Apple employees demand investigation into ‘misogynistic’ new hire [updated]

A group of Apple employees has written a petition asking for an investigation into the hiring of Antonio García Martínez — a former Facebook product manager and author of the book Chaos Monkeys.

Chaos Monkeys

The petition begins, “We are deeply concerned about the recent hiring of Antonio García Martínez. His misogynistic statements in his autobiography — such as ‘Most women in the Bay Area are soft and weak, cosseted and naive despite their claims of worldliness, and generally full of shit’ (further quoted below this letter) — directly oppose Apple’s commitment to Inclusion & Diversity.”

Zoe Schiffer, Casey Newton, and Elizabeth Lopatto for The Verge:

In the petition, the employees expressed concern about García Martínez’s views on women and people of color. His hiring “calls into question parts of our system of inclusion at Apple, including hiring panels, background checks, and our process to ensure our existing culture of inclusion is strong enough to withstand individuals who don’t share our inclusive values,” they write.

García Martínez, who has also written for Wired, was the product manager for Facebook’s ad targeting team from 2011 to 2013. Most of the things the Apple employees have expressed concern about come from Chaos Monkeys itself. (The book is dedicated to “all my enemies.”) The autobiography traces García Martínez going from Wall Street to Silicon Valley.

MacDailyNews Take: And, just like that, Antonio García Martínez became one of our favorite Apple employees (for as long as that lasts; given the aversion to even healthy conflict from Apple’s wet noodle “leadership,” the cancellation countdown begins now).

Real leadership would’ve already found out who instigated this “petition” and cleaned the house of them as their thought processes are warped and not conducive to greatness, just pettiness, jealousy, and spite. How did such “B” and “C” level thinkers ever get hired by Apple in the first place?

More than ever, the world – and Apple – needs contrarians.

Chaos Monkeys is a great read!

The most fun business book I have read this year? Chaos Monkeys: Obscene Fortune and Random Failure in Silicon Valley, by a former Facebook executive, Antonio García Martinez. I was sent a galley copy several months ago and picked it up with no intention of reading more than the first couple of pages. I don’t think I looked up until about three hours later.

This is a tell-all of Mr. Martinez’s experience in venture capital and later at Facebook, filled with insights about Silicon Valley — what he calls “the tech whorehouse” — mixed with score-settling anecdotes that will occasionally make you laugh out loud. Clearly there will be people who hate this book — which is probably one of the things that makes it such a great read.

The dedication page includes this gem: “To all my enemies: I could not have done it without you.” Mr. Martinez is particularly incisive when it comes to illustrating how failed ideas that happen to work are often spun into great successes: “What was an improbable bonanza at the hands of the flailing half-blind becomes the inevitable coup of the assured visionary,” he writes. “The world crowns you a genius, and you start acting like one.” — Andrew Ross Sorkin, The New York Times, Independence Day, July 4, 2016

UPDATE: 8:48am EDT: Apple said Antonio García Martínez is no longer with the company. “At Apple, we have always strived to create an inclusive, welcoming workplace where everyone is respected and accepted. Behavior that demeans or discriminates against people for who they are has no place here,” the company said in a statement.

So, now, as anticipated, the wet noodle’s cancellation countdown has concluded, and Apple loses the rare employee capable of writing a NY Times bestselling book, but retains a handful of yentas who think a book written half a decade ago about different companies is about them, alongside some 2,000 others who are dumb enough to sign it.

Here’s the funny thing, the book was about them.

Now Apple’s cloistered petitioners can continue to pump out mediocrity without their panties bunched.


      1. “”At Apple, we have always strived to create an inclusive, welcoming workplace where everyone is respected and accepted. Behavior that demeans or discriminates against people for who they are has no place here,” the company said in a statement.” – Would love to look at those 2000+ Apple petitioner’s Twitter timeline, especially with DJT in the WH to see if THEY met Apple’s ToS with regards to Apple’s ‘welcoming workplace where everyone is respected and accepted. Behavior that demeans or discriminates against people for who they are has no place here’!

        I bet it would be a little less crowded in Apple’s spaceship.

      2. “We have created, for the first time in all history, a garden of pure ideology—where each worker may bloom, secure from the pests purveying contradictory ‘truths.’ ”

        The purification directives are working flawlessly internally.

  1. Just a matter of time before the woke cancer ate the core of the Apple…Steve Jobs REPRESENTED the beauty of being opinionated and brazenly forthright..those qualities are despised by progressives. (and he is a straight white male, something race & sex-centric leftists hate)

      1. So his opinion of women in a certain area classifies him as a woman hater.
        Wow, who knew? But y’alls rules change daily.

        So if he said the babes in Long Beach were beautiful that would also make him a hater.
        Weird how that works.

