MacBook Air redesign may offer iMac-like color options

According to serial Apple leaker Jon Prosser, Apple’s next-gen MacBook Air will feature a wide range of colors, similar to those offered for the new 24-inch iMac.

MacBook Air redesign may offer iMac-like color options
The new iMac comes in a spectrum of seven vibrant colors — green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue, and silver

Sami Fathi for MacRumors:

In the latest video of his YouTube channel Front Page Tech, Prosser says the same source who accurately provided him information on the first Apple silicon ‌iMac‌ coming in colors has told him that he recently saw a prototype of a blue MacBook. However, Prosser says his source has been “very cryptic” and that he assumes it’s the upcoming ‌MacBook Air‌ powered by the M2 chip.

If the information is true, the new colorful lineup of MacBooks would be a throwback to the older iBook G3.

MacDailyNews Take: The colors are even more useful for portable Macs like MacBook Air as they’re out and about in the world, getting noticed by many more people that those relative handful (or none) who happen to cruise past your desk to see your iMac. We’d expect to see MacBook Air come in at least the same seven vibrant colors — green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue, and silver – as Apple currently offers for iMac.


    1. Herr Gusting … is your home painted Silver or Space Grey? Why?

      Most humans like color options. It is a sales driver and it improves customer satisfaction, for nearly no effort. It was a huge success for the original iMacs, and it be so again.

      It is worth discussing that color on smaller items like iPhones may actually not be as big a deal, because Apple supports a flourishing market for cases so users can customize their personal devices. I predict that 3rd parties will make skins for Airs and iMacs to spice them up – and also to cover the bright screen bezel that some users won’t like so much. On the iMac especially it seems odd to have a white strip around the screen. Hope that Apple sticks with a black bezel for forthcoming laptops.

      1. Colors are like putting lipstick on a pig. The new Macs still lead with the obnoxious chin and the “new” magic keyboards still aren’t backlit! Leave it to Apple to make a desktop unnecessarily thinner, rounding off the accessories and buttons and slapping some new colors on it that won’t even be seen when they face against a wall, without any meaningful changes for the average user.

        1. Herr Gustav Gusting is as dumb as Nick. Attributing brains to Nick is like putting lipstick up a pig’s chocolate starfish – a total waste of time and completely useless. Like Nick

    2. The “all-in-one” factor was the strongest selling factor, but getting away from beige and having color options was also important for the original iMac’s great success.

      I applaud the color offerings, but they are also like the fan-fare of new emoji libraries. Bring them on, but please don’t tout them like they have real substance. It’s a pop-culture feature and nothing more.

      Will Apple tout colors on the yet to be released (larger) iMac and the rumored pro mini, Mac Pro Jr at the expense of true pro features…because pop-culture is the real dollar flow?

      Apple is moving away from the Pro community…so, one can’t be sure.

  1. Here’s the problem: we already have Macbook airs. The timing on this is weird. We’re actually hoping for Macbook Pros with larger displays, and the Mac Pro… at WWDC.. I’ll be a little shocked if Apple makes the Pro lines colorful cuz that’s super confusing 😛

    1. Yes, especially when you eat one If the meth apples sold in LA Art shops (so people are fooled I into thinking ding dong artists are worth more that diddly squat (or a $99 Android phone)

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