Apple redesigns online store site, revives dedicated ‘Store’ tab

Apple has updated its website to add a dedicated “Store” tab and debut a new design for the Apple Store Online.'s main navigation menu brings back the dedicated "Store" tab’s main navigation menu brings back the dedicated “Store” tab

Juli Clover for MacRumors:

There’s a new “Store” tab in the top navigation bar on the website, which goes to a dedicated online store portal where customers can select from a product carousel with cards that include Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods, and more.

The Apple online store previously had a store tab, but it was removed in an earlier redesign. The return of the tab will make it easier for customers to get to the product they want to purchase without having to navigate through the various product pages for each device to find the “Buy” button.

MacDailyNews Take: Duh. The “Store” tab should’ve never been removed.

“Gee, here’s a great idea: Let’s make it easier for people to shop by removing the main link to the store!”

How do these shit ideas ever get approved?

As evidenced by the new, much better Siri Remote and this latest website improvement, Apple seems to have learned (or relearned) a valuable lesson: Oversimplification often leads to complexity and confusion.

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