Apple expands App Store advertising business

In an expansion of its App Store advertising business, Apple has aded a second position for a paid advertisement on the App Store’s Search page, which will pop up at the top of the suggested apps list.

Apple expands App Store advertising business. Image: Apple's App Store on iPhone
Apple’s App Store on iPhone

In April, Financial Times reported that Apple, which already sells search ads for its App Store that allow developers to pay for the top result, would expand its advertising business.

Mark Gurman for Bloomberg News:

“Millions of users visit the App Store Search tab every day to find and download their next app,” Apple said Tuesday in an announcement on its website. “With Search tab ads, you can capture the attention of these customers before they search.”

The second slot marks the latest incremental upgrade to Apple’s advertising business in recent years. The company also sells some advertising in the Apple News and Stocks apps. The iPhone maker hasn’t disclosed how much revenue it generates from advertising, but the figure is estimated to be a small slice of its more than $50 billion per year generated by services.

MacDailyNews Take: it’s good to see Apple expanding their App Store advertising business as it helps developers with new ways to promote their apps and aids users in app discoverability – all while netting Apple some Services revenue derived from their popular apps.

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