Apple places female engineering program manager on administrative leave after tweeting claims of sexism at the company

Apple has placed senior engineering program manager Ashley Gjøvik on indefinite administrative leave after she tweeted about sexism in the office.

Apple Park in Cupertino, California
Apple Park in Cupertino, California

Zoe Schiffer for The Verge:

The company is currently investigating claims Gjøvik made about a hostile work environment.

[Wednesday] afternoon, Gjøvik set an out of office message informing colleagues that the employee relations team had placed her on indefinite paid leave.

This is the second time Apple has investigated Gjøvik’s claims about sex discrimination at the company. The employee relations team closed an earlier investigation, allegedly finding that nothing was wrong…

MacDailyNews Take: We see no mention of using Twitter to report Harassment and/or Discrimination or comment on internal investigations in Apple’s Business Conduct Policy guidelines for Apple employees:

Apple is committed to providing a workplace free of harassment (including sexual harassment) or discrimination based on a personal trait. Personal traits include race, color, ancestry, national origin, religion, creed, age, mental and physical disability, sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, medical condition, genetic information, marital status, military or protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.

We are dedicated to maintaining a creative, culturally diverse, and supportive work environment, and do not tolerate discrimination or harassment of employees or non-employees with whom we have a business, service, or professional relationship. This applies to all interactions where you represent Apple, including interactions with employees, customers, suppliers, and applicants for employment.

If you have been harassed or discriminated against, or have witnessed such behavior, report the incident to anyone on the People Team, a supervisor or manager at any level, or Business Conduct.

Your Responsibilities and Obligation to Take Action

Everything we do is a reflection of Apple. We expect you to:

• Follow the Policy. Comply with the letter and spirit of Apple’s Business Conduct Policy and all applicable legal requirements.
• Speak up. If you see or hear of any violation of Apple’s Business Conduct Policy, other Apple policies, or legal or regulatory requirements, you must notify either your manager, People Team, Legal, or Business Conduct.
• Use good judgment and ask questions. Apply Apple’s principles of business conduct, and review our policies and legal requirements. When in doubt about how to proceed, discuss it with your manager, your People Business Partner, Legal, or Business Conduct.

Any failure to comply with Apple’s Business Conduct Policy — or failure to report a violation — may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

You are also required to fully cooperate in any Apple investigation, and keep any information shared with you confidential to safeguard the integrity of the investigation.

More info: Apple’s Business Conduct Policy.


  1. Ashley got herself all worked up over Democrat liars’ obvious uncorroborated lies intended to derail the Kavanaugh confirmation and when somebody told her they didn’t see any credible evidence and neither did even that old bat RBG, Ashely went the HR route to get herself a nice paid leave that seems to be ongoing for years.

    Apple found no sexual discrimination in this case because there was none. Just like Kavanaugh. Ashely didn’t like someone not agreeing with her nutball concept, so she takes out her frustration on the company.

    I’ve yet to meet a happy Democrat. They’re always pissed about something, trying to control something that can’t be controlled, making up lies to try to achieve some crazy policy disaster, trying to run everyone else’s lives while doing whatever they damn well please, dictating this, banning that, etc.

    Running a company with employees like Ashley must be maddening. Bend over backwards and you still end up paying them for doing absolutely nothing but causing unnecessary friction – over concocted political hit jobs, no less!

    Good thing Apple has enough cash to deal with the Karens, uh, Ashleys of the world.

  2. Believe all women.

    That doesn’t apply across the board. Just ask Tara Reade or Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones, Leslie Millwee. You get a “Do Not Necessarily Believe All Women” get out of jail free card if you are of a certain political party with a certain name.

    Investigate wisely Apple. I’m sure there were some around NY Gov. Cuomo who dismissed the allegations of sexual misconduct as utter poppycock! When it wasn’t poppy’s cock doing the misdeeds!.

    1. “My Body, My Choice” for aborting babies (especially non-white babies). Sad
      “My Body, Your Choice” for masks and vaccines. Also sad

      And, unfortunately, shame on LP Jobs for even suggesting that unvaccinated are added to terrorist no-fly-list. How about she puts her two private jets on the no-fly-list.

      1. You want to spread your deadly virus to everyone you meet, but object when people want you to have the cure. Cons are so blind to how their actions effect others. You DON’T have a right to put others at risk for your convenience.

        1. Why am I spreading my deadly virus? What does that mean? Maybe it is YOU who is spreading your deadly virus. Think before you type next time.

          It is fantastic that people would want other people to have the cure. Care and concern for members of a society is healthy, uplifting and beneficial to the society as a whole. Compare that to the death wishes fully vaccinated Senator Graham received days ago when he announced he had covid. That is not beneficial, uplifting or helpful to the society that we are all members of. They didn’t think before they typed.

          You don’t have the right to make decisions for me. Neither does the government. Maybe you remember your lessons from Jr. High, but we, you, I, all of us give the government permission to govern us. Fortunately, this is the price we all have the privilege of paying to live in this wonderful, free, open and democratic society.

          If you want personal choice and freedoms stripped away, there are a few countries around the world for you to admire and consider, but the USA is not one of them.

        2. Good grief Tau, you complain about Cons actions effecting others, then please comment on Dims actions and how they effect others. I’m talking about half brain dead SCROTUS Joe Biden and his open southern border policy. When he was unjustly installed to the WH by the deep state, one of his first actions was to stop the wall with his EO because Trump’s fingeprints were all over the wall. Well, now, thanks to Dims actions, McAllen, Texas officials declared a state of emergency because… drum roll please…

          *SCROTUS = So Called Ruler Of The United States

      2. The world’s problems come overwhelmingly from human overpopulation.

        One would think you right wingers would be in favor of anything that reduces the surplus population of unwanted liberal bastards. It’s not as though your ilk is stepping up to care for unwanted brats, and you loudly whine about any tax dollar you might have to pay to support feeding, educating or housing them.

        If you believe in the death penalty, then you can’t have any objection to the most effective and humane method of preventing overpopulation. A trip directly to heaven for the unborn, without having to waste time suffer on this polluted planet.

        Think for once before attacking others for their personal choices. Or do you not believe in freedom for “those people”?

          1. Sometimes I miss the Cold War, when J. Edgar and his merry men had their eyes out for Russian agents who attempted to sow dissention between actual Americans.

            1. Hey TxUseful Idiot,

              If you were paying attention, you would see that J. Edgar’s merry men are still out there like they always were, doing cleanup for the deep state and framing innocent people who are onto them.

    2. Agreed

      We only believe women when they accuse Republicans.
      We believe women even more when they accuse Republican men.
      We believe women even morey super moresters when they accuse male Republican men.


      don’t even get me started about how much we believe women if the male man (not to be confused with a male man ‘mail carrier’) is non-BIPOC LGBTQIA2S+

  3. I downloaded her resume off of her website. Will pass it along to an HR Detective I know. I’m going to guess that there’s a bunch of made up shit on that resume that won’t check out. She jumps around from job to job like she’s on a pogo stick. If Apple want to let her go, I’d start with fabrication on that resume.

  4. The fact that this woman still has a job tells you that Apple bends over backwards for women, even liars. A sensible company would have fired her for making fake sexual harassment claims the first time.

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