Stuart Varney blasts Apple CEO Tim Cook, says Americans are being pushed into ‘intellectual straitjacket’

FOX Business’ Stuart Varney in his latest “My Take” has taken issue with a recent tweet from Apple CEO Tim Cook and argues that Americans are being pushed into an “intellectual straitjacket.”

Today’s verdict was just, but as Dr. King wrote: “Justice for Black people will not flow into society merely from court decisions nor from fountains of political oratory…Justice for Black people cannot be achieved without radical changes in the structure of our society.”Apple CEO Tim Cook

Stuart Varney:

Maxine Waters went to Minneapolis and encouraged a riot. So why were her comments not banned by Facebook or Twitter? Doesn’t incitement qualify for a ban? Apparently not. The Waters’ world view is just fine!

Apple CEO Tim Cook
Apple CEO Tim Cook
After the Chauvin trial, it’s not just social media that’s pushing us all into the same way of thinking. Big business jumped in too. Apple’s Tim Cook sharpened his social justice ax and tweeted, “Justice for black people cannot be achieved without radical change in the structure of our society.” Better not disagree with the richest and most powerful company in the world! You must be on board with “radical change.”

The headline in the New York Times: “How the GOP is creating harsher penalties for protesters.”

Here we go again – you can’t call “protesters,” rioters. You can’t respond to looting and burning with punishment, as they’re doing in Republican Florida. You’re just not allowed to think that way. And if you do, your views will not see the light of day!

The president and vice president tell us America is a racist society. That is the point of view that is being pushed from the top down. Is a CEO allowed to say, “No we’re not?” Is a journalist in the mainstream media allowed to disagree?

The Chauvin trial is part of all of this: Big business, social media and the left, all pushing us into one way of thinking, one expression of opinion. We’re being pushed into an intellectual straitjacket. Anyone with an alternative point of view is stifled and, and dare I say it, suppressed. Not good. This is America. You can’t solve problems if free speech, open debate, is pushed out of the public square.

MacDailyNews Note: Cook was quoting a 1968 essay, “A Testament of Hope,” attributed to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. that was published posthumously by Playboy magazine in January 1969. The paragraph partially quoted by Cook, in full:

Justice for black people will not flow into society merely from court decisions nor from fountains of political oratory. Nor will a few token changes quell all the tempestuous yearnings of millions of disadvantaged black people. White America must recognize that justice for black people cannot be achieved without radical changes in the structure of our society. The comfortable, the entrenched, the privileged, cannot continue to tremble at the prospect of change in the status quo.


    1. So are you saying the obvious racism didn’t exits prior to the last year or ot?

      Until the late 70s one of the major religions in the U.S. actively promoted that those of African decent were direct descendants of Cain and thus were a distinct lower class of the human ,race. Hell in one state the outright murder of an African-American (a person shot at medium range by a Cah a rifle) ucasian witwas condoned by the courts simply because the shooter was killing an African-Ajust a few merican. That was decades ago. Just because people are bringing it up MORE now does not make it new nor does it make it a new problem. Ifor the only reason that some people are talking about it more often and more loudly.ake it so just because

      Back in the early’ 70s in the U.S. Military I had several days of explicit training over cultural including systemic racism — even though that exact term was never usedisst s.tIT was very enlightening. Does your statement mean to say that the training I took that highlighted several of the issues of systemic racism in the U.S. Military did not exist before the past year? Clearly, if you’re claiming this, you’re the one in the wrong on this issue.

      Systemic racism exists and has existed on this continent with regard to those of African descent since 1619. It has existed with regard to many other races and ethnic groups during many periods since then and still continues to this day. It’s a simple fact. Saying it isn’t so is like saying protons and quarks did not exist until scientists started talking about them.

      1. “Systemic racism exists”

        Yes, in the minds of clueless Leftists and certainly not in the Republican Party.

        Leftists around here don’t understand history. All they know today is to absorb the dogma of the Democrats, the media bias and the Biden BIG LIE we are living in Jim Crow 2.0. Absent critical thinking skills, they should have to pass an aptitude test to apply for voter ID.

