Apple letter to U.S. House Judiciary Committee says proposed legislation would ‘harm consumer privacy, device security, and innovation’

Ahead of another House Judiciary Committee hearing on antitrust legislation scheduled for Wednesday, Apple has published its full letter explaining how the proposed legislation as written would undermine the security of the iPhone and App Store. The letter is addressed to Chairmen Jerome Nadler and David Cicilline, and Ranking Members Jim Jordan and Ken Buck and is signed by Timothy Powderly, Apple’s senior director of government affairs.

Apple letter to U.S. House Judiciary Committee says proposed legislation would 'harm consumer privacy, device security, and innovation'

Chance Miller for 9to5Mac:

In the letter, Apple says that the five pieces of proposed antitrust legislation would “undermine consumers’ ability to choose products that offer state-of-the-art Privacy and Security.” Apple explains that Congress should not mandate that smartphones be “one-size-fits all” and that Apple offers an experience with the iPhone that is “uniquely suited to those who don’t want to balance risk every time they download an app.”

Apple goes on to write that the proposed legislation would make it “easier for criminal actors to put iPhone users at risk,” something that comes as cyberattacks are already “on the rise.”

Apple concludes that it is willing to engage with the House Judiciary Committee going forward on potential legislation, but that the “current proposals would harm consumer privacy, device security, and innovation.”

MacDailyNews Note: Apple’s full letter:


      1. “The Ending Platform Monopolies Act, written by Democratic Rep. Pramila Jayapal of Washington, would promote competition in online marketplaces”

        Big Tech has two problems of CENSORSHIP: they promote BOTH their own products, services and favorite advertisers {Google Ads) in the internet marketplace and the other is well known blocking conservative sites, news, voices of the average person and the stunning Gold Star example banning President Trump’s free speech from Facebook and Twitter.

        This is going to be interesting and certainly something needs to be done because they refuse to do it themselves hiding behind the woke wall of immunity from Section 230 PROTECTION. An outdated flawed law allowing INFORMATION ABUSE that could endanger future elections at all levels by presenting and promoting the Leftist side and not giving anything remotely close to equal time for the Right side while silencing dissenting voices. We get enough of that already with the biased Big Media working for the Democrats.

        The Supreme Court decision today involving a cheerleader against her school district, while the situations are different in many ways, the core is upholding the right of free speech…

        1. while the situations are different in many ways…

          As in, school districts are government entities that are subject to the First Amendment while private companies aren’t.

          As in, the Supreme Court was expanding the freedom of expression of a private citizen while you want Congress to restrict the freedom of expression of private citizens by forcing them to spread messages they regard as untruthful and dangerous.

          Yes, different in many ways.

          1. “As in, school districts are government entities that are subject to the First Amendment while private companies aren’t.”

            NO! FALSE. Not all businesses are treated EQUAL or SAME by law.

            A minority of Big Tech businesses in the 1990s forward are shielded from liability, lawsuits under Section 230 law protections, like no other businesses. They are getting away with censorship of political views they do not agree with.

            24/7 targeting and using their monopolies to present woke opinion and information while at the same time blocking and removing opinions and information that do not meet Leftist politics. Big Media does exactly the same.

            The information imbalance is not healthy for our republic and a free society misinforming millions of citizens and potentially harmful to FREE ELECTIONS as we have seen in 2020.

            You have ZERO problem with it in every post on the subject and not once raised an objection. Instead you fully support uneven and unfair practices because it reflects your politics and gives your party a huge advantage, hence the reason you defend and never object…

            1. You lost me when you responded “NO! FALSE!” to the simple factual statement that private entities are not restricted by the First Amendment. They aren’t and never have been.

              You aren’t the Red Queen, who claimed that words mean whatever she said they did, nothing more and nothing less. The Constitution of the United States has an objective meaning that is contained in an original text that was drafted to reflect that meaning and not its exact opposite. Congress is expressly prohibited from passing a law that restricts anybody, including Facebook, Twitter, et al., from managing its own message as it sees fit. Government is specifically forbidden to act as the Thought Police.

              You may be convinced that the established meaning is bad public policy. You may think that the abuses by Big Media justify limiting their control over the content appearing on their private platforms.

              If so, your remedy is to amend the Constitution to require liberal media outlets to give equal time to views that they regard as clear and imminent dangers to truth, justice, and the American way of life. Until then, you are stuck with the First Amendment as it was ratified in 1791.

        1. “Nadler and Cicciline are some of the worst pieces of shit the libturts have to offer”

          Hal, I think you meant Nadler, Cicciline and Applecynic. Cynic certainly is a dumb fuck

  1. I love Schiff. His faces exudes stupidity! You can actually see it in his eyes. Lol. Every time I see him I realize only Demonrats can stupid enough to vote for him

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