Apple TV+ hires Zennen Clifton as creative executive

Television and film executive Zennen Clifton is joining Apple TV+ as a creative executive. Clifton was most recently executive vice president of 3BD Networks at studio 3BlackDot.

Apple TV+

Elaine Low for Variety:

Zennen Clifton
Zennen Clifton
Clifton will work on the Los Angeles-based domestic development team, reporting to head of development and current programming Matt Cherniss.

At 3BD Networks, he led all direct-to-consumer content initiatives as well as 3BD’s full-service branded content studio. Prior to that, Clifton served as vice president of TV and digital at MACRO, a global media brand driven by and representative of the voices and perspectives of people of color.

Clifton is not the only recent addition to the Apple TV Plus team, which in January brought on board JP Richards as head of its film marketing strategy. Cherniss, formerly the head of WGN America, has been with Apple TV Plus since 2017.

MacDailyNews Take: Congrats, Zennen Clifton!

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  1. Diversity hire.

    And that’s what affirmative action and forced quotas result in, folks: people instantly noting his race and concluding he didn’t really earn it.

    Leftists who insert race into everything, enjoy your racism, because you created it by being racists for whom skin color is of paramount importance.

    1. The only reason to believe that this is a “”diversity hire” or that there there was “affirmative action” is if you believe that Mr. Clifton did not win this job on his own merits. The only reason to believe that is if you think that NO nonwhite person can be more qualified than the white men who applied for the job. Anyone who says they do not understand that to be a racist assumption is either lying or dumb as a rock. The only thing more dishonest or stupid is to accuse those who hire the most qualified applicant of being racist for doing so.

  2. Absolutely correct. Where’s a solid rebuttal f the left?
    One is not likely to follow as the left thinks people of color can’t do without their hand.

  3. re the the 1st two posts above: Never has a truer word been spoken!

    The left effect: Enable the abusers .. and patronize the dignified. its a shame!..and its as racist as it gets.
    Ahh those wolves in sheep’s skin.

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