        Snippets of history, the numbskulls don’t understand:

        “With the election of Abraham Lincoln (the first Republican president) in 1860, the Party’s success in guiding the Union to victory in the American Civil War, and the Party’s role in the abolition of slavery, the Republican Party largely dominated the national political scene until 1932.” -Wiki

        “The first 23 African Americans in Congress did belong to the Republican Party, due to the GOP’s support of voting rights and the Democratic Party’s embrace of white supremacy.

        “Black people who could vote tended to support the Republican Party from the 1860s to about the mid-1930s. There were push-and-pull aspects to this. Republicans pledged to protect voting rights. African Americans viewed the party as the only vessel for their goals: Frederick Douglass said, “The Republican Party is the ship; all else is the sea.” -USA TODAY

        “Democrats and Republicans from the Southern states opposed the bill [Civil Rights Act] and led an unsuccessful 83-day filibuster, including Senators Albert Gore, Sr. (D-TN) and J. William Fulbright (D-AR), as well as Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV), who personally filibustered for 14 hours straight.” -Wiki

        So much for Democrats supporting Blacks and lies daily Republicans do not.

        Democrats want their VOTE, period. Trump received more votes from blacks than any Republican presidential candidate in I don’t know how long.

        So, Dems today running scared and the only strategy component that is 2.0, is accelerated pandering and billions in taxpayer monies disguised as stimulus…

    2. Wow, I am surprised to learn that leftists invented slavery, segregation, and their social consequences.

      I am less surprised to learn that an rich old white guy can listen to an African-American member of the United States Congress call on her fellow Americans to exercise their constitutional rights of speech, assembly, and petition and hear that as inciting a riot. We can absolutely call rioters “rioters,” but we cannot–consistently with American values–call peaceful protests “riots.” We can perhaps excuse Varney, since he was born in 1948 but only came to America in 1974. He missed his chance to see why peaceful protest is sometimes necessary.

        1. Not as mentally retarded as those who voted for her.

          “We are looking for a guilty verdict,” Waters said of the Fentanyl Floyd case. “I hope that we are going to get a verdict that will say guilty, guilty, guilty. And if we don’t, we cannot go away.”

          When asked what protesters should do if the police officer — who unknowingly restrained a career criminal dying of a massive dose of self-ingested fentanyl in a misguided effort to hide illegal drugs in his possession — is acquitted, she replied: “Well, we have got to stay on the street. We have to get more active. We have to get more confrontational. We have got to make sure that they know that we mean business.”

          1. To hear Democrats talk about George Floyd you’d think the greatest father and friend ever to live, which seems like an odd distinction for a drug addicted career criminal who was killed while resisting arrest as he had massive amounts of fentanyl in his system.

            George Floyd should not have died, but he did just about everything possible wrong in the lead-up to his death, which he could have prevented had he simply complied. No honest person can deny that, but a lot of dishonest people are.

            George, like everyone else, didn’t want to go to jail. Only he fought police to try to prevent it. Why can’t we call that the “stupid” that it was? The vast majority of the tiny minority of “police brutality” cases the media obsessively reports on have that as a common denominator.

            These deaths could have been avoided, and been avoided by the people who died. It’s probably dangerous to say, but it needs to be said anyway because it’s true.

            It’s true and important to say so people know not to fight with police officers, not to resist arrest. You will lose, either at that moment or eventually. It’s really that simple.

            All these men, and a lot more that you never hear about because their deaths can’t be weaponized by the left for whatever reason, more often than not it’s that they’re white, would still be alive today if they simply did not start a fight with police. That should be the message.

            That should be the message but it’s not because it’s not helpful to the progressive cause. It’s not because it doesn’t divide people, and Democrats need to be able to pit American against American to win. It’s not the message because black lives don’t matter to Democrats, but the loss of them is useful.

            And that’s the real reason complying with police officers and resisting arrest isn’t the message from Democrats, the media, and so-called community leaders – you can’t rake in the cash without the outrage. Al Sharpton would have to fly commercial without those bodies. Democrats might have to explain the thousands of murders and generational economic despair residing exclusively where they’ve had monopolistic control for almost a century.

