Apple’s M2 chip has entered production and may be unveiled at WWDC in June

The next generation of Mac processors designed by Apple, the “M2,” has entered mass production this month, Nikkei Asia reports, citing “sources familiar with the matter.” The release of the M2 will bring the Cupertino Colossus one step closer to its goal of upgrading the entire Mac lineup from Intel CPUs.

Shipments are said to begin as early as July, hinting at a possible unveiling at Apple’s WWDC 2021 in early June.

Apple's family of Mac models powered by M1, including MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro, iMac, and Mac mini.
Apple’s family of Mac models powered by M1, including MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro, iMac, and Mac mini.

Samuel Axon for Ars Technica:

Shipments of the new chipset — tentatively known as the M2, after Apple’s current M1 processor — could begin as early as July for use in MacBooks that are scheduled to go on sale in the second half of this year, the people said.

Sources said it will eventually be used in other Mac and Apple devices beyond the MacBook.

Apple first introduced the M1 in late 2020 and said it would take the company two years to fully transition from using Intel chipsets to its own.

Thanks to the stay-at-home economy and teleworking boom spurred by the coronavirus pandemic, Mac shipments jumped 29% to 23.1 million units in 2020, according to research company IDC. In the January-March period, Apple shipped 6.69 million Macs, up 111% from the year before [according to IDC estimates; Apple does not report Mac unit sales – MDN Ed.].

MacDailyNews Take: It’s almost time for the next big leap forward: M2!


    1. Correct. To differentiate from Mobile device processors (A12x, etc…) Apple may utilize the “z” nomenclature, M1z, but we’ll see.

      After all, it does Apple the A-series x processors are no more, since the M1 has made it into iPad Pro.

  1. After being hacked because I refused to believe I was vulnerable, I have decided to rebrand myself, but I’m not sure whether to call myself DinglerX or Dingler2. Can anyone help?

  2. MacBook Pro with M2 and 8TB SSD. This is what I am waiting for. I know it will be expensive but this is what I want. My last two Macs lasted me 8 years each. So it is worth it.

    1. Agreed. Bought the world’s first 17-inch MacPro laptop in 2003 and it lasted until May 2018. I could replace the innards, but not worth the money versus performance. Yes, the computers are well built and last longer than plastic PCs…

  3. Apple is the genuine anti-vaporware company regarding its CPUs in which it’s making astounding progress. I wonder if the Pentagon is growing acquisitive for Apple’s M series. It should unless it already has something that even surpasses it. If it does, it’s likely taxpayer funded in its huge, super secret skunkworks in its huge black budget ops. During Bush, it refuse to account for $4 Trillion, thumbing its nose to the US Congress. “Hey, support the troops, right? Well, here’s your chance for you to support us and do nothing about forcing us to repay the cheated taxpayer.”
    Of course, we know that taxes do not pay for anything in the fed. budget; It’s paid by the FRB’s printing press, and then it’s not truly printed; It’s merely an electronic ledger entry in the debit column. But that’s another story.

    1. Don Jingler is the person most responsible for problems with the auto industry. He decided to relieve himself in the fuel intake, he thought it was a great fit for his Jingler, and it was, but it’s not the I/O port he was looking for.

    2. In order to understand the chip shortage, one must understand it is a confluence of issues coming together at once – capacity being the largest issue, along with Foundry consolidation over the past decade.

      Apple is TSMC’s largest customer by a mile, and has pushed them into the size they are, with the technologies they have.

      Apple pushes the envelope at TSMC and commits to tens of millions, well over 100 million processors for any given year. Perhaps this year, Macs, iPads, iPhones, will push towards 200 million processors. How many wil Ford need, a million?

      Auto makers to other gadget producers, they are all peanuts customers compared to Apple. Everyone else, get in line and wait.

      The problem is not going to be solved overnight, but within a year or so supply should be reaching demand once more. Intel appears ready to get into the foundry game also – they are likely to have no choice – and TSMC is spending billions of dollars to expand their production capabilities.

      This all just takes a bit of time.

  4. Hmm… I’d be a little surprised if Apple announced the “M2” (or whatever they’ll call it) for iMacs in 40 days time. That’s sooner than I would expect, but what do I know? 🤷🏻‍♂️

    What they “might” do is only announce the M2 for the high-end MBP series and hold off on the 30″ iMacs till after the Back-To-School shopping season is over. September is iPhone/AppleWatch announcement month, but October could be when Apple announces the high-end M2 iMacs ready for purchase by Black Friday at the latest. 🎁

    Certainly don’t want to cannibalize your product lines. Apple’s pretty calculated about stuff like that. Plus the fact, the MacBook line will have been out for 6 mos. by then and has been missing its M-top end.

    I don’t expect an M2 Mac mini yet either, as that’s not a huge source of revenue. Apple could slip that in end-of-year, or more likely January with a new case design (stackable?), and hopefully more (and better) ports!

    Ah, but the MacPro…

    Apple does have a habit of baiting folks at WWDC with tantalizing information on these powerhouses, regardless of the fact that like the Mac mini, they’re not a major source of Mac revenue. Stackable?… Hmm… 🤔

    I’ll never forget the shocker when Jobs announced Intel processors at the 2005 WWDC. I’ll never forget thinking, This is the snail processor we’re moving to?…

    If nothing else, the rumored M2 is a great teaser for WWDC. Fun to have something to look forward to 40 days and 40 nights from now.


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  5. I Jane Tinglee, approve of the Mac transition to its more Amazonian M-series transition. Instead of the Mx range, we should call it the Ma range. Ma, as in Mother. Mother Apple, Mother Cook.

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