You can now AirPlay songs on Apple Music in Lossless from iPhone to HomePod

Although Apple’s HomePod speakers aren’t playing Apple Lossless themselves just yet (a future software update will add support), you can AirPlay in Apple Lossless from your iPhone to the HomePod.

HomePod mini works with Apple devices so customers can seamlessly hand off music or automatically receive personalized listening suggestions on iPhone.

José Adorno for 9to5Mac:

Users running iOS 14.6 that have Lossless enabled can AirPlay this audio quality from the iPhone to the HomePod. Here are the steps:

• Make sure the song/album is available in Lossless and it’s downloaded in the right version;
• Click on the AirPlay button on the iPhone, then select your HomePod;
• The icon must appear as “iPhone -> HomePod;” if it’s that way, you will see a little “lossless” icon above the Play/Pause button.
• If it only appears “HomePod” in the AirPlay, it won’t stream in Lossless audio quality.

MacDailyNews Take: AirPlay and Wi-Fi to the rescue. Good luck hearing the difference!

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