iPhone plummets 11,000 feet from an airplane, still works

An Apple iPhone X – one of the very best iPhones Apple has ever made – recently passed an extreme, accidental drop test from an airplane flying at an elevation of 11,000 feet.

Photo: Diamond Aircraft
(Photo: Diamond Aircraft)

David Snow for Cult of Mac:

Considering many people experience an understandable moment(s) of panic when their iPhone slips out of their hand while they’re walking along and then they accidentally kick it down the stairs, pilot dmloftus’ story about his iPhone X is all the more remarkable. Particularly because the phone survived without any damage. Not. A. Scratch.

As he described it on the DiamondAvatars.net forum, dmloftus just wanted to take a few photos of a cool-looking cloud formation. He was flying his DA40 aircraft at 175 MPH and just over 11,000 feet of altitude, en route from Colorado Springs to Atlanta, where he lives.

But a bump from turbulence moved his hand too close to the small window on the side of the canopy, and the iPhone X was sucked right through it… Long story short — you can read the pilot’s tale — he and a friend ended up flying to Arkansas and searching through a soybean field to find the phone. To their amazement, it worked as soon as they plugged it in…

MacDailyNews Take: Apple iPhone takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’!

Bonus video of an iPhone plummeting 450 feet and surviving just fine, recording video all the way:


    1. The DA40 has a small (about 5×9 in) window set within the curved canopy, to the left of the pilot, who sits in the left-hand seat. I guess the immediate vacuum when it opened at flight speed just sucked the iPhone straight out.

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