Steve Jobs called Facebook ‘Fecebook’ in newly revealed email

Internal Apple emails between Steve Jobs and executives Scott Forstall and Phil Schiller show the company was battling with Facebook over App Store rules for at least a decade. In the emails, Jobs calls Facebook, “Fecebook.”

Kif Leswing for CNBC:

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg
In July 2011, Apple’s then-software head Scott Forstall sent an email to former Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller and Jobs. In the message, he said that he had spoken with Mark — presumably Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg — about the Facebook iPad app.

At the time, Facebook was turning its social network into a platform for games and apps. The most famous of these was Farmville, a game where users tended gardens inside their Facebook accounts.

Facebook wanted Apple to compromise. Mark suggested, according to Forstall:

• Facebook could omit a directory of Apps in the Facebook app — not even links.
• Facebook could prevent third-party apps from running in an “embedded web view,” or basically a browser inside the Facebook app.
• Facebook wanted Apple to allow user posts in the news feed related to apps. Forstall wrote that those were filtered at the time, because tapping those posts would do nothing.
• Facebook proposed having tapping one of those app links in the feed switch the user to a native app or take them to the App Store if one exists, or otherwise link out to Safari, the iPhone web browser.

Jobs, then CEO of Apple, replied from his iPad: “I agree — if we eliminate Fecebooks third proposal it sounds reasonable.”

MacDailyNews Take: Not a typo. “Fecebook” is perfectly apt. Steve always did have a way with words.

We haven’t had personal Facebook accounts for many years now. And happily so.MacDailyNews, May 11, 2017

Beyond the privacy aspect, Facebook is Creepster Central. It’s a Narcissists’ Paradise. In general, yuck. — MacDailyNews, March 27, 2015


  1. “Fecebook” is perfect!

    Thankfully, U.S. states like Georgia and, just recently, Kansas have begun to ban “Zuck Bucks” that got a dementia patient “elected” to do the bidding of Zuckerberg, the guy who bought him, China, and the legacy establishment political class.

      1. Obviously you can’t handle it SNOWFLAKE, so dummy simply don’t read it and take your toys and go home — problem solved, VOILA! Also, you don’t tell another person what to do, who the hell are you? Oh right, the woke regressive generation youngsters who think they know everything and RUDELY tell everyone what to do not minding their own BUSINESS…

      2. Somewhere out there is a two-year-old girl whose mother is a stripper, her father a crackhead and her grandfather president of the United States.

        Fact check that! 💁🏼‍♂️

  2. TruthDetector, since you oppose any efforts to increase voter turnout, would you support the repeal of the 17th Amendment? That would get the riff-raff out of the business of electing US Senators and let state legislatures appoint them like the Founders intended. There’s nothing in the Constitution that prevents the legislatures from appointing Presidential Electors, either. I’m sure you can figure out some way to prevent popular elections for US House members, too. Then the state legislatures could declare themselves self-perpetuating and the threat of election fraud would be eliminated forever.

    1. Where did I say that I “oppose any efforts to increase voter turnout,” exactly?

      I oppose elections being swung by a handful of billionaires. I oppose a country governed by an oligarchy, which is exactly what we have with the Biden puppet now.

      Why are you in favor of oligarchic rule, TxUser? Afraid that you’re not really in the majority when measured by eligible voters, citizens who are informed, and who have a history of voting willingly and independently without coercion?

      Note that even those who stupidly voted the way Mark Zuckerberg wanted them to vote really aren’t celebrating this “victory” or “presidency.” Everyone knows it’s a hollow sham.

          1. Ratings? So you dismiss the popular vote, but think the ratings for just the live turnout for the State of the union matter? Talk about moving the goalposts!

            America is its people, not it’s delegates, and not TV ratings. The PEOPLE never wanted Trump, not even in 2016.

            1. “The PEOPLE never wanted Trump, not even in 2016.”

              What, now you’re speaking for millions of voters that elected Trump?!?!?

              A first time political candidate for the highest office on Earth, beating the smartest women in the world Washington INSIDER with the largest campaign fund war chest in history, DEFEATED in an Electoral College landslide MAKING HISTORY no one in the media or Democrat Party saw coming, seriously?

              You have historically posted mostly clueless partisan pablum. But this is your STUPIDEST post of all time. Congrats…

          2. AC, Hillary may have gotten 2.7 million more popular votes than Trump in five diehard blue precincts in New York and California cities. You forgot to mention that.

            Trump won the electoral vote by a landslide 304 to 227. You forgot to mention that, as well…

            1. This is not the first time that you have mentioned these five precincts where an average of over half a million people voted in 2020 (and that assumes that nobody but Biden got a single vote there). It’s amazing that there was no press coverage of the remarkable efficiency involved in processing 750 voters per minute through each of these five precincts.

              I didn’t mention it because it didn’t happen.

        1. “A frequent adjunct to a psychotic break is that the patient thinks everybody shares his delusion.”

          Wow, TxUser, you really stepped into your own shit there. Too stupid to know it, eh?

      1. Yes TruthDetector, you got the same tiresome taste of TxLIAR putting words in your mouth conflating and misinterpreting your post to his special REGRESSIVE politics. I was wondering for months when he would finally get around to you.

        Important to note in his one line non-response, response he did not DISPUTE or ADDRESS one word you posted. That speaks VOLUMES.

        Incapable of debating head to head, word to word, point by point — everything is deflection responding with new useless red herring distractions.

        A “psychotic” woke coward who has NO respect for the truth, NO respect for facts and has ZERO self awareness.

        Nuff said…

        1. GeoB, anybody who really thinks that everybody knows that Trump really won the election is delusional… and I am not speaking metaphorically but clinically. I can accept that there are apparently sane folks who believe that Trump won, despite the lack of any admissible credible evidence to support their belief. This goes way beyond that. Believing that 81 million Americans who voted for Biden and claim that he won are all lying about it is absolutely Loony Tunes. There is no point in offering rational arguments to folks who have lost all contact with reality.

  3. Among all of the tech CEO billionaires, only Elon Musk is the less evils. They are all evils need to be hanged on the cross. Especially, Bill Gates.

  4. But I read that Jobs asked Zuck if he would sell FB to Apple, calling it a “feature” during the negotiations but Zuck declined. Therefore, Jobs liked the potential of the existing app but in a different way from Zuck, and wanted to incorporate FB into the Apple ecosystem as a feature. It did not say into which program because a feature implies an adjunct to an existing or a new app, not as a standalone spy app as it currently is; Apple profits from the sale of real products rather than from stealing the identities and psychologies of people.

  5. Sounds like a typical iOS autocorrect malfunction to me. You see it every day on MDN, a pristine perfectly moderated site that hasn’t figured out how to allow posters to edit their — or Siri’s — mistakes.

    Facebook may be horrible in too many ways to count, but spell correct and dictation at Apple and on this site are equally well described as shite.

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