            If Democrats cared about George Floyd they would’ve done something to help him get off drugs while he was alive. They would support getting the dealers who sold him his poison in prison, so they couldn’t create a new generation of addicts or the violence that surrounds them. They would be encouraging civilians to cooperate with police to bring murderers to justice and get them off the streets.

            They do none of these things. They simply chant, march, destroy, and get more money and power for themselves. Ask yourself this: how many people like George Floyd, addicts in semi-conscious stupors on the sidewalk, did these mobs step over while marching through the streets in the name of “justice”? How many children like Jasyln Adams have not gotten a march or even had their names pass the lips of the president or vice president of the United States?

            Derek Hunter, April 22, 2021

            1. Using drugs is not a capital offense. Being accused of passing a fake $20 bill is not a capital offense. Resisting arrest is not a capital offense. Even if they were, someone accused of those offenses would be entitled to a fair trial before their execution. Scumbags have the same constitutional rights as anybody else. So do people who live in neighborhoods or racial communities that have a high crime rate.

              The only excuse for a peace officer to use deadly force is when, and to the degree reasonably necessary, to prevent imminent death or serious bodily injury to the officer or a third party. Even if the subject is escaping, deadly force is only justified if there is a reason to believe that he will pose a deadly threat if not immediately stopped. Force can be used to prevent property crime, but deadly force is rarely necessary.

              Before you accuse me of being some sort of pie-in-the-sky liberal, I can assure you that I repeated exactly that message on a regular basis for thirty years as the legal adviser to several law enforcement agencies. They understood the message, they agreed with it, and they fired any officer who could not comply with the law.

              If an entire agency cannot follow the law, the public needs to take appropriate action. That may involve exercising the rights to free speech, press, assembly, and petition. Protest has been as American as apple pie from the Boston Tea Party down to the present.

            2. Sounds like the founding fathers, especially those who took part in the original Boston Tea Party, must have all been Dems. They fought for their rights.

              Conservitards of that era were called Tories. Later they were called Whigs, and now they are fact-free revisionist Trump supporters.

              Sad that there are so many delusional people preventing American from reaching the ideals explicitly called out by the founding fathers in their undeniably liberal, revolutionary writings.

              Firstfuck, CopyPaste, and Friend would gladly have their orange idiot be king, as long as they could ensure a long dynasty. They repeatedly indicate here on a supposed computer forum that they don’t trust well over half of their fellow countrymen, and would strongly wish those people didn’t vote, exercise free speech, unionize, or any of the other pesky things that liberals enshrined in the Constitution. The basis of their staunch political views, when you get down to the root of every issue, is selfishness. They hate to change, it’s too hard. They hate to share, it’s too inconvenient. They don’t want to listen to new ideas, new science, or new methods. It is too complicated. They act as xenophobes because they can’t bear to expose themselves to people who have different ideas or perspectives. In short, they hate most of the ACTUAL historical traditions that made America the diverse and dynamic place it is today. They want to dictate their narrow views as real patriotism, and undermine everyone else … as if sidelining the majority of people in America and pushing isolationist policies somehow makes any nation stronger.

              Then the neocon hypocrites say that people who protest injustice, or petition their government for reform, or any other inconvenient democratic action by people they deem unworthy is somehow unpatriotic.

              It’s pretty clear that the fossilized brains of Firstfuck and Friends are not to be trusted for any indication of a reasonable way to manage in modern civil society.

              It’s really sad that MDN can’t moderate its forums to keep all posts ON TOPIC and nonconfrontational. But MDN won’t, so people like me will have to call out the evils of Firstfuck and his disciples when they paste their gospels of hate and intolerance.

        2. and yet she’s more successful than you any way you want to measure it

          sorry you’re such a sore loser you gotta present blatant lies under an Opposite Land online moniker

          it must suck to be you

      1. As long as there’s video of someone with a knife about to pierce someone and the cop on the scene shoots to protect the one being attacked and the cop is linked to systemic racism, society is being strapped into an irrational straight jacket…and shamed into accepting.

