Parler social media app returns to Apple’s App Store

Parler said its social media app is returning to Apple’s App Store after the platform added some algorithms intended to automatically detect violent content.

Sarah E. Needleman for The Wall Street Journal:

[Parler] also said that based on Apple’s rules, the Parler app available on the iOS system will exclude certain content that could be otherwise viewed on the web-based and Android versions of the platform.

Apple and Alphabet Inc.’s Google previously said they removed Parler from their respective app stores because the company hadn’t taken adequate measures to address a proliferation of threats to people’s safety. Inc.’s cloud-computing business also withdrew its services, causing Parler to briefly go dark before it returned online in February.

On Feb. 15, Parler said it was relaunching its platform that had grown to more than 20 million users, up from 15 million before its website and apps were driven offline.

And while Parler seeks to continue courting users, former President Donald Trump looms as someone who could supercharge growth in the platform or a competing one as he searches for a new online megaphone… The former president has been talking with platforms including Skylab Apps Inc.’s CloutHub. The Trump Organization held talks with Parler last year about potentially taking a stake in the company, according to people familiar with the matter.

Parler resumed service with new community guidelines on its website that say the platform is “viewpoint neutral.” It added that it wouldn’t knowingly allow it to be used as a tool for crime or unlawful acts.

“Parler has and will always be a place where people can engage in the free exchange of ideas in the full spirit of the First Amendment,” said interim Chief Executive Mark Meckler Monday. “The entire Parler team has worked hard to address Apple’s concerns without compromising our core mission.”

MacDailyNews Note: The revised Parler app is now available on Apple’s App Store here: The app is compatible with iPhone and iPod touch (requires iOS 11.0 or later) and iPad (requires iPadOS 11.0 or later).

Parler is also available on the web without iOS app exclusions here:

MacDailyNews on Parler is here:


      1. I’m not fearful, stupid people entertain me! I just don’t want to see them in power, that’s all. I still find it amazing that they used this app to plan an insurrection that went nowhere! I should use this as a plot point in one of my next comic story arcs, too funny!

          1. I’d say I’m smart enough to make a comic series that has become a cult classic in my personal circle, and I’m not a tool, my MacBook with Photoshop and Illustrator were the tools that helped me with my comic. Do you need a dictionary…and a scholarship to special Ed school?

            1. “classic in my personal circle“. OMG, did you really say that? You think that making idiots laugh makes you smart??? Isn’t that special!

            2. Well bless your little heart.
              Now we all know you’re a ‘special’ tool.

              OK, run along but be sure to look both ways
              (who am I kidding, he only looks left…)

            3. I enjoy all the hilarious comments from angry neurotypicals. I wonder why so many nypicals are so angry, could it be jealousy overt how Autistic people have the most creativity and imagination? Well, then trade in your Macs for a boring PC and have those go to someone deserving then, those Macs can’t possibly tolerate those dreadful office job things you neurotypicals have! Think Different! 🙂

          1. Don’t be cruel to old people. It’s really not Baden’s fault. He needs help reading, so how can we blame him for what is written. I heard one person say that Biden should just turn the teleprompter around and let us read the script for ourselves. Then Biden could free up his time to enjoy the golden years with his family and friends. Every once in awhile he could drop in and read a press conference. I really think his handlers are pushing him too hard.

          2. Bigot Biden isn’t just stupid, he’s a racist. That fool passed the prison bill that put a lot of my innocent brothers and sisters in jail! Don’t get me started on Token Harris, she sold out her Black and Brown family just so she could get a sweet job as Bigot Biden’s token renal VP. Biden supported segregation back in the 1970s and he thinks having a token Black VP can make us forgive and forget? By the way, this doesn’t mean I supported Trump either, he made sure to keep his precious resorts free of Blackness. I only support my BlackFirstFam.

  1. These pro-Marxist companies are only concerned with speech from those who support America.
    Hopefully this will be the downfall of all big tech and we can take our country back.
    They are backing the Socialist Democrat Party, threw their chips in with them, since they seem to be winning this fight. But it isn’t even close to being over.

  2. Can we now talk about Apple and the apps that are available on their devices? This political slap fight is getting boring. It seems that this is what MDN has devolved into. Is this really what people want MDN to be?

    1. Why don’t the people who want to carry on a conversation among themselves untroubled by outside distractions from never-Trumpers move this sort of discussion to the MDN group on Parler? That would allow the comments on the website to return to Apple Inc., APPL, and Apple products. I would quite happily never make a political comment here again if others would stop posting politically-loaded misinformation. As long as that continues, so will I, since all it takes for a lie to become “common knowledge” is for it to go uncontradicted.

      1. Odd that YOU are casting the first stone.

        This site (as long as I have been coming here) has never been without politics.
        For most of the first 5 years it seemed about 80-20 liberal to conservative.
        Almost every thread had lefties bitching about Bush, then about how great Obama was.

        I doubt if it were still that way you would be complaining.

      2. Speaking of lies and common ‘knowledge’:

        Master List Of Official Russia Claims That Proved To Be Bogus

        Any reasonable person would conclude that the MSM peddled these lies to thwart Trump and keep him from getting elected.

        I never recalled any of the zit-faced snot nosed kids at facbook and twitter ‘fact’ checking any of these Russian claims to see if they were true, many of which had ‘sources’ who wanted to remain anonymous which is another way of saying this story potentially has a lot of bullshit in it.

        Half the population believed the MSM on these stories. A-effing-mazing how the people who think they’re superior to everyone else is so gullible. Like a bunch of kid-zombies…

        1. It takes real chutzpah to provide a link to an article discussing a US Intellegence Community report detailing Russian interference in American internal politics and describe it as a list of claims found to be bogus.

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