Apple’s WWDC 2021: These 5 announcements stood out

Were you underwhelmed by Apple’s WWDC 2021 keynote address and accompanying announcements? If so, perhaps you were expecting the rare hardware unveiling, as we’d hoped to see some Apple Silicon 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro models for developers. But, if you look closely, there were some new features that stood out.

MacDailyNews presents live coverage of Apple’s WWDC 2021 keynote address

Gene Munster and David Stokman for Loup Ventures:

Some observers may view WWDC as evidence that innovation at Apple is waning. We disagree. The announcements today collectively add up to a tighter ecosystem, which means products that are easier to use. Keep in mind that Apple’s most exciting hardware announcements typically come in September and October. From a high level, this year, and maybe even next year’s WWDC event, will amount to a calm before an Apple innovation storm.

Out of the flurry of announcements, these five stood out to us:

• Mail Privacy Protection that will reduce spam.

• FaceTime scheduling, along with music, video and document sharing features.

• Apple Wallet driver’s license support.

• Siri voice control expands in the home to Apple TV and third-party hardware.

• Watch adds biomarker: respiratory monitoring.

MacDailyNews Take: We were especially impressed with iCloud+ which combines everything in iCloud with new premium features, including iCloud Private Relay, Hide My Email, and expanded HomeKit Secure Video support, at no additional cost.


  1. “Underwhelming” does not begin to describe it.

    Of the dozens and dozens of features announced, these five are ultimate cream of the crop? Total meh.

    Yes, I was hoping for some indication of where Apple hardware and M chips are going to work with the software. Don’t give a damn typically, but not always, hardware is not discussed at WWDC. Think Different.

    Plenty of rumor articles built up the demand and from what I have read many like myself are disappointed. Just stupid…

  2. Do you believe that all rumors are true, and that you are entitled to feel disappointed when they turn out to be overblown? I guess you are going to feel just awful in August when Joe Biden is still President.

    1. Total off topic fantasy deflection the best you can do? Answer, yes routine nothing unusual.

      NO, I’m waiting for 2024 when Trump wipes the floor with the brainless IRRESPONSIBLE giggle machine that lies about being to the border and when corrected by Lester Holy, I haven’t been to Europe either. Anyone who thinks Biden is bad that would be most Americans NOW see it, this political opportunist will be 10X worse…

      1. Already worried about your worst nightmare: somebody who is female, Black, and the daughter of Third-World immigrants is a heartbeat away from the Presidency because your guy (also the son of immigrants, but you like to forget that) was soundly rejected by the American people after he mishandled the only crisis he was asked to manage. Now you wussy snowflakes who cannot accept reality are making up an alternate universe in which Covid isn’t real and neither are the 2020 election results.

        Why not just do the same for Apple? If the rumors about new hardware and software you wanted weren’t true, just pretend that they were. Enjoy your nonexistent products and brag about them like you brag about your nonexistent election results.

        But no, having polluted the political discourse with your lies, you attack Apple for proving that a gay man committed to a diverse society can run a wildly successful company when you can’t. That cannot be tolerated, so you need to attack it however you can.

  3. Apple is just junking up their OSes now, like a high school teen adding a new layer of makeup the day after. Does anyone think this is anywhere near the Apple of Steve Jobs?

  4. Was waiting for that iconic, killer, ‘one more thing’ announcement preceded by a drumroll and Cook preening with him fakest voice yet ….. “and I am excited to announce, this day, that we have eliminated the last toy gun emoji – at last – from ALL of out platforms”

  5. The REAL story is that Apple has deliberately crippled iPadOS to maximize profits from Macs. This is wrong-headed on two counts: First, it reflects very poorly on the company and subtly undermines trust. It goes against Steve’s winning philosophy of giving consumers the best, trusting that producing the best products will always be rewarded. Second, I don’t think that giving iPad Pro the ability to run pro apps would significantly impact Mac sales. They are different ergonomic experiences. Just one man’s opinion.

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