Amazon’s Bezos says retail is much more competitive than the smartphone market

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said the retail industry is far more competitive than the smartphone operating system market, an obvious reference to the dominance of Apple and Alphabet’s Google, as all three U.S. companies face antitrust scrutiny.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos holds up the new Amazon Fire Phone at a launch event on June 18, 2014, in Seattle. (photo: Ted S. Warren—AP)
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos holds up the new Amazon Fire Phone at a launch event on June 18, 2014, in Seattle. (photo: Ted S. Warren—AP)

Matt Day:

“Consumers can shop at dozens of large national retailers, hundreds of regional retailers, hundreds of thousands of small retailers, both online and in-store,” Bezos said at the [Amazon’s annual shareholders] meeting, held virtually on Wednesday because of the pandemic. “It’s a very healthy industry, and it’s far from a winner-take-all situation, and we’re still a small fraction of retail.”

Competitive industries tend to have small, fast-growing competitors, he said. “Think about mobile phone operating systems. Can you think of any successful, small, fast growing mobile phone operating systems? Where are they? Name one. They do not exist.”

MacDailyNews Take: “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, look over there instead,” spoken by the very man who failed utterly and completely to compete in the smartphone market.

Bezos (worth $186.4 billion, second richest person in the world) could have invested in a new world-beating mobile phone operating system. Instead the world’s second richest man took the cheap way out and chose instead to skin and fork Android yet again with “Fire OS” and failed as spectacularly as we predicted.

An Amazon smartphone. Because nothing says “quality user experience” more than a pretend iPhone from an online retailer running a skinned, derivative OS from a search engine/online advertising firm.MacDailyNews, June 17, 2014


  1. So says the man that FAILED at smartphones and has a global internet retail sales juggernaut, if not a monopoly. Now under investigation for anti-trust in Germany and AGs in New York and California for anti-competitive behavior…

  2. All this anti trust Leftist Bunch of BS! Ya lets Punish the successful… thats sends the right signal to the coming generations! Lets kill incentives, lets kill reward for hard work and success.
    Bunch hand out loving, jealous, lazy arss morons with their eyes on the back pocket of those who bust their jewels to succeed at something!
    Left : “Do that and we will get-cha!”
    Ohhh how i despise lazy, freeloading, self entitled handout lovers! and their designated Parties! Promoting and engraining freeloading in anything they touch and Our societies.
    Breeding Bum culture!

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