U.S. National Labor Relations Board probes two complaints from Apple employees

Amid a wave of Apple worker activism at a company known for its secretive culture, the U.S. National Labor Relations Board is investigating two charges against Apple filed by employees.

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Julia Love for Reuters:

Ashley Gjovik, a senior engineering program manager at Apple, told Reuters that she filed the Aug. 26 charge, which cites harassment by a manager, reduction of responsibilities and increases in unfavorable work, among other complaints.

The Sept. 1 charge was filed by Cher Scarlett, an Apple software engineer who said the company repeatedly stopped discussions of pay among employees.

The documents she sent the agency, which she provided to Reuters, say Apple “engaged in coercive and suppressive activity that has enabled abuse and harassment of organizers of protected concerted activity.”

The labor relations agency investigates all charges it receives, and launches a prosecution against the employer if merited.

In recent weeks, some current and former Apple workers have critiqued company culture on Twitter, using the hashtag #AppleToo. U.S. law allows employees to openly discuss certain topics, such as working conditions.

In addition, workers have engaged in a heated debate on the messaging platform Slack about Apple’s move to scan U.S. customer phones and computers…

MacDailyNews Take: It’ll be interesting to see what the U.S. National Labor Relations Board comes up with, if anything.


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