Epic Games lawyer to Apple exec: Where’s Messages for Android?

Apple Fellow Phil Schiller defended Apple’s App Store in a lawsuit alleging antitrust violations brought by Epic Games, having to answer Tuesday for a laundry list of other alleged antitrust claims, including the question: where’s Messages for Android?

Phil Schiller becomes an Apple Fellow after a storied career that began in 1987.
In 2020, Phil Schiller became an Apple Fellow after a storied career that began in 1987.

Mark Gurman and Malathi Nayak for Bloomberg:

During Phil Schiller’s cross-examination in a trial in Oakland, California, Apple’s former global marketing chief was confronted about several instances in which the company has locked in users and made it difficult for them to switch away from its devices.

Katherine Forrest, a lawyer for Epic, pointed out that Schiller emailed his colleagues a 2016 news article titled “iMessage is the glue that keeps me stuck to the iPhone,” which explained that Apple’s messaging platform is a reason people don’t switch to Android devices.

She also quizzed Schiller on the idea that users can’t easily move music and video purchased on Apple services to Google’s Android. She went further, indicating that Apple’s iCloud Keychain service for storing passwords on Apple devices can’t synchronize with Android devices.

MacDailyNews Take: You know they’re desperate, and know they’ve lost, when they resort to neither-here-nor-there attacks.

Apple is not responsible for helping rivals to sell their stolen products.

There are myriad reasons why people don’t downgrade from real iPhones to fake ones beyond “Messages for Android,” including privacy, security, speed, features, hardware, design, software, accessories, morals (using the real thing instead of a blatant knockoff), etc.


    1. This is not even close to the same thing.
      Anyone is free to buy an Audi engine and put it in a Kia, and neither Audi or Kia will take them to court to stop them.
      The reason nobody does this because replacing a car engine is not something an average driver is capable of doing.
      If iPhones are really so great, why not make it easier to switch to another platform? Why lock your users into your product?
      Perhaps it’s because Apple is concerned their users will figure out they have been paying twice as much for the same hardware.

      1. I’m not sure where you have read that Android devices have the same hardware as an iPhone. Should I remind you that the IPhone was the first to use 64bit architecture and 5nm SOC.

        Stick to your Malware ridden inferior Android device; maybe one day you will wake up with at least half a brain.

  1. Apple need to just say they invented everything they sell and its designed to be a walled garden in order to protect all users. no one has a gun to their head to buy Apple and Apple don’t need to offer their products on other devices.

    1. I bet $100k the lawyer is a liberal…it is only such thinking that makes one think/say:

      “What you have I need/want/demand to be over here. Your property, your assets, your IP; isn’t to be owned. The law needs to be changed to make you share.”

        1. Who’s Orange?

          If you’re referring to the last legally-elected U.S. President, I’ll gladly go with him to his championship course Turnberry to play golf in Scotland.

          I have just learned, through leaks in the mainstream media, that after being under investigation from the time I came down the escalator 5 ½ years ago, including the fake Russia Russia Russia Hoax, the 2 year, $48M, No Collusion Mueller Witch Hunt, Impeachment Hoax #1, Impeachment Hoax #2, and others, that the Democrat New York Attorney General has “informed” my organization that their “investigation” is no longer just a civil matter but also potentially a “criminal” investigation working with the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. There is nothing more corrupt than an investigation that is in desperate search of a crime. But, make no mistake, that is exactly what is happening here. – President Trump


      1. Applecynic is far too stupid to know that he is stupid. Imagine spending all day complaining about Apple on a pro Apple forum. Pathetic doesn’t begin to describe him.

    1. apple cynic, the issue with Messages on Android isn’t “impeding competitors from selling their products.” It is forcing a hardware company to develop software that only runs on its competitors’ hardware, thus eliminating a key–and perfectly legal–competitive advantage.

      1. I agree on why Apple should not be compelled to code for Android. That’s it.

        Apple has access to forbidden APIs and can flat out disallow or force a developer to cripple an existing product. Then there’s the channel monopoly.

    2. No “silly,”………making SW for every stupid android device (most using outdated OS) is a full time wast of time activity. Fuck that!
      Why do you want Apple Messages? You got your crap stuff that you keep telling us how happy you are with that shit. Not happy any more? Well get an iPhone then, idiot!
      Stop using that Greek face. You nowhere near his intellect.

      1. Oh dear… the dissonance is strong with you. Where did I suggest Apple should offer Messages to Android? I couldn’t give two craps.

        What I do want is for anyone to be able to code any legal app for my iPad without Apple involvement in the transaction.

  2. Not only that.. Messages has some built in security features related to Apple Pay, and authentication/verification which can be used for support related text messaging. I doubt Android gives them a secure enough platform ore enough control to support that kind of interaction. (Granted, they could build a limited-version of messages that only does simple chat)

  3. I really hope this judge is actually SMART! I mean seriously, EPIC wants to pretend Apple doesn’t make business decisions for their platform, as if EPIC or ANY OTHER COMPANY in the world doesn’t make decisions as to what is best for their business?


    Now, if Apple owned 95% of the market in cell phone space, this argument would hold weight in how a natural monopoly was created, but how Apple is then leveraging that monopoly to maintain or expand it – that’s illegal.

    However, Apple has no monopoly in the cell world. Not even close!

    – World Wide: 20.8% (end of 2020)
    – US: 49% (2020)

    If the judge rules largely in EPIC’s favor this is opening a HUGE Pandora’s box which should never be touched.

    “We are suing LG because they will not allow us to run our apps on this LCD appliances.”

    Well, yah, it’s a closed system product, LG doesn’t have any sort of monopoly in appliances.

    “So what. They are locking us out. Anti-competitive practices!!!”

    This will never end and it’s ludicrous.

    1. “I really hope this judge is actually SMART!”

      Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers is a diversity appointment from Barack Hussein Obama.

      Sorry to destroy your hope.

      But, who knows? Maybe, with dumb luck, she’ll manage to get it right despite herself.

      1. In your “mind,” Firsty, everybody who isn’t a white male Trump supporter is a diversity appointment.

        Rogers is “actually SMART.” She was a litigator (and partner) from 1991 to 2003 at Cooley LLP, the go-to firm for tech companies in Silicon Valley. She then served in several positions within the judiciary before she was appointed to the Alameda County Superior Court by a Republican Governor. The US Senate confirmed her as a US District Judge in 2011 by an 89-6 vote.

        Rogers was elected to the American Law Institute in 1990 and was elected to the ALI Council in 2009. She currently chairs the ALI’s Membership Committee and serves as an Adviser on ALI’s Principles of Election Law: Resolution of Election Disputes project.

        She has presided over two previous cases involving Apple and the company won at the trial level both times.

          1. I didn’t even mention Judge Rogers’ education, only her earned professional accomplishments. For the record, she has an A.B. from Princeton and a J.D. from the University of Texas School of Law.

  4. And, Rachel Maddow is automatically credible because she’s a Stanford & Oxford grad. As a newscaster, she perpetuated false narratives in recent time, resulting in critical misinformation to the United States. Her attendance at highly respected higher education institutions and occupying a prominent seat at MSNBC, didn’t seem to have any influence on her professional integrity.

    This is difficult to bring this up at this time…considering she’s struggling with letting go her mask-identity.

    1. No, I do not understand why the fact that Rachel Maddow went to Oxford proves that a completely different individual who earned a partnership at a top-tier law firm and has years of judicial experience (thanks to support from both parties and her professional peers) is unqualified to be a federal judge. Explain it.

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