Apple supplier TSMC to begin mass production of 5nm chips at new Arizona plant in 2024

C.C. Wei, CEO of TSMC, on Thursday confirmed for the first time that the $12 billion factory that TSMC is building in Arizona will start mass production in the first quarter of 2024, and said the first batch of engineers hired in the U.S. to staff the facility arrived in Taiwan during late April for training.


Cheng Ting-Fang and Lauly Li report for Nikkei:

“We will continue to compress our schedule [for the project] as much as we can,” Liu said.

Washington [D.C] pointed out in a recent supply chain review that the centralization of advanced chip production in Taiwan — a key Asian chip economy that China views as part of its territory — is a potential vulnerability for the semiconductor supply chain.

“Let me tell you … everybody wants to have a peaceful Taiwan Strait. And not only because it is to every country’s benefit, but also because of the semiconductor supply chain in Taiwan. No one wants to disrupt it,” Liu said in an apparent attempt to allay investor concerns over geopolitical risks.

MacDailyNews Note: Wei also confirmed that TSMC is eyeing the company’s first chip production site in Japan and that the company is committed to continue building up its overseas manufacturing presence. Wei said the world’s top chipmaker is conducting “due diligence” to determine the feasibility of building and operating a chip facility in Japan.


  1. Taiwan can make 5nm chips in the US but apple can’t even make 1% of their iPhone production in the US, why? Because Tim Cook is incompetent. he hasn’t learned business rule 101, diversify your supply and production. TMSC’s management does understand such business 101 basics.

    1. Chip manufacture is highly automated. IPhone assembly is not. Just over 13,000 people have applied to work at the Arizona TSMC plant. Almost a million people work at Apple contractors in China. Not really comparable situations.

      1. Youre not very bright. I said even 1% of the supply. You’re presenting a demented straw man. That Apple has to produce ALL iPhones in the US. They do not. Let’s start with 1%.

          1. Wow. So now you have to be a “super patriot” to want more factory jobs in America?

            And who knew “super patriot” was a pejorative?

            But then to a leftist, the more someone loves their country, the more they MUST hate other countries, cultures and of course races.

            Yeah, makes sense. Only racist want jobs for fellow Americans.

          2. Yes, you are “not very bright.

            Patriots will pay for American made goods EVERY TIME.

            Regarding higher prices, who says so? Are you finally admitting Apple forced slave labor in China keeps costs down and their profit margins high? You will NEVER admit it, so I’ll finish it for you. A resounding YES, with no conscience for human rights in CCP CHina as you have posted dozens of times its not a concern in your defense of anything Apple.

            Apple is worth $2.5 trillion, how much money is enough? Seriously, how much money is enough? For corporate and national security make ALL in the USA. And boohoo if Apple has to lower their margins. They have enough money…

            1. What’s the problem? America is only going down the Thatcher Brexit UK road to Hell, a Norwegian sovereign-wealth fund, or a union friendly Hansa league Germany isn’t in our future, ours is a spend it all in a night of debauchery like a drunken British soldier, that’s where America is going, git your gig on viva Uber…

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