Unannounced ‘World Timer’ Apple Watch face revealed during WWDC session

Usually, every new watchOS comes with new watch faces, but during their WWDC keynote address this year, Apple revealed only one new watch face — Portraits. But, now, during one of the WWDC 2021 sessions, Apple revealed another new watch face called “World Timer.”

Unannounced 'World Timer' Apple Watch face revealed during WWDC session

Filipe Espósito for 9to5Mac:

Named World Timer, the new watch face shows a world map with the time zones of dozens of cities around the world. This replicates some traditional mechanical watch models that also show the time zones of multiple cities around the world, similar to GMT watches — which also inspired one of the new watch faces in watchOS 7 last year. GMT watches, however, only indicate the time of two time zones at once.

It’s unclear whether this World Timer watch face wasn’t finished in time for watchOS 8 beta 1 or whether Apple plans to release it later this year with the next-generation Apple Watch and the official release of watchOS 8.

MacDailyNews Take: Last year at WWDC 2020, Apple also revealed just two new watch faces for watchOS 7, but revelaed new Apple Watch faces during a September special event.

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