Tile teams with Amazon in attempt to compete with Apple’s AirTag and formidable Find My network

Tile has teamed with Amazon in an attempt to improve their mesh network for tracking items as Tile tries to compete with Apple’s vast worldwide network comprised of over a billion devices for tracking items with its new AirTags.

Tile teams with Amazon in attempt to compete with Apple's AirTag and formidable Find My network. Image: Apple AirTag
Apple’s AirTag has a secure tracking network made up of well over a billion devices worldwide

Jon Fortt and Fahiemah Al-Ali for CNBC:

Amazon announced Friday that it is partnering with Tile, a company that makes trackers for lost items, and Level, which makes smart locks, to use those devices to enhance its tracking network based on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology.

The strength and number of devices on a given tracking network is key to its accuracy. That’s part of the reason why many think Apple’s tracking network will be so strong since it relies on more than 1 billion iPhones, iPads, and Macs to help with lost item tracking.

Amazon’s partnership will allow it beef up its tracking network, called Sidewalk, by letting Tile and Level devices tap into the Bluetooth networks created by millions of its Echo products. Tile will start working with Amazon’s network beginning June 14.

Sidewalk rolled out late last year and is billed as a free network sharing service throughout neighborhoods that uses Echo devices as “bridges” to share a small fraction of a users’ low-bandwidth Wi-Fi with devices like Echo devices and Ring cameras.

MacDailyNews Take: There are less than 200 million Amazon Echo devices in use today or fewer than 800 million than the well over 1 billion devices that make up Apple’s vast worldwide Find My network.

The bottom line: AirTag users will find their items significantly faster, more accurately, and more securely than will those who settle for Tile trackers.


  1. Most Amazon devices are surely static which can’t help in the finding process even if you have good numbers to start with. I thought mobility would be the key here to make this ability all encompassing but maybe I’m missing something.

    1. Maybe the capability will extend to all Fire devices also. It should be noted that the Amazon devices are in addition to the wireless (bluetooth, wi-fi) network that Tile already has access to. In addition there is nothing stopping Amazon from adding some capability to the Amazon App on Android devices to give them even more coverage. Probably not a big factor but Chromebooks can now install and use Android Apps so those devices could also be possible connections for the network.

  2. Tile is certainly going on the defensive almost immediately. Tile has been around for almost a decade and has about five models of trackers. They’re not going to disappear overnight. It seems as though Tile is overreacting to AirTag. Is it really likely that Tile users will suddenly switch to using AirTag trackers when Tile trackers offer multiple form factors and don’t require all those costly accessories to attach to objects? Tile says that Apple is unfair. It’s as though only one company is allowed to have a product market and any competition is seen as being unfair. That’s just crazy. If Tile trackers are good, they should be able to survive with just a few major competitors, which are Apple, Samsung and Chipolo.

  3. For folks with low self-esteem also crave detailed guidance, so being spied upon and tracked (such as by Tile, Zoom, Android apps, and Amazon) is as reassuring as being preached to and embraced by Jesus.

      1. The real Dietrich Bonhoeffer was hardly inclined to criticize what passed for “woke culture” in contemporary Germany. When he was at Union Theological Seminary in New York, a predominantly liberal institution, “He heard Adam Clayton Powell Sr. preach the Gospel of Social Justice, and became sensitive to not only social injustices experienced by minorities but also the ineptitude of the church to bring about integration. He observed, “Here one can truly speak and hear about sin and grace and the love of God…the Black Christ is preached with rapturous passion and vision.”

        On his return to Germany, Bonhoeffer championed the demand for total commitment to God and neighbor and the rejection of cheap grace. That ultimately led to his martyrdom when he chose to follow his conscience rather than a false patriotism built on exclusion, rather than inclusion.

        1. Congratulation on your conflation of true grace and reverse racism. How any rational mind could/would confusingly associate today’s woke with Bonhoeffer’s mind of grace is unbelievable.

  4. As if ANYTHING was said of the sort. Typical: slide it in and see if you can get away with it.

    It’s a matter of defining the justice and the means to achieve.

    Using shame and intimidation would be a means far from his employ because they have nothing to do with the Gospel. That’s a Marxist method to divide/degrade…far from his definition of “social justice.” As well, nothing he did/wrote advocated reverse racism. Racial woke-ness is inextricably linked.

    1. Your thoughtful comment seemingly based on historical facts deserved to be read because it offered context but the Rightwing so-called “cancel culture” reacted — making the cancellation politically reactionary — censoring it out of existence. MDN’s owner, of course, can do as he pleases to suit his non-factual political agenda. He can’t be clamping down on Rightwinger or Left-winger off-topics, however; Evidence does not seem to support it.

    2. Again…slide it in and see if you can get-away-with-it comment. Typically tedious.

      Please expound on Bonhoeffer’s idea of the gospel in comparison to the woke-ness of today that “proselytizes” with shame, intimidation and fear. There’s no basic for comparison. None.

      Focus now. Focus. Stay on topic and don’t swing far and wide with details that confound, confuse and conflate.

      Dingler: congrats to you too. Nice reaching with presumption….

      ‘thoughtful comment SEEMINGLY based on historical facts”
      “non-factual political agenda”
      “however; Evidence does not SEEM to support it.”

      Next time, throw out some meat instead of using Mr. Tedious’ method of throwing garbage out to see if you can get away with it.

    3. Dietrich Bonhoeffer was hanged for resisting the effort to link religion with ethnic nationalism. It’s curious that you are allowed to appropriate his name while I am not allowed to point out the inconsistency.

  5. 1st sentence aligns EXACTLY with my point. He would have given a middle finger to the current nationalistic demand for obedience (in numerous arenas) that has nothing to do with freedom, equality and justice…let alone racial justice. You are tripping on your own narrative.

    Btw, who the f is preventing you (alone) from speaking your mind? Answer: no one that’s not affecting other voices. Liberalism is making you whine…as it does by design. Poor Texie.

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