Happy Independence Day!

U.S. FlagHappy Independence Day!

We’re taking the day off to hang out with family and friends, listen to Apple Music, watch parades and fireworks, and celebrate the Independence Day of the United States of America.

If you’re celebrating today, too, we wish you a happy and safe Fourth!

To everyone else, thank you for visiting MacDailyNews!

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  1. Happy Independence Day, fellow American citizens!

    Here’s some food for thought, especially considering that the U.S. mainstream media is merely the publicity arm for the Democrat Party:

    1. Rubes who fall for the whole “Insurrectionists” bullshit are just that, rubes. Useful pawns.

      People who were let in by Capitol Police and FBI, walking between velvet ropes to take selfies DO NOT EQUAL marxist BLM and Antifa terrorists killing, burning and looting American cities run by feckless Democrat fools.

      The only person killed while people were actually in “The People’s House,” God forbid, was Ashli Babbit, executed by a coward who was lying in wait.

      Mike Byrd murdered Ashli Babbitt.

      1. And we are supposed to believe that if any of you Second Amendment guys had a mob form on your lawn, erect a gallows, and call for the hanging of several of your family members (or others whose safety you were obligated to protect), then smashed out your front window and started to lead others carrying clubs and other weapons through the hole that you wouldn’t shoot or that anybody other than a complete idiot would consider the shooting unjustified?


          Relevant: “Black Lives Matter Supporter at Capitol Breach Said He ‘Brought My Megaphone to Instigate’ Trump Supporters: DOJ”

          “The Department of Justice (DOJ) filed new charges against reported Black Lives Matter activist John Sullivan for his role in the Jan. 6 Capitol breach, saying that Sullivan allegedly told others later that he brought along a megaphone to incite riots inside the building.”

          — BY JACK PHILLIPS May 24, 2021

            1. Gee whiz. Turns out when people decide they’re “too smart” to believe in God, who created everything, they invent other sham “religions” for their empty souls to latch onto, like “Masks and Lockdowns Forever,” “Anthropogenic Climate Change,” and other such unscientific bullshit.

              One side is getting extreme and it’s not Republicans. MAGA.

            2. You are right, GeoB. I misspoke when I said that only 399 out of 400 people arrested were Trump supporters. There have actually been 550 people arrested, with another 300 under investigation. John Sullivan remains the only one of the lot without clear Trump connections.

              People who defend terrorists are terrorist supporters.

        2. TxUser delivers some unadulterated BS right there. Of course, I have come to expect as much from him.

          This wasn’t somebody’s house.
          It was not a “front window” that was smashed.
          They were unarmed.
          A shooting is only justified to prevent death or imminent injury. Nobody was threatened by the unarmed Ashli Babbitt. This was murder.

          TxUser, you need help. You lie and obfuscate to defend the indefensible lefty position. YOU ARE DEFENDING MURDER, YOU SICK POS!!!

          1. No, not a Trump patriot. There is no such thing.

            Almost certainly a patriotic peace officer sworn to protect the Constitution and laws of the United States who was regrettably forced to use deadly force. The deceased terrorist posed an imminent danger of serious harm to the officer and others by forcibly entering a secure area at the front of a mob. She did so in the course of trying to threaten the Congress of the United States into shirking its constitutional duty of witnessing the counting of electoral votes.

            As I said, those who support terrorism against the working of the Constitution are not patriots.

  2. Happy Independence Day, America!

    More food for thought:


  3. Happy Independence Day!

    May we someday have our actual rightful legally-elected president restored to office! MAGA!

    In the meantime enjoy the elites’ bad, demented (literally) joke:

    1. Typical America-hating Democrat.

      Here, listen to a real American for a change:

        1. Bwhahahahahaha!

          Even pampered princes and Yoko Duchesses don’t want to live in the UK, one of the most surveilled countries in the world. Every Brit has 3 cameras up his arse at all times.

          The UK is a joke of a former world power.

          1. As a resident of said UK, I 100% agree with this statement. This country is a mere shadow of its former self and a laughing stock around the world.

            And as for the circus that passes for government these days, they’re not even being surruptious anymore. They are just blatantly using power for their own ends and the public are just letting them do it.

            I know the UK has had a very mixed history with its ’empire’ etc etc but to fall so far is just saddening.

    2. Why don’t you donate your American citizenship to one of millions of foreigners who will love to be an AMERICAN and then pack your sh*t and move to Cuba or Venezuela!!

  4. Why is everyone so afraid of Dr. Robert Malone?

    Dr. Robert Malone is frightening the establishment.

    Here’s the video that has caused so much consternation among the Democrat Leftists:

    Happy Independence Day, America. How ’bout we have a little actual independence to celebrate?