        Conversely, it’s logical to assume if the cop chose non-deadly methods and the attacker’s knife killed the other, the cop would have been blamed for inaction.

        Are we to conclude one ethnicity should not intervene in the other race’s facing a threat of death/great bodily injury…as intervening is a no-win situation?

        1. I actually come from what was once considered one of the two or three (out of 254) most conservative and pro-law enforcement counties in the state. Have lived here since 1976.

          The thing is, we supported law and order, not lawless and murderous authoritarianism. There is a difference.

        2. I’ll second that and gladly join your peaceful protest of TXLuser.

          First, Tx LIED many years ago about his political affiliation and I quote, “white male conservative Republican.”

          He pedaled the same falsehood a few times since then only to corrective scorn. His consistent supporters are the most far Leftist loonies and that speaks volumes.

          Well, well, in his response to you @Peaceful protest against TXLuser he is now claiming:

          “I actually come from what was once considered one of the two or three (out of 254) most conservative and pro-law enforcement counties in the state.”

          Note, TXLuser did not mention specifically “one of the two or three” counties,” he supposedly lives in. Name the county and will research how conservative they vote.

          But no matter, where you live means absolutely NOTHING. Both Leftists and Conservatives can live anywhere. What a pitiful DEFLECTION from the grand master of obfuscation absent clarity.

          TXLuser, it is high time you confessed to the MDN Community and honestly state who you are, and who you are not. We already know what you represent by your written voluminous TEDIOUS words.

          Let’s get REAL and deal HONESTLY with everyone. I DOUBT you are up to the task, PITY…

          1. A few years back, I spent months with special police protection because I was targeted by Texas separatists. I am not about to give you my address so you can send your terrorist buddies to finish the job.

            I wore a Nixon button in 1960. I joined the College Republicans in 1967. I voted for Republican candidates in every election since 1968, including Republican state and local candidates in 2020. I spent thirty years working for Republican elected officials in a heavily Republican county in a heavily Republican state. I endorsed the major planks of the Republican platform until 2020, when there wasn’t a platform apart from a solemn oath to support Donald Trump in everything he might fancy.

            I don’t know what more I could do to be a Republican.

            If kissing the butt of the literal golden idol they erected at the last CPAC meeting is what it takes to be a Republican nowadays, I’m afraid that several of the Ten Commandments forbid me from doing so. I’m surprised that your church is so much more flexible.

            1. YOU ARE A LIAR!!!

              Your posts are all Leftist Looney Woke flavor of the day! You never ONCE credited President Trump with one accomplishment during his presidency and only mocked him and denied his amazing accomplishments to this day.

              I REPEAT, YOU ARE A LIAR!!!

              You are not Republican, not one atomic particle of you is Republican.

              We all have your number TEDIOUS scumbag that has no conscience and not a credible bone in your body. You soil the good name daily of what it means to be a Republican by you Leftists posts and support of everything Democrat.

              So, I will join the good folks that have known for years the BALDFACE LIAR you are and happily join in Peaceful protest against TXLuser.

              You are a liar and a looooooossssseeeerrr.

              Spin that, LIAR…

            2. You can’t spin your LIES, TxLooser. We all got your number long, long ago. Continue to LIE and you will continue to receive deserving SCORN…

    3. Let me rephrase your tweet for you.

      Many people are not impacted by the systemic racism that exists in the USA. These folks have had little to no knowledge of the existence for systemic racism until it was brought to their attention by those who have experienced it for themselves. The reaction by many of these people has been denial. Many who are asleep have no desire to wake up.

  1. “You’re just not allowed to think that way. And if you do, your views will not see the light of day!”

    So true. The fact that CEOs today feel emboldened hide our POV for simply disagreeing with them is destroying political discourse.

    1. Your views will never see the light of day???? Stuart Varney has his own freaking television program to promote his views and two Fox television networks to reflect them.

    2. Yes indeed, it is a sad truth that CEOs and the media hide common sense opinions from those that disagree with the Leftist woke CEOs, Democrats and MEDIA MOB.

      But the real truth is the average dirt farmer knows the score clearly and laughs at this nonsense…

      1. To repeat: nobody is hiding Stuart Varney from anybody. He has a highly-rated program on one of the most watched cable networks. No, he isn’t going to get a show on MSNBC, but the Rev. Al Sharpton isn’t going to be welcomed to Fox Business or Fox News, either. They have the same First Amendment rights as liberals to tailor their communications to reflect their own views

        Those conservative cable networks, and at least a couple of others, feature opinions like Varney’s all day long. There are hundreds of radio shows, streaming programs, podcasts, YouTube channels, websites, email lists, magazines, and newspapers that also reflect those views. To suggest that they are being hidden from the public reflects a persecution delusion.

          1. And if you think that liberals are silencing conservatives by any means that conservatives do not use against liberals, or that one single person in the entire United States cannot access conservative views with minimal effort, it is clear that you have lost whatever tenuous grip you had on reality.

            1. No I’m not. And I’m not clinically insane, either. That would be someone who is suffering from persecution fantasies accompanied by the delusion that he is being silenced by a great amorphous conspiracy of “them” who are plotting against him. Perhaps you think that the voluminous conservative media universe is just a hallucination. Get help, son.

            2. Like a child caught with his hand in the cookie jar, TxUseless continues to deny responsibility. And the arrogant ego feels the need to always have the last word. Well, this is my last word and know you won’t stop. Go right ahead, I could not care less…

  2. F–k all pasty-assed woke a-holes like Cook who capitalize “black,” but not other races. They sow division. They’re the biggest racists of all.

    I’m “black,” not “Black.”

  3. Yes. The country is currently under the thumb of what can only be described as political thuggery. We have been bullied into accepting wild intellectual dishonesty, bizarre ideological absurdities, and utter cultural nonsense that makes the flat earth people and the fake moon landing folks look as rational as the founders of western civilization. And the people who are forcing us all to swallow their spew are as relentless in their insanity and chaos as a never ending biblical swarm of locust.

    Leftism is destroying the United States. They are always going on about people “threatening our democracy” while they torch buildings and destroy the lives of people who disagree with them. This trip into the nutter zone has to end before it is too late.

      1. Would you like to specifically point out examples of irrationality that I have defended? Violence is bad. I have never said anything different. Violence by mobs is bad. Arson is bad. Rockthrowing is bad. Crime is bad. Racial hatred against whites is bad. Etc.

        It is not inconsistent for me to say all that and also to say that racial profiling is bad. Violence by out-of-control “peace” officers is bad. Attempts to overthrow the constitutional process of counting electoral votes by violence is bad. Attempts by government agents to suppress dissent are particularly bad.

        Which side was in the right at the Boston Massacre? I know. Do you?

        1. And yet you have encouraged most of those activities you claim are bad….except for the police response (unless it’s against an unarmed small percentage of protesters that invaded Congress).

          You are a walking contradiction.

      2. The tedious man from somewhere, I don’t believe a word he says because he is an ACCOMPLISHED and SKILLFULL LIAR. But you are right, he defends all Leftist lawlessness and not ONCE called out the Left by name. He has defended BLM anarchists and wrote more than once ANTIFA does not exist. HA! Then he LIES and tells us he is a Republican and NOT ONCE writes like one. or supports one Republican. He actually thinks we are all FOOLS falling for his crap. Now now, not ever!…

      1. Everyone has experienced prejudice or discrimination in one way or another. It’s an unfortunate human trait that can not simply be legislated away. We pre-judge things every day. I guess some are just too virtuous to admit it.

        1. Subjective feelings of prejudice and discrimination cannot be legislated away. However, objective conduct that implements those feelings can decidedly be legislated away. We cannot make lynch mobs join the NAACP, but we can use the police to keep them from killing people. We cannot make restaurant owners happy about serving black customers, but we can force them to do it. We cannot make peace officers racially colorblind, but we can train and supervise them to act as if they were.

          Read an article on “cognitive dissonance.” If people are allowed to treat others as unequal, they will seek to justify their conduct by thinking and feeling that those others are inferior. If people are compelled to treat black folks (or women or gays) as equal, their opinions and attitudes will eventually change as well.

          1. “We can use the police to keep them from killing people” …but, Defund The Police!

            “We cannot make restaurant owners happy about serving black customers, but we can force them to do it,” …but controlling whose food they spit in is tougher.

            Leftist’s love the idea of “force,” but they hate guns. The leftists are really going to hate guns, for a few seconds at least, if they continue their ill-fated love affair with “force.”

            1. When did I ever advocate defunding the police? That said, every police officer I ever met would be on board with reallocating some resources to allow social workers to do social work and mental health workers to do mental health work, rather than asking the police to do jobs for which they are poorly suited and even more poorly trained.

              So your first thought about integrating Southern restaurants is that the owners should get even by spitting in the food?

              Do I hear your final comment correctly as suggesting that pushy leftist protesters should be shot dead?

              As Vizzini would say, “Inconceivable!”

          2. “We cannot make restaurant owners happy about serving black customers, but we can force them to do it.”

            Try it Leftist A-Hole! Business owners have the right to refuse service to anyone…

            1. Even you cannot be that stupid Goeb. Service cannot be refused to “anyone”.

              You should spend less time accusing others of being liars and more time educating yourself.

              Thus sayeth Nuff. Not from CA.

  4. Varney is just another kooky FOX conspiracy nut who claims to know business, like kudlow and navarro. All goofy. (kudlow doesn’t even have a graduate degree!) You need to stop listening to these loooosers, and their leader is the biggest looooser of all.

    Oh, gee, and what about the AMAZING deal the looser-king worked out in Wisconsin — and bragged on and on about all those American jobs that would be coming, and all those foreign investment dollars?!! LOL


      1. You know how MDN likes to stress the difference between market share and profit share?

        Understand the difference, and apply your knowledge when reviewing household income in the USA.

        You will be EXTREMELY underwhelmed with what the prior administration did for average hardworking Americans.

        And no, i’m not going to do your homework for you. You need to learn how to do real economic analysis instead of copying whatever makes your braggart orange hero look competent.

        Next: since you’re so concerned about labor, tell us why the prior administration couldn’t pass any major infrastructure investment bill, or any other major legislation that would do the #1 thing that all economic experts propose to give a sustained lift to US economic competitiveness, JOB TRAINING. It’s a new world out there. Starbucks and other dead end jobs may be “jobs”, but they won’t stop American from being steamrolled by younger, hungrier, harder working countries. And you are not helping either.

        1. Oh, I don’t know maybe universities have a stranglehold on higher education and its cost, so they keep their wheels greased with money to Congressmen (I’ll let YOU do the Google and figure out which party).

          As much shit that was thrown CONSTANTLY at the last administration through the media for political reasons I’m surprised they got anything done, not to mention it was more than any Conservative could hope for.

          But the quickest way to have killed ANY hope for job training would have been for Trump to have proposed it. No matter the benefit it would have been spun somehow to be bad.

          And if you don’t believe that, show me support for ANYTHING he did, including the Mid-east deals. You can’t because the media didn’t care, it was there just to get rid of him.

          Odd that the left spent every ounce of energy it had tearing Trump down and now they want to know why he didn’t do more.

          1. Dude, Trump had a republican congress. There was no opposition possible to stop legislation.

            Selling arms to Saudi Arabia, golfing, tweeting, basically renaming NAFTA, golfing, tweeting, and undermining free trade agreements then golfing and tweeting some more are hardly impressive accomplishments.

            The deficit rose to new records, wage gaps increased, and trade deficit widened.

            Middle class workers are falling behind, disposable income hasn’t stopped falling since the 1960s.

            Cheeto did nothing but hold rallies for lower classes, because his life is one big narcissistic reality tv show driven by ratings rather than results. The one major legislation he signed, McConnell’s gift to his GOP donors, was a major 2017 tax break for billionaires like Timmy and multinational corporations like Apple, but it didn’t do squat for anyone near or below median income. It DID NOT pay for itself and actually added dramatically to federal debt. Then the pandemic hit and working class people were laid off.

            To top it all off, Foxconn walked away from the much vaunted foreign corporate socialism extended by Wisconsin. New infrastructure jobs promised, not delivered.

