‘iPhone 13 Pro Max’ dummy model shows noticeably smaller notch, larger camera lenses

A dummy model based on specifications of what’s expected of the “iPhone 13 Pro Max” has been shown with a noticeably smaller notch than the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

'iPhone 13 Pro Max' dummy model (left) shows noticeably larger camera lenses vs. IPhone 12 Pro Max (right)
‘iPhone 13 Pro Max’ dummy model (left) shows noticeably larger camera lenses vs. IPhone 12 Pro Max (right)

Malcolm Owen for AppleInsider:

Sent from China, the model of what is billed by YouTube channel Unbox Therapy as “the closest, best-look yet at the next generation of iPhone.” The device is described as a nonfunctional mockup or model, but it is believed to have the same look and feel to what would normally be a final product.

Among the changes found between the model of the “iPhone 13 Pro Max” and the existing iPhone 12 Pro Max, the main two relate to both the notch and the cameras on the back.

In terms of actual width measurements, the normal iPhone 12 Pro has a notch measured at 34.62 millimeters in width. The model handset seemingly has a notch that is 26.31 millimeters wide, cutting almost a centimeter off the width overall.

For the cameras on the back, the model’s versions are seen to be slightly wider individually than the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s cameras. While a measurement isn’t taken to compare the camera bump surrounding each camera, it seems that the model is similar to the current-gen version, despite using wider camera modules.

MacDailyNews Take: iPhone 12 Pro Max already sports the best smartphones cameras we’ve ever used, but we can’t wait to see what Apple’s doing here with lucky 13, and, of course, we’ll take a smaller inelegant kludge any day of the week!


    1. Yeah. Despite what he says being technically accurate, the phrase that a guy on Seinfeld used to describe Cramer kept coming to my mind while listening to this fellow. And the phrase was…. “He’s the doofus hipster.”

  1. No way those gigantic camera blorbs are real or even close to production size. That looks more like a “rooting out a leaker” dummy model they slipped to one person to see if they made it public. Those are model skipping huge.

  2. So, the greatest tech company in history after several years cannot figure out how to remove the ugly obtrusive notch and making iPhones SEAMLESS full screen — still sucking wind to competitors that figured it out years ago?

    Got it…

    1. Please name the competitors who figured out reliable facial recognition with a notchless edge-to-edge screen years ago. If they exist, why aren’t you using those phones instead of haunting a fan site dedicated to a brand that you think sucks wind?

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