  5. I’m planning on celebrating the birthday of the greatest county on earth while you pathetic buffoons are plotting the violent overthrow of our government because you hate the Enlightenment principles of free debate and scientific inquiry that motivated our ancestors to come here to escape ultranationalism, authoritarianism, and bigotry and motivated the Founders to write freedom against all that you stand for into our Constitution,

    1. Wow, txloser, that is some of the dumbest shit you have ever posted, and give your history of tremendous stupidly, that’s quite the accomplishment. Congrats!!!

        1. I see little sarcasm, but conflation on the other hand….

          I obviously have to get stronger glasses, as I see no mention, or intent, of the “overthrow” Mr. Alamo mentions.

          I love when he scolds the readers for posting political opinions on a Mac site, then he loses control of his own ideals and posts the same flavor of content. Very principled, I tell you.

  6. No, true to form, he posts in tenor—again—of those not in allegiance with his thinking. He also has a near pathological tendency to group all “dissenters” into the “domestic terrorist” category. In this regard, he’s very much like Fancy Pants Nancy and her minions, President Drift and the MSNBC gang—especially, Ms. Maddow.

    1. I’m not grouping “dissenters” into the “domestic terrorist” category. I am grouping as domestic terrorists those who invaded the United States Capitol, trashed the building, and injured scores of peace officers with the express intent of disrupting a process mandated by the United States Constitution, all because they couldn’t stand the idea that the majority of the American public had rejected their candidate. Because if the direct use of force against the United States Congress with the objective of terrorizing them into a particular course of action is not terrorism, I cannot imagine what would be.

      Those who support them are supporters of domestic terrorism. The celebration of the Fourth of July is sullied by the efforts of those anti-patriots who support terrorism to drive divisions between Americans, including but not limited to those who call the majority political party—the one that has the White House, the House of Representatives, the Senate, and has won the majority of votes in state elections nationwide—unAmerican or illegitimate.

      It is pretty rich that the same people who have been attacking a nearly nonexistent threat to our nation from tiny factions of the BLM and Antifa movements are accusing those who wish to suppress real domestic terrorists as being opposed to dissent.

      1. “I said that the people posting here today defending domestic terrorists were obviously sympathetic to domestic terrorism.”

        In short that includes YOU.

        You have not condemned social media organized and well funded RADICAL Leftist domestic terrorists in a dozen cities for the better part of a year. Burning buildings, police stations, government buildings, trashing police cars, assaulting officers and others, looting, claiming takeover of city blocks in Seattle holding residents hostage — et al — causing BILLIONS in DAMAGES and have not read a peep of condemnation.

        However, since Jan. 6 all you self righteously complain about incessantly is a few hundred people out of well over 700,000 at the rally, infiltrated by BLM and Antifa agitators, for three hours that broke a few windows in the Capitol and upset some chairs? Comparing a weekend house party that got out of hand to a nine month terrorist mob occupation inflicting damage in a dozen cities does not remotely compare on the same level.

        “I am offended when they suggest that the vast majority of Biden supporters who are not any more sympathetic to violence than the average Trump supporter are somehow less patriotic than the crowd that tried to overthrow a constitutional process.”

        I am offended every time you make the outlandish claim, same as the other Democrat and media LIARS, that a few hundred unarmed angry protestors in both parties have a chance like a snowball in hell to overthrow the government. Totally ridiculous and FALSE.

        Some if not most Biden supporters are indeed far less patriotic and openly HOSTILE to the Constitution, flag and the rule of law. Over the weekend taxpayer funded NPR for the first time posted a disclaimer regarding the Constitution is rooted in racism. The narrative has begun growing in social and mainstream media. Any overthrow will come from within the Commiecrat Party and certainly not from true blue red blooded moderate and conservative patriots you relentlessly condemn, while no blame for the Leftist anarchist mobs. No moral equivalency exists except the one you created in your biased mind.

        Clear to read you are nothing more than a double standard partisan talking point shill with ZERO sense of fairness or balance, Mr. High and Mighty HYPOCRITE…

  7. You speak out of both sides of your mouth. You regularly lump Trump supporters into the same pot you consider vile. You cannot imagine and never recognize the VAST MAJORITY had nothing to do with and will never be involved with domestic terrorism. AND, AND, you have repeatedly excused and sided with BLM’rs, in-spite of their clear domestic terrorism involvement. AND, AND, “antifa is insignificant” is still your meme. Non-existing threat…unbelievable. Kind like Covid.

    You have a problem with being truthful–especially when truth confounds your narrative.

    1. I never said that the vast majority of Trump supporters were sympathetic to domestic terrorists. I said that the people posting here today defending domestic terrorists were obviously sympathetic to domestic terrorism. Given that, I am offended when they suggest that the vast majority of Biden supporters who are not any more sympathetic to violence than the average Trump supporter are somehow less patriotic than the crowd that tried to overthrow a constitutional process. It is beyond absurd to suggest that the majority of Americans (who voted for Democrats in the House, Senate, and Presidential races) are unAmerican. To make that divisive argument is not just deeply offensive, but it is a mockery of the American spirit of “E Pluribus Unum” that Independence Day is meant to celebrate

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