        Yet YOU can rant and rave about Republicans or Conservatives, where a HIGH percent are female, but that’s cool because they aren’t Liberal and don’t count. Right? (yes, you’re already in denial mode, with the reflex of a Boxer)

        Also interesting how you don’t give a hill of beans about Ashli Babbitt (unarmed and no record) being killed by police yet you’ll get bent out of shape faster than a contortionist thrown off a cliff if a cop shoots a Black man with a record high on drugs, brandishing a weapon, fighting cops or endangering another life because well, that’s how you get points.

        But what really fascinates me about you is how at once you can be such a huge turd yet still have the consistency of diarrhea….amazing.

        1. So you are standing in plain sight behind a glass door holding a handgun to defend an area from an angry criminal mob when the glass is broken out and a member of the mob starts to climb through a smashed pane to invade the area. You point the gun and order the person to stop but they continue to advance. They are unarmed, but you don’t know that. They don’t have a criminal record, but you don’t know that. All you know is that if you let them in, the rest of the mob will follow and threaten you and the people you are sworn to protect. It’s interesting that you get bent out of shape when the criminal gets shot, but would not hesitate to fire if you were in the same position.

          1. Damn son, with a few minor revisions, you just about described the encounter of every cop shot dead black thug that BLM/Antifa, the SJW Woke Left and Democratic politicians idolize.

            ‘So you are an officer patrolling the streets to maintain Law and Order and defend the city from the can’t follow the rules element, when you are summoned by the citizenry, a spouse, GF/BF, or a parent when a member of the can’t follow the rules element starts doing stupid stuff. You arrive to inquire and through the actions of the can’t follow the rules element, things escalate and the officer has to point their gun and order the person to stop but they continue to not follow the rules. They may or may not be armed, but the officer doesn’t know that. They have a criminal record, but the officer may or may not know that. All the officer knows is that they are not listening, not cooperating and becoming belligerent, as the rest of the can’t follow the rules mob may gather and threaten you and the people you are sworn to protect. It’s interesting that some get bent out of shape calling for the officer’s head and “Defund the Police” when the criminal gets shot, but would not hesitate to fire if in the same position.’

            But it is really more interesting that your little ruse for a fable went straight for the gun without considering a taser or call for the Social Worker to deescalate the situation and your man with the weapon didn’t aim for for the leg. Your man was just a tad off for a head shot! But maybe a head shot is just the Columbian way?!

            1. Yes, even a professional liar like TXer has an ego that lets down his guard for an obvious trap.

              But that happened when your ego is larger than your IQ…

            2. I used to train peace officers. Using deadly force on someone who is refusing orders, but does not present an imminent threat of death or serious injury to anyone, is murder.

              Every cop knows that, because that is how they are trained. If you alter your scenario to resemble the Capitol situation, so that the person shot is advancing on the officer with obvious criminal intent, the use of deadly force is not unreasonable. The problem is not the many cases where force was justified, but the far fewer but still too many cases where a video shows that the person “advancing on the officer” was running away or standing still with their hands raised.

              Those officers should definitely be defunded, since we do not pay people in prison for homicide.

            3. Aaaaand you have to deceive of course.

              “that the person shot is advancing on the officer with obvious criminal intent”
              Obvious criminal intent? Where’s the investigation and video??


              “a video shows that the person “advancing on the officer” was running away or standing still with their hands raised.”

              If you are alluding to Ferguson, MO then we all know he didn’t have his hands up.

              And if you did train officers, then you KNOW the stress of day in and day out of patrolling the same shit neighborhoods dealing with the same shit situations with many of the same shit people over and over while situations spiral out of control every night in the same places.

              Mistakes are made, and of course there are some bad cops.
              But to lay the blame on police actually trying to better these shithole places while the residents themselves set the stage for the violence is, to me, the epitome of racism.

              You want to defund the police, do it in the neighborhoods that cause the most problems and see how popular your ‘trend’ is then.

              The police can’t win for losing, especially with armchair assholes like you spitting on them.

            4. You can look at somebody who joined a mob illegally invading the United States Capitol, who formed part of a sub-mob trying to breach the last barrier protecting the members of the House of Representatives (whose Speaker they were loudly promising to hang), who helped smash the glass in that barrier, and was then leading the charge though the hole and not see either “obvious criminal intent” or a deadly threat? You must be looking at a different video than the one I saw.

          2. Again and again proof POSITIVE you cannot directly respond to TowerTone’s post and go far far off into the weeds with yet another ridiculous DEFLECTION.

            Not at all surprised’ it’s your M.O…

  2. MDN Take: Apple should summarily fire all its female employees who expect to be treated with civility rather than respect. I’m sure that will endear the company to everybody who enjoyed a book that paints women as whiny bitches. To that crowd, demeaning women qualifies a man to be their favorite employee. Pushing back qualifies women to get f’ed… since that is all they are good for.

