Apple preps even faster M1X Mac mini with more ports

The next Mac mini will feature both a new M1X chip and an updated design, a report claims, one that will also include more ports than the current version, replacing the Intel-handicapped version.

M1X Mac mini
M1X Mac mini (image: Jon Prosser)

Malcolm Owen for AppleInsider:

In the latest “Power On” newsletter for Bloomberg, Mark Gurman claims a high-performance Mac mini is on the way. The model, equipped with an M1X Apple Silicon chip, will complete the transition for the Mac mini line by eliminating the Intel model completely…

The new Mac mini is said by Gurman to have “an updated design and more ports than the current model.” This may take the form of a May render leak, which claimed the Mac mini would have a thinner profile, as well as a plexiglass-like top panel and aluminum sides.

Around the back, the render showed four USB 4-Thunderbolt 3 ports, two USB-A connections, Gigabit Ethernet, and HDMI. It also included the magnetic circular power connector, as used on the 24-inch iMac.

MacDailyNews Take: The sooner, the better. We can’t wait to see what Apple’s M1X can do!


  1. It will be interesting considering Intel Corp. M1 killer chips that are supposed to make shambles out of ARM processors. I think they’re saying Alder Lake chips will annihilate every other chip on the market. After all those years of doing almost nothing, Intel suddenly has all these super chips waiting to crush all comers. Apple apparently woke Intel (the sleeping giant) up.

  2. What we need really, is something thicker with room for an internal drive bay and an expansion card, but doesn’t cost 4 times what a windows equivalent does. Apple needs to rebuild credibility with real pros who can tell the difference between performance and shiny.

    1. It wouldn’t need to be thicker than current Mac mini. That form previously held an optical drive plus 2.5-inch hard drive. Now, it holds the equivalent of iPad logic board (and power supply). Just add a few sockets for installing those “blade” SSD, often used in laptops. And RAID them!

      1. The highest performance platters are still 3.5″ though. If you need 10 TB for video editing, you’ll also need high speed. It is a pity we lost fusion drives.

        1. For a mechanical hard drive, TB connection to external drive enclosure is fast enough so that bottleneck is the drive, not the connection. Get one fits precisely under the Mac mini for “thicker Mac mini” look 😃

          1. Thunderbolt is useless for hard drives, and much of anything else.

            All thunderbolt platter drives are just ATA in a case, so connecting the same hardware directly to the ATA in the Mac would always be faster then adding the extra step of going through thunderbolt. (Of course few macs allow you to do that.) They are also ludicrously expensive for only marginal performance increase over USB 3. You are always better off buying more/bigger USB 3 drives instead.

  3. If true, it will be my first Apple Silicon Mac. I wish it would also have internal data storage expansion sockets, for use with standard blade SSD. For data, on top of the “integrated” storage for system and app software. User accessible.

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