Apple lawyer grills Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney

Apple’s lawyer quizzed Epic Games’s CEO Tim Sweeney to an effort to show that Apple, far from operating like a monopoly, helps give video gamers choices to play across different platforms.

Apple lawyer grills Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney. Epic Games' Fortnite violated Apple's App Store guidelines
Epic Games’ Fortnite violated Apple’s App Store guidelines

Malathi Nayak for Bloomberg News:

Richard Doren, an attorney for Apple, pointed out that his client’s iOS device users were allowed to game across different hardware platforms even as Sweeney complained to Sony Corp. in an email that friendships forged playing Fortnite — a multiplayer battle-royale game — were “being torn apart” because Sony didn’t allow cross-platform play. PlayStation enabled cross-platform play in 2018. Likewise, Apple allows gamers to use Epic’s in-game virtual currency purchased on other platforms when playing games on iOS devices but Sony, which has also invested in Epic, doesn’t allow such cross-wallet play, Doren said.

“Sony finally agreed to cross-platform play, but it has never agreed to cross-wallet transactions, is that correct?” Doren asked. “Yes,” Sweeney said.

Sweeney was asked why he uses an iPhone over an Android phone… For Apple, security and privacy are “fundamental differentiators,” Doren said. “You personally prefer to use iPhone because Apple’s approach to protecting your privacy is superior to Google’s?” he asked.

Sweeney said, “That’s among the reasons.”

MacDailyNews Take: In any sane universe, Epic Games has no case.

The bottom line is clear: Epic Games wants to enjoy all of the benefits of Apple’s App Store, including access to well over one billion of the world’s most affluent users for free. That is illogical, unfair, and, basically, theft.


  1. “In any sane universe, Epic Games has no case.”

    This is NOT a sane universe. Libturds are running the asylum.

    The difference between animals and libtuds is that animals don’t let the dumbest of the herd lead them.

    1. Not quite true. Some non-libs are even dumber: they can be convinced that somebody who can parlay the house advantage into bankrupting three casinos is a business genius.

      1. How many casinos, or any other businesses that they owned for that matter, has the last 6 Democratic Presidents, from JFK to, and speaking of geniuses, the half brain dead demented Biden who visits an elementary school in Virginia, asks kids if they are high schoolers, have they bankrupted?

      2. Leftists are the dumbest people on Earth, including you and your WOKE indoctrination dogma for the most part. Conservatives on the other hand are the smartest people on Earth for the most part, building countries, businesses, cities, companies and WEALTH.

        Leftists like Obama and Biden never built a Boy Scout birdhouse, much less a successful business.

        And as we are seeing since last summer in several cities — Leftists are better at tearing down, burning and looting businesses because they are too stupid to build one, AGAIN, for the most part…

    2. I’m so sick of all of this. Esp MDN takes. Apple is monopolistic, and developers should be able to offer different payment methods. Without all these Apps, iOS and its devices are dead, so these developers and companies actually sell Apple hardware and services. Take away all the Apps and see how many people continue buying iOS devices: hardly anybody would.

  2. Apple is in duopoly with Android, they hold a distribution monopoly one one of those 2 platforms. Either they open up distribution or open up their OS. What Apple is doing with App Store is wrong, very wrong. A duopoly is almost as wrong as a monopoly, the choice is very limited

    1. Yo-yo, you are simply wrong. There is nothing “wrong” about a monopoly (or a duopoly for that matter). Monopolies are neither illegal nor intrinsically “wrong. Legal or moral problems arise only when a monopoly abuses its position by means of illegal practices.

  3. Epic may talk like a Liberal but, when you come down to the facts, it wants a free ride like a typical super-deducter, Corporate Rightwinger who deplores paying taxes for decaying infrastructure nodes such as highways, traffic enforcement, fire/rescue, and schools — just a few examples — that it overuses even abuses while wanting Socialists to pay for them.

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