Former Minnesota trooper pleads guilty to texting himself nude photos from woman’s iPhone

On Wednesday, a former Minnesota state trooper pleaded guilty to texting himself intimate nude photos from a woman’s iPhone after she’d been in a suspected DWI crash.

Albert Kuehne, 37, was originally charged with two felony harassment counts which carried a possible five-year prison sentence, but the former trooper pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of misdemeanor nonconsensual dissemination of private sexual images and agreed to two years of probation.

Former Minnesota trooper pleads guilty to texting himself nude photos from woman's iPhone. Image: police lights

David K. Li for NBC News:

A 25-year-old woman crashed her car on March 25 last year in Minneapolis, near Cedar Avenue and Interstate 94, according to a criminal complaint seen by NBC News. The woman was detained as a DWI suspect before she was taken to the hospital for treatment.

The woman’s cell phone is synched with her MacBook, prosecutors said.

After she was released from the hospital, the driver’s boyfriend saw in the synched Macbook that her cell phone had been accessed and it sent instant messages “containing nude photographs of the victim to an unknown phone,” according to the complaint.

“Victim’s boyfriend contacted the unknown phone number and the person on the other end of the call eventually identified themselves as the defendant,” the complaint said… “The images in question show victim either nude or partially nude. Two of the photos show (the) victim’s exposed breasts,” the complaint continued. “Victim was interviewed. She denied giving the defendant permission to access her phone.”

Kuehne, who lives in Dayton, Minnesota, was put on administrative leave in May last year and fired four months later.

MacDailyNews Take: To protect against the theft of nude photos or anything else, the iPhone‘s Emergency SOS feature is activated by holding down the Side button and one of the volume buttons*, allows users to quickly contact emergency services and send a message to your emergency contacts. But, and here’s the important thing in this case, the feature also disables Touch ID and Face ID biometrics, meaning the iPhone requires its passcode to unlock it.

Don’t give anyone your iPhone passcode. Talk to your lawyer first.

Another reminder that if you don’t want nude photos and videos online, don’t take them in the first place!MacDailyNews, June 7, 2021

Those concerned with security and privacy should use a long alphanumeric passcode that mixes numbers, letters, and symbols to thwart brute-force cracking.

To change your password in iOS:
Settings > Face ID & Passcodes > Change Passcode > Passcode Options: Custom Alphanumeric Code

See also: How to forward SMS/MMS text messages from your iPhone to your iPad, iPod touch or Mac.

*On iPhone 7 or earlier, rapidly press the side (or top) button five times to activate Emergency SOS on your iPhone.


  1. THIS is why we must de-fun the police.
    Every decent town in America has a de-fun movement, and now I know why.

    Take the fun out of being a cop!
    DE-FUN now!!!

    1. I radically disagree. Police forces, in general, do a decent job with what they have and what they are tasked to do.

      The real issue is we must make it easier to get bad officers out of the job — permanenIt should not take a year or more of “investigations” to get a bad officer out of the job.

      ly. A close secondary issue is to make it much more difficult for police unions to keep bad officers on the job. All too often those unions bli and vigorouslyndly support off (often through expensive lawsuits)icers no mater whthe officer’s at their actions have been. This makes it all the more difficult to get rid of the bad ones.

      Further there should be a national registry of bad officers that have been discharged for cause. They should never be allowed to be hired anywhere else.

      Keep the vast majority of officers doing a great job. Get rid of the bad ones ASAP.

      1. Perhaps someday he’ll encounter a bad cop who wants some “fun” with a broom handle. It isn’t likely, though, him being a white male and all. The reason we need to get rid of these bad peace officers is the same as why we get rid of bad apples in a barrel. Over a surprisingly short period of time, they can turn all the other apples bad, too.

        1. Wow, look at that tag-team you got going there.
          Y’all look so butch together….

          Odd that both comments are equally bogus, or is it?
          Well let’s just break down what you got wrong-

          First, my comment is self-deprecating a la Emily Litella.
          Yes, you may now do as expected and claim this is nothing to joke about since you modus operandi is 8th grade arguing.

          Second is the fact it is literally correct in the idea the officer was having fun looking at those pictures. Whether you call it perverted, invasive, sickening, distrustful or however described, he did it for the enjoyment, which is obviously wrong. Yes, now you can pile on again about the obvious fact that some cops are bad and need to be weeded out. How virtuous of you to inform the world of the already known with your 8th grade arguing abilities.

          Lastly is the fact I am against defunding, but then again so are most Blacks in the neighborhoods hit hardest by crime while political ne’er-do-wells like yourself undercut the effectiveness of the police every chance you get (and then claim you do nothing but support them).

          You really are not very effective with debates using this childish style of teacher-ass-kissing. You’re in the real world here with the big boys, not on the playground telling the teacher what you heard another boy say.

          1. My comment is self-deprecating. No, your comment said that distributing nude photos of a woman without her consent is fun, without a hint of self-deprecation.

            That’s pretty typical of extremists. When somebody calls them on a comment that is sexist, racist, or incites violence, they claim they were just being “ironic.” When somebody makes the lives of school shooting victims miserable by accusing them of being crisis actors, he claims that it was just entertainment and wasn’t to be taken seriously. When somebody makes unsupported allegations that nearly destroy a company’s business, she defends the defamation suit by claiming that no reasonable person would take her claims seriously.

            No, it was not self-deprecating. It was a serious claim that the Libturds shouldn’t get their panties in a twist over trivia like an officer having a little fun.

            1. Sorry to break your little paid-liar heart, but your opinion of the truth doesn’t amount to shit around here.

              I have no reason to lie to you, as you aren’t near important enough to require that much persuasion. You really aren’t.

              It’s sad you spend so much time here looking for arguments where they don’t exist just to fulfill some need of importance. Even more sad is how you omit, stretch or outright change the truth just to win these pointless little battles in your head.

              You don’t like the humor, fine, that’s your problem, not mine.
              You want to distort its meaning to play Perry Mason, go ahead.

              Just remember, you’re a joke to anyone here with an once of common sense.
              Do you make some good points on occasion? Of course.
              Anyone who pisses as much as you do is bound to have the wind at their back at some point.

              Other than those few times, you just come off as a desperate old fool trying to stay relevant. Wouldn’t surprise me that you use black hair dye and wear skinny jeans.

              Your argument above is pathetic. Look at yourself, look at those words and ask yourself why you waste so much effort changing reality just to engage.

              I don’t think you have the courage to do that, this is all you have left.

              Again, how pathetic.

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