What the iPhone 13 and powerful iPad mini mean for the enterprise

Enterprise users have a lot to think about after Apple’s iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, and powerful iPad mini launch this week.

iPad mini comes in a new array of finishes, including space gray, pink, purple, and starlight.
The powerful new iPad mini features an all-screen design, 8.3-inch display, the A15 Bionic chip, Touch ID, Center Stage, and more and comes in a new array of finishes, including space gray, pink, purple, and starlight.

Jonny Evans for Computerworld:

Carrier promotions… are emerging globally in a promising arrangement that should see telcos reap more benefit from their 5G infrastructure investments while giving the 95% of existing iPhone users who don’t yet have a 5G device a really good reason to upgrade.

Jefferies analyst Kyle McNealy notes:“One of the most important elements of the iPhone 13 launch from our perspective is the carrier promotions (and effective subsidies) that are coming through even bigger than the strong promotions last year.” He observed “promotions as more aggressive than last year – they’re either a higher dollar value or don’t require a net-new line.”

The new iPhones are the first to support dual eSIM. The iPhone 12 had dual-SIM support and worked with both an eSIM and a physical nano-SIM. iPhone 13 still has the physical slot, but can work with two eSIMs for connection without a card… It’s now super-easy to provision remote employees with both personal and work-related numbers. It’s also a bonus for business travelers and anyone who must change networks quickly.

The new iPad mini is small, but big. It hosts the same processor used in iPhone 13 (which augurs well for Apple’s Mac and iPad event in October), is available with 5G and support for Apple Pencil 2, and provides 8.3 inches of display in the same footprint as before. It’s a powerful tool that I think will be the choice of many who need a device they can carry everywhere with them. It’s also a tool for which most enterprises will find use cases.

MacDailyNews Take: First of all, there’s much more in the recommended full article.

And, secondly, the 8.3-inch iPad mini is the first iPad mini that we’ve ever actually considered buying for our own personal use. It’s now big enough (display-wise; it keeps the same physical footprint but loses the antiquated, space-wasting Home button) and powerful enough handle anything we’re going to throw at it. At $499, the new iPad mini is a tremendous value that will give users many years of use!


    1. Has Apple ever released a keyboard case for the iPad Mini? There will certainly be 3rd-party cases but I think Apple will push the mobile tablet angle, they want you buying a MacBook or a larger iPad to do keyboard stuff. The Magic Keyboard with my 11″ Pro is ok, but it’s too cramped for lengthy typing sessions, a keyboard for an 8.3″ device will be significantly worse. Brydge will probably end up producing the best one, hard to imagine how a trackpad would fit without being microscopic.

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