Some iCloud users continue to be hit by Calendar spam

Despite previous attempts to quell the issue, some iCloud users continue to experience spam calendar invitations, causing their calendars to be filled with unwanted events.

Some iCloud users continue to be hit by Calendar spam

Sami Fathi for MacRumors:

The situation received widespread coverage in 2016, where Apple said that it was “actively working to address this issue” by “identifying and blocking suspicious senders.” Victims are targeted in various ways. The most common method is by receiving a normal iCloud calendar invitation through their calendar app.

Interacting with the invitation, including declining, accepting, or choosing “Maybe,” lets the spammer know that the email is valid, so it can continue to be targeted.

Apple has not publicly commented on what specific measures it has taken to solve the issue, but through a video posted by Apple Support, that has so far garnered more than 97,000 views, it has a solution.

One measure that some users have found to be helpful is to redirect calendar invitations to their email, rather than an in-app calendar invitation. By redirecting invitations to their email, users can better manage and delete calendar invitations. For more detailed instructions, make sure to check out our how to.

MacDailyNews Take: Users have to approve the spam event for it to be added to their calendar. If you click/tap “OK” without reading the prompt, the unwanted spam event will be added to your calendar and will then have to be deleted using the method outlined by Apple in the video above.


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