    Get with the 20th Century, if not the 21st! Firing women for standing up against disrespect might not sell so well to the hefty majority of Apple’s customers who are not misogynistic white Americans.

    1. Who was demeaned more by Bill Clinton? The intern he smoothed talked into giving him a Lewensky or his wife that he cheated on?… again.

      It’s funny how the Old Left’s cast of characters and their dirty deeds to women for the last 25 years went unchecked until now by the new woke virtuous and somewhat pompous New Left! And how some of the Old Left’s women were some of the worst instigators. My have times changed.

      1. In a word — HYPOCRISY!

        The intolerant Cancel Culture Leftists of today can go back to the 1960s relentlessly after Bill Cosby and not one word from the woke mob regarding Bill Clinton with court filings and dozens of accusations of rape, intimidation and harassment of women over several decades.

        Crickets : : : : :

          1. TXLIAR you have repeatedly lied for YEARS in many posts and totally 100% FALSE. Your LIES cannot change REALITY, but your ego is too stupid to admit it. What’s your problem?

            I will finish for you since you are incapable of answering posts PROPERLY:

            “There is no adequate response for someone who” day after day cannot answer anything directly and totally misses the main point. Which is, woke SJW can go back decades to criminalize conservatives and totally silent to liberal serial offenders like Bill Clinton who was much, much WORSE.

            You cannot engage the point, you cannot deny the reality and you will not apply EQUAL JUSTICE to both sides of the aisle because you are a partisan FRAUD. Justice for thee, but not for me. You are a hypocrite that poisons only one side of political spectrum and can’t admit your own folly with no sense of self-awareness.

            Your smug retorts are meaningless, keep them up you continue to be a tool and fool for the Leftists and Democrat Party we enjoy reading while belly laughing…

            1. Rape is not a laughing matter. I have never defended Bill Clinton’s conduct, but you have been minimizing Cosby and Trump’s history of sexual abuse for years.

    2. Not one person in the petition accused Antonio of harassment at Apple, because drum roll please … he has not done anything wrong! Read again, Leftist brainless.

      Cancel Culture rearing its ugly head AGAIN because a Leftist cabal cannot handle freedom of speech and TRUE diversity — its our way or the highway. So, the woke SJW crybaby snowflakes are wasting Apple’s time complaining about cherry picked comments in a book years ago before he arrived at Apple. That’s called opinion, right or wrong, and too damn bad immature adults. TOLERATE IT like they tell everyone else to do with abortion, gay marriage and other issues many Americans disagree with. STOP THE BULLYING and GROW UP!!!

      Fully support Antonio, MDN’s superlative take, Steve and Apple for including more diversity in the ranks without career ending STUPIDITY…

      1. I’ve been waiting for somebody else to point this out, but “not one person accused Antonio of harrassment at Apple because, drum roll please…” he never worked at Apple. He never worked at Apple because he made widely distributed offensive comments about his future coworkers before he even arrived. Those were not just abstract political statements, whether liberal or conservative, but personal insults directed at a class of people that includes many of Apple’s Bay Area employees.

      1. Are you denying that some white Americans are misogynists or that some misogynists are white? My point was that only a tiny share of Apple’s constituents (customers, employees, and shareholders) fall into both categories, yet you expect Apple to be run for their benefit rather than for the majority.

  3. It’s very peculiar that he is not met with approval by the woke crabapples considering he is appropriately educated from the University of California, Berkeley where the inmates runs the asylum. Apparently inmates of a feather do not flock together. I guess Antonio García Martínez doesn’t have the same notoriety as some other run of the mill Hollywood type, news media personality or certain Democratic politicians. Onlyif you are in that category can you be as hypocritical as you want. See for yourself, how actress Sarah Silverman has not been called into account by the Left for calling a trtans person a twat!

  4. This ought to be interesting to see which direction Timmy goes….with the new woman-hater they have hired….great job on checking out the background of this women-hater. But like all things big now days …it’s all about the $$$…nothing much else matters….no matter how many times Timmy puts his Steve Jobs “Prayer-Hands” together for presentations.

  5. Half the women you meet are below average IQ. The same goes for men.

    It’s simple math. Follow the science.

    By the way, in the interest of brutal truth, “most women in the Bay Area are soft and weak, cosseted and naive despite their claims of worldliness, and generally full of shit,” if by “most,” you mean “at least nine out of ten.” The same goes for Bay Area men. Speaking from personal experience.

    Save Antonio!

    1. My guess would be that most women who work at Apple Headquarters, all of whom are “women in the Bay Area,” would object to working with you, too, if you had publicized that same demeaning insult about their character. Would you really be comfortable sharing a cubicle with someone who was on public record as regarding you as inferior? Martinez created an untenable situation for himself, as an employee expected to work within a team. He sowed the wind and reaped the whirlwind of his own creation.

