Apple CEO Tim Cook pens WSJ Op-Ed bemoaning ‘systemic injustice’

Apple CEO Tim Cook has penned an Op-Ed for The Wall Street Journal, “Tim Cook on the Pandemic Year: The Urgency of Racial Justice,” in which he laments “systemic injustice.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook pens WSJ Op-Ed bemoaning 'systemic injustice'
Apple CEO Tim Cook

Tim Cook for The Wall Street Journal:

This year has forced each of us to re-examine and to change how we live, work and relate to one another. And for that reason I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the year of COVID-19 was also the year where critical conversations about equity and systemic injustice attained both new urgency and a well-deserved central role in our national conversation.

In simple theory, a disease should affect all of us equally. But in plain fact, the opposite is true. We have all seen, in real time, how structural discrimination and obstacles to opportunity do their work in a crisis. In our communities, every burden—from rates of infection and care outcomes, to economic adversity, to the challenges of virtual learning when schools are closed—falls heaviest on those for whom true equity has always been farthest from reach. As someone who grew up during the civil-rights movement, it has been frustrating to see how much work is still to be done but heartening to see the degree to which people of good will have set aside comfort with the status quo to march and to demand something better.

Cook then explains the importance of education and explains what Apple is doing.

An essential place to focus this work is on education, in all its forms. Education is a great equalizer, but it cannot do its work without tools and without a home. Our approach at Apple has been to ask, “How can we help?” That question has led us to build powerful learning tools and share them freely with tens of thousands of teachers, educators and parents.

And it’s led us to undertake major new investments through our Racial Equity and Justice Initiative. These projects include the Propel Center in Atlanta, which we’re helping to build in partnership with the country’s historically black colleges and universities, to support the next generation of leaders of color in fields ranging from machine learning to app development, entrepreneurship to design; and our first Apple Developer Academy in the U.S., in downtown Detroit, home to more than 50,000 black-owned businesses and no shortage of great ideas for the app economy.

MacDailyNews Take: Some may argue that Cook tends toward the mawkish (and, indeed, the WSJ comment section below Cook’s Op-Ed shows that plenty are in that camp). You know, in a nutshell: “With Tim Cook in charge, Apple would be worth $10 trillion already if only they could sell sanctimonious claptrap,” but, when done well, corporate philanthropy can be a competitive advantage, used to promote a company’s image (as in the second half of Cook’s Op-Ed, which is basically free advertising), insulate a company from criticism or government regulation, boost employee morale in addition to trying to create social impact.

By training people, regardless of their skin color or gender, in the fields of machine learning and app development, Apple creates more potential future employees. By boosting social and economic conditions, companies can create new customers and expand markets for its products.


  1. A sample of WSJ reader comments to Cook’s very poorly received Op-Ed below. At least 95% of the comments are like these:

    → No CEO does the wokeness and virtue signaling dance better than Tim Cook. At least when it’s politically suitable. But I won’t hold my breath waiting for his next WSJ article on the human rights travesty affecting well over a million Uyghurs in the country where most of his manufacturing is based.

    → Jeff Bezos does this virtue signalling schtick pretty well, Gates too. And there are others in Silicon Valley who know how to play this game, too.

    → A lecture on morality from someone who has made his fortune off of the backs of Chinese slave laborers.

    → When I want a half baked sermon, I’ll go to Mass. I could care less about Mr. Cook’s half as….err baked opinions and virtue signalling. Get connected with reality Mr. Cook!

    → His reality is firmly grounded in his bank account and size of his AAPL stock options.

    → What woke drivel. He’s all hat, no cattle on this topic.

    → Equity (of outcome) can only be attained by systemic inequality (of treatment).

    → Mr. Cook is strong on platitudes. But I would have been more impressed if he had mentioned how the public school/teacher union monopoly has deprived the disadvantaged in our society of the opportunity to obtain a high quality education. Is Apple willing to divert some of its considerable resources to charter schools and/or school choice programs, or is that too politically incorrect? I’m guessing the latter.

    → Some must be treated worse while others are treated better until all are “equal”. Any deemed to have exceeded their station must have their excess redistributed. I.e., socialism.

    → As a white, male, billionaire, CEO of a company that, in the midst of the 2020 pandemic, became the most valuable company in the world, is Mr. Cook prepared to literally put his money where his virtue signaler is?

    → I support the mission of historically Black colleges, but what good do HBC’s do when historically Black elementary schools are still not open in many area because politically-connected teachers’ unions are refusing to do their job

    → If Mr Cook had pushed his political buddies in Sacramento to reopen public schools back in the fall, I would be more inclined to believe his concerns to mitigate gaps in educational opportunities throughout our society. But Mr Cook did not. He did not take the time to look at the overwhelming evidence available on the topic or even engage in promoting a reasonable debate within society. He is yet another absolutely poor excuse of a leader in the elite class who for politically convenient reasons went along with the grossest and most racist activity of the past year; which is preventing underprivileged students from attending public schools in person. Mr Cook with all due respect, show some dignity and just shut up! You and your peers are the core cause of the education gap, and I doubt history will be kind to your hollow words above. Your ignorance is amazing, like most of your peers. This piece is tone-deaf garbage at best.

