Apple closes South Carolina retail store after some employees were exposed to COVID-19

Apple closed its store located on 301 King Street in Charleston, South Carolina, after more than 20 staff members were exposed to COVID-19.

Apple Charleston
Apple Charleston

Mark Gurman for Bloomberg News:

The store’s website shows it will be closed until next week, with a sign on the front of the location also alerting customers to the shutdown. Stores of the Charleston location’s size typically have 70 to 80 staff members, suggesting that about a quarter of employees were exposed.

Apple has opened and closed its retail stores several times during the pandemic due to Covid-19 concerns. But this move — shutting down a location due to a rash of employees exposed to the virus — is rare.

Some other Apple retail stores across the U.S. have shortened their operating hours, partly because of Covid but also due to the tight labor market. Apple has about 270 retail stores in the U.S., and nearly all those locations have been open since the end of June.

MacDailyNews Note: Apple Charleston’s webpage is here and states that the location will reopen Monday at 10:00 a.m.


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      1. We still have Wuhan because it is a virus and, as such, it is never going to go away. You can mask, vaccinate, booster, lockdown, shutdown, social distance for the next 100 years and wuhan is still gonna be here. That is why we STILL have ALL KINDS of vaccines… because viruses are STILL here aren’t going away… ever.

        Ignore science? Is that “political fake” science? Sure, there is lots of science out there – even producing opposing points of view. So, yeah, we DO have to ignore it sometimes.

        Medical professionals? Who and what are those? There all kinds of medical professionals out there telling us every “fact” from A to Z. So, yeah, we DO have to ignore it sometimes.

        Wuhan? Most of us have already had it, so yaaaawwwn. You can dwell on it, but some people are already back to their real lives.

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    Btw anyone going to the Beijing Olympics next year? I hear Disney, NBA and Apple are expecting a spike (protein) in business.

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