Watch: Jony Ive delivers 2021 California College of the Arts Commencement Address

Jonathan Ive
Jonathan Ive

On May 10, 2021, Sir Jony Ive, former Chief Design Officer of Apple, reflected on the significance of art and design in contemporary culture, as part of California College of the Arts’ virtual commencement for the graduating class of 2021:


  1. Is Jony on his second promotional book tour high on price, thick on finely milled paper and XXXL large on ego? 😉

    Sorry Jony, you lost me years ago when you promoted and narrated a so called groundbreaking video on the amazing merits of Apple plastic injection molds for the budget iPhone 5C. The cheapest materials probably in an iPhone to date. Elite designer brainwashing was not beneath you apparently and just played it back still shaking my head and enjoying comedic relief.

    Your epic career crescendo mistake was the design ego trip round MacPro. No expansion slots, dongle spaghetti wired hell, vastly overpriced and vastly underpowered. Keyboard and monitor extra if I remember correctly. The MacPro under your watch languished without upgrades for over six years causing major consternation and outward revolt in the PRO community that BUILT Apple in the 1980s, forward.

    To give you credit where credit is due, you remade the MacPro better than ever. Immediately after took your industrial design awards and went home. While an imperfect solution, I can still quibble on price versus performance, the best computer you ever built.

    Here’s hoping Apple finally learned “the one that brung ya” dance and upgrades the new MacPro(s), fingers crossed with the M2 chip, but more importantly competes toe to toe with performance and price compared to the best gaming performance PCs and laptops out there. The market share would skyrocket along with VOLUME profits. Hello?

    Finally, Jony’s penchant for making everything too damn Tim, I meant thin. While increasing profits and price for less materials and packaging, eliminating ports and functionality causing extra cost and education on workarounds. The current Apple winds are increasing thickness and functionality moving in thee right direction.

    Jony, you had a great run overall and enjoy your awards, fame and millions you deservedly earned…

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