Whither new 14- and 16-inch Apple Silicon MacBook Pros?

With no sign of the widely-expected and oft-rumored all-new Apple Silicon 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pros at this year’s WWDC, when can we expect the new models?

Apple's current Intel-handicapped 16-inch MacBook Pro
Apple’s current Intel-handicapped 16-inch MacBook Pro

Hartley Charlton for MacRumors:

The “M2” chip purportedly destined for the next-generation MacBook Pro models has already entered mass production, according to supply chain sources, but there have been several reports that Apple has experienced unexpected delays with the production of the new models.

The supply of mini-LED display components were apparently constrained by shortages and production problems. Apple supplier TSMT, a key vendor believed to be involved in the production of mini-LED displays for the MacBook Pro, has now reportedly resolved technical difficulties around the component, but this seems to have left the MacBook Pros behind schedule.

Reliable Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman said that new MacBook Pro models could launch as soon as this summer, but analyst Ming Chi-Kuo, Nikkei Asia, and Taiwanese research firm TrendForce have given a broader prediction that new MacBook Pro models will arrive in the second half of 2021, which currently seems to be the best prediction.

MacDailyNews Take: Currently, we’re of the belief that if the 14- and 16-inch Apple Silicon MacBook Pros make it for late this year, expect supply constraints into early 2022, especially for the 16-inch model.


  1. If there are component restrictions then it will be a while. Apple needs to ramp up production to the point where they can have a very healthy supply. Not as many as, say iPhone on Day 1, but a lot of inventory, especially inventory that has been pre-distributed to major markets.

    Maybe rapid production of the M2 will allow for earlier introductions of other products, like an M2 iMac Pro.

    1. I don’t think a “very healthy supply” is too much of a priority for them. If buyers have to wait a month or two to get their machine it’ll be another hype builder for Apple. I can see these MacBook Pros being released a month or two before Christmas, all bets are off though as to whether supply-chain-Timmy will screw the pooch.

      1. There could be delays for components out of Taiwan as several tech factories are currently shut down due to Wuhan clusters. I’m not sure how many workers are involved, but at least one of the companies employs 7,500. Also, I’m not sure if the closed factories are involved with Apple or not. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them were.

        1. After a few days of promising news in Taiwan, Covid numbers have been up for the last two days due mostly to increases in the tech factory clusters. Several factories remain shutdown until further notice which may lead to delays in downstream assembly timelines. Taiwan’s current ‘Level 3 Lockdown’ remains in effect until June 28.

  2. Based on the wide range of troubles with the M1 MacBook Air, they are probably still trying to fix problems that will crash the computers when you plug them into a screen and something else. Take all the time you want Apple and then fix my second M1 MB Air!!

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