    → Oh, look, a fantastically wealthy person demanding us regular folks pony up to fight some pretend issue so he can act like the savior without actually sacrificing anything.

    → I had to stop reading this before I regurgitated my lunch. Sorry Tim. I ain’t buying it.

    → I am astonished by how adroitly Mr. Cook spun an incredibly innocent narrative on the merits of social justice into an Apple infomercial.

    → This piece makes me want to sell my Apple stock. Is profit the last thing on your agenda?

    → Rich tech lefties reek so strongly of sanctimony and self-approving piousness that they can’t smell it on themselves. Other people can, unfortunately.

    → Tim, spend your time running the company not diving into the political nonsense.

    → It just makes my day when I receive a sanctimonious sermon from a high-tech billionaire. “Equity” is about rewarding one race and ignoring or punishing another. Equity is true institutional and systemic racism

    → Since he is concerned with education, I would love to discuss with Mr. Cook the effect of school closures on poor minority communities. We could compare education outcomes for kids doing remote learning to Apple’s profit outcomes during the pandemic. I would love to hear how Apple wants to dismantle the union cartel keeping disadvantaged children out of school. I would love to know how many union employees Apple has. I’m sure he has considered the effect that school choice has on equity.

    → The to do list for every company:
    Create a product.
    Market that product.
    Sell the product.
    If at any point during this three step process you’re under the impression that the general public cares what their favorite tech or ice cream company thinks about fabricated social issues, you need to go back to the drawing board.

    → I can’t figure out what he’s actually talking about. He’s linking equity and education. I confess, I don’t understand the term equity as it’s used these days. But the people who spout about equity the most are opposed to allowing students and their parents choose the best schools to attend. Mediocre schools–championed by the education unions–are the great sustainer of in-equity. It cannot be reversed by Apple hardware and software, as wonderful as it is.

    → Reading the comments… It’s obvious Mr. Cook’s scam is apparent to all. Interesting that this article appears in a financial publication… doesn’t it belong in one of the FAKE NEWS outlets i.e. ABC, NBC, PBS, or CBS?

    → Preening nonsense.

    → Stick to making quality computers, Tim, or run for office. Either way, I don’t want your opinion.

    1. Yeah, this isn’t going over well. The world has finally wised up to Tim Cook, sanctimonious hypocrite, King of the Leftist Virtue Signalers.

      I really can’t wait for Apple to get new CEO.

    2. So there are a bunch of Wall Street Journal subscribers who see Gordon Gecko as a model for corporate governance, and not many who live in minority neighborhoods. Big surprise there.

      1. Okay, genius, here are comments below the AppleInsider article (the 9to5Mac pussies have closed comments, as usual):

        → Says the king hypocrite who has no problem dealing with China who do vastly worse injustices without ever saying a word about it.

        → Ah man…I wish he would stick to running apple. His equity push is nauseating. His virtue signaling is off the charts. I’m just shocked he never mentioned Oprah once. As for Systematic Injustice? Racial Equity? We have laws – Follow them and you wont have a problem. Work hard – Be on time and present – Your life will be awesome.

        → He should stick to the Steve Jobs playbook: Products, not politics.

        → Tim Cook has lost his mind. The extreme leftists like to appear as “woke” except they don’t understand the difference between “economic disparity” and “systemic racism”. If he cares as much as he says he does, why doesn’t he donate his millions and be a socialist as he preaches? Tim, you’re an excellent supply chain management guy, but spare us your misguided moral and political preaching.

        → Wow, how times change! I used to be in the minority of people who would question the hypocrisy of Apple CEO on topics like this, but the overwhelming majority of people in this forum would take offence to such posts. Not even a single post in support of Apple CEO so far.

        1. His disregard for the China-Thing, destroys his credibility on all the important things he wants to see changed in the US…say nothing of the logic of the “important things.”

          Who deems themselves so important that permits speaking out of both sides of their mouth? Hypocrisy on this level is grand.

          Having your cake and eating too…what’s not to like about that?

          1. MDN, very nicely done:

            Some may argue that Cook tends toward the mawkish (and, indeed, the WSJ comment section below Cook’s Op-Ed shows that plenty are in that camp). You know, in a nutshell: “With Tim Cook in charge, Apple would be worth $10 trillion already if only they could sell sanctimonious claptrap,” but, when done well, corporate philanthropy can be…

            “Some.” “Mawkish.” (a full comment section blasting Cook offered as backing)

            “With Tim Cook in charge, Apple would be worth $10 trillion already if only they could sell sanctimonious claptrap.” (attributed to “some may argue,” but actually what MDN really thinks without having to state it plainly)

            “corporate philanthropy… when done well” (read as: Cook’s not doing it at all well here)

            Beautiful writing actually. Subtle digs that cut deep.

            May Cook not be so far gone that he cannot wake up.

            1. Yes. Agree 100%.

              Unfortunately, Cook has been too far gone for far too many years to wake up. He descended even further into self-parody today is all.


        You can’t bring yourself to criticize Cook or any other Democrