Hands on with Apple’s all-new Safari in iOS 15

iOS 15 will deliver a totally redesigned Safari (with the ability to roll back some of the more drastic changes). The all-new browser is designed in an attempt to make it easier to use with one hand, by shifting the search/tab bar to the bottom, introducing customizable Tab Groups, a new start page, and more.

Apple's Safari icon
Apple’s Safari icon

Safari’s new tab bar design is reimagined for the way we browse today, the new tab bar maximizes your screen space and stays out of the way as you scroll and explore. It’s easily reachable at the bottom, so you can navigate and jump between tabs with just your thumb.Safari’s new Tab groups let you save and organize your tabs in the way that works best for you and switch between them easily. Tab groups sync across devices so you have access to your tabs from anywhere.

Michael Potuck for 9to5Mac:

The new Safari is coming to iPhone, iPad, as well as Mac with macOS Monterey. Apple says two of its goals with the new Safari in iOS 15 were making “controls easier to reach with one hand” and putting “content front and center.”

There’s no doubt it will take some getting used to as there’s some muscle memory to rewrite here. However, during the beta cycle, Apple added an option to revert back to the classic iOS Safari design.

Table of contents
• How the all-new Safari in iOS 15 works
– New layout and basic navigation
– Swipe between Safari tabs
– Tabs, Tab Groups, and Private Browsing
– Bookmarks, History, Reading List, and custom Start Page
– Extensions

MacDailyNews Note: Check out all of the info and screenshots in the – recommended – full article here.

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