      1. What I find curious, if Apple was ignorant to Martinez’s views of five years ago, and I’m amused by the lack of the “people change” crowd not speaking up, who was the person who remembered his book ‘Chaos Monkey’ and his views on women. What a life they must lead, huh, and I bet they are real fun at parties.

        Would the women be comfortable sharing a cubicle? Maybe as comfortable dropping the soap when sharing a shower after working out in Apple’s gym with Mr., eh, I won’t go there. The point to that was, who believes the LGBTQ people have issues controlling their behavior, whereas Martinez can’t when working with a team comprised of some women working side by side with them in their cubicles? And who here believes the outraged Apple petitioners and the women among them have never demeaned someone for whatever reason in their entire life. They are not the Angelic Stalwarts they make themselves out to be, trust me.

        1. The issue isn’t whether he can control his behavior. The issue is whether any manager can build a team with people that he has called “full of shit,” not in an obscure private Facebook post, but in a popular book.

          1. We’ll never know will we?
            Because people like you feel better thinking you have actually had an affect.
            You did, but are blind to the long term consequences of these tantrums.

            1. People like me know that “affect” is not a noun. We also know that expecting women to put up silently with public insults that no man would tolerate makes people like you feel better about their own demeaning approach to working women.

            2. Who is ‘we’?
              You seem to speak for a lot of people crowded in your mind.

              Ever stop to think they don’t actually believe the crap you think they do?

              You also don’t know how many single or married working women (and mothers) I have known and helped in my life because that would destroy your fragile world, yet you sit here everyday demeaning as many as 50% of American women (Conservative) with your biased liberal insults.

  6. Is it possible these employees are more annoying than Tim Cook? No, that would be impossible. So, he should promote them all. They know what their boss likes. Assholes.

  7. Personal Opinions and the freedom to express them is the most important right we should always defend! l

    Libatards want to cancel free speech and freedom to express personal views because they are the true haters of open discussion.

    Our experiences define who we are and some people will have bad interactions with certain “types’ of people and so form personal opinions that are unique to their interactions.

    This can not be changed by hatred to their view or experiences but only by inclusion and further positive interactions to change that view over time.

    You don’t change others opinions by excluding them or hating on them.

    You can only kill hatred of any kind with kindness!

  8. With such a fine endorsement from MDN I’m sure that Antonio will be at Apple for many many years and will travel extensively so that he can expand his insight to include women from the entire nation. All he has to do really is add that most of them have two breasts.

    I wonder what the regular female readers from Apple’s home nation have to say about this although I’m not really sure that there are regular female readers and posters from Apple’s home nation left at this site. I highly doubt that there are any from the free and civilized world. Women from there, tend to be articulate, intelligent, empathic, intuitive and are proud of letting people know that they have two breasts.

    1. “Women from there, tend to be articulate, intelligent, empathic, intuitive and are proud of letting people know that they have two breasts.”

      You mean they are the Feminists who emphatically, intelligently, intuitively, articulate equal pay for equal work but if on the Titanic, expect to be first on the life boat along with the children? Where’s the “equity”, let alone the equality, in that?!

      1. All but one of the women and children in First Class on RMS Titanic survived. The majority of women and children in Third Class died. As high a percentage of First Class men survived as of Third Class children. The standard of “equality” hasn’t changed much since 1912.

      2. There is a difference between saying most women have two breasts (which is what I’ve said) and saying that someone with two breasts is a woman (which is something I have not said).

        There might have been feminists on the hypothetical Titanic scenario, fighting for the right to vote as they did not have it when the Titanic sunk. The cultural and social norms of society were mostly male driven and they are the ones that established the “women and children first” code of conduct around 1852. There is also a foundation for it from an instinctive nature as many mammals, birds and reptiles will take steps to ensure the safety of their offspring and the propagation of the species and love for one’s children and spouse may have played a roll as well. As a question of survival it can be more advantageous to keep the most likely up and coming breeders (children) and the producers of offspring (women).

  9. Timmy’s Apple welcomes diversity, free thought and different beliefs as long as you agree with them. If you are not a woke leftist who apologizes for your white male privilege you need not apply.

  10. Dumb move on Apple’s part, but it shows how the woke cancer has begun to get the upper hand inside of the company. This is very bad for the long term performance and health of Apple. There will be many more like this, these harridans will not stop with one scalp. You can bet they already have other targets in mind.

    Tim Cook will regret letting the woke cultists take over the company.

    1. Let’s consider this. Your wife, or girlfriend, or daughter has a new supervisor. He introduces himself to her and her female coworkers by announcing, “Most of you are soft and weak, cosseted and naive despite your claims of worldliness, and generally full of shit. If you don’t agree, shut up about it. You chose to work in a tech whorehouse and I’m going to treat you as you deserve.” She comes home and tells you about it. Do you get angry or applaud?

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