            Got any more deflection tactics to try?

            1. doubt it.

              regardless, he’s exactly right. Orange Idiot was highly ineffective. he was an entertainer that the rich insiders kept as a distraction for the simpletons while they worked out the backroom deals to enrich themselves at the expense of future taxpayers. don’t believe it? look at the debt clock. it spun faster under DT than ever before. the jerks on this site didn’t notice or care.

            2. Paul, I don’t care if you doubt it. I end my short posts with “nuff said.” Hence the copycat @Nuff. And @Goob is another mock by the same clown from San Diego. Open your mind, clueless.

              YOU LIE! Orange man was the greatest economic turnaround president in U.S. history. He set several all time government RECORDS and does not need your approval.

              Got it, brainless? You can’t change history no matter how hard you LIE…

      2. “Varney & Co is the #1 rated market program on U.S. television.”

        But just think how much higher than first it could be if conservative views weren’t being completely silenced by liberals.

        1. Hey brainless, Varney and Fox News are leading ratings. Liberals cannot silence the common sense reporting only Leftist LIARS like you don’t understand…

            1. This entire article and all 76 of the other comments are about a claim by Stuart Varney that there is a liberal conspiracy to silence conservative voices. If “liberals cannot silence Fox or Varney no matter how hard they try,” why does he have his underwear in a twist? Why do you?

              If there is no realistic threat, there is no need for Big Government (which you and Varney despise in every other context) to intervene in the situation. To claim simultaneously that there is no serious threat and that the threat requires urgent government action is logically incoherent.

  5. Black Lives Matter is the most racist and violent organization in America today. It poisons race relations and in one year has done more damage to blacks lives in urban America than anything else in the last 25 years. BLM exists to incite hatred between all races. And Apple, a major funder of BLM is maybe the biggest corporate promoter of racism and violence in America.

    1. Are you trying to equate insured property damage to murder? Both are wrong, but one is orders of magnitude worse on any ethical scale you want to choose.

      We can imagine what side you would have been on during the American Revolution. Those uneducated rebels defaced Royal property again and again. Thus we must shoot them down in the streets of Boston. The ungrateful peasants must be taught their place.

      King George in his infinite divine wisdom was right, freedom of assembly is just terrible. Good thing we have the Earl of Kent to tell us all what is right and wrong.

      1. Kent is absolutely correct and noted you did not disagree. Your Leftist DEFLECTIONS are meaningless and you certainly LACK wisdom. BLM should classified as a terrorist organization causing billions of dollars in damages in a dozen cities for the better part of a year, assaulting and maiming people and police. For Apple to support this racist organization hell bent on damage and destruction is an INSULT to law abiding citizens everywhere. If they target “insured property” of my loved ones I’ll introduce them to my little friend… 💪🏻

  6. Perhaps you could move to someplace where being uppity is a crime. In America, free speech is considered a civic virtue and government oppression is generally frowned on.

    1. What free speech? Apple bans Parlor and Fakebook/Twits ban President Trump. Conservative free speech is being banned all over the internet and you have not raised one word in support of conservatives or opposition to the woke ban crowd. To be expected from a LYING FAKE conservative.

      “Government oppression is generally frowned upon” well in your case not generally or otherwise. Not a peep out of you regarding Biden government oppression of federalizing and takeover of state elections. Not a peep of violating the Constitution and making D.C. a state to gain two more Leftist Senate seats. Not a peep remaking and stacking the Supreme Court with Leftist balance of power. I pray the good conservatives will thwart the oppressive Biden regime drunk with power and control backed by a corrupt Leftist media.

      One thing for certain, we cannot count on TxUseless the so called “white male conservative Republican” from Texas living in the most conservative county to speak out, not now and not ever, and refuses to join TRUE CONSERVATIVES.

      You are a lying FRAUD…

  7. Tim,
    So if you really want to change let’s start with Apple. Fire every white person and replace them with black people. Then fire yourself and replace yourself with a black person. How’s that for structural change? Doesn’t matter if they are qualified or nor, only skin color matters now.

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