Apple Car would be welcomed by Continental AG’s powertrain unit

Apple entering the electric-car race could be a boon to Continental AG’s Vitesco Technologies powertrain unit as it works on transitioning away from internal combustion engines to electric vehicles that run on batteries.

Apple Car would be welcomed by Continental AG’s powertrain unit

Elisabeth Behrmann for Bloomberg:

“An Apple car would certainly be an exciting development,” Vitesco Chief Executive Officer Andreas Wolf said in an interview. “The more EVs there are, the better.”

Soon-to-be spun-off Vitesco can’t afford to be picky. Car-parts makers are under pressure as the industry shifts toward battery-powered vehicles, which require fewer parts than gasoline and diesel-powered cars. Volkswagen AG last week became Germany’s most valuable company after rapid-fire announcements on how it wants to supplant Tesla Inc. as the global electric leader. BMW AG shares surged after the manufacturer said it expects EVs to account for about half of sales by 2030.

Vitesco seeks to shift about a third of its sales into components for so-called mild hybrids, plug-in hybrids and fully electric cars over the next three to five years, the CEO said. Many of its existing products, like engine controls, can also be deployed in EVs, he said.

MacDailyNews Take: Smart suppliers and assemblers welcome Apple into new markets and seek to earn Apple’s business.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


    1. I admire your wishful thinking at least it shows an element of vivid imagination few can match. ICE engines will become an item of amused Curiosity in museums eventually where people will look at them alongside other things like atmospheric nuclear engines and wonder who the hell thought such complex polluting period pieces were ever deemed a good idea.

        1. I think liberals know exactly how electricity is made. Ask the people at the Vitesco plant in Seguin, Texas, whether the conservatives who made the decisions about winterization that led to the rolling blackouts three weeks ago know how electricity is made. Or you could ask the people at Vitesco India about their clean energy plans there. Or you could ask the people who make Continental Tires, who own Vitesco, why they they think this is the future for the auto industry.

        2. what a low IQ comment! Politics can’t change the fact that solar energy is cheaper than coal or gas. gas prices are headed north as a tanker is jackknifed in the Suez Canal, so have fun this summer!!

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