Series 7‌ and may do so during its rumored second event for the fall, now expected to headline new Apple silicon Macs.

MacDailyNews Take: Most probable explanation: the rumors weren’t wrong, just for the wrong series and year: The squared-edged Apple Watch Series 8 arrives in 2022 with an advanced processor not an S6 rebadged as an S7 (the response to COVID has disrupted many things, including chip manufacture. That, not “brain drain,” is why we see a bit of a pause in both the A15 and S7 this year).


  1. I don’t think the rumors were “wrong” (at the times they came out), or the renders are for the 2022 model. Probably a late decision to change.

    Why would Apple intentionally kill Series 6 sales for more than one month (maybe two months), announcing a better replacement model that’s NOT shipping until “later this fall”? It was too late to NOT show a new Watch at event, but more time needed for full production due to change.

    The rumored renders are not that attractive, but recent product (even iMac) are styled like iPhone, so I can see Apple going with “tiny strap-on iPhone with a knob.” I’m happy with actual new refined Watch. It looks great with display area going so close to rounded edge. I might even give up my trusty 38mm Series 3 and upgrade.

  2. Apple seems to be moving fully into ‘regular/pro’ versions of their device lines so maybe the revealed flat-edge design will be for a new inexpensive line starting below $100 for teens and children and accommodating a reduced set of available apps and features. [“Get ’em used to wearing an Apple Watch while still in kindergarten”]. The current sophisticated and beautiful rounded-edge designs may continue to be kept for the Watch Pro line that will have all of the most advanced features favored by tech-savvier, wealthier and fashion-conscious purchasers. Face it, the flat-edge design is not going to go over well with the Hermès crowd with their hyper-expensive Fauve Barénia Gourmette DoubleTour watch bands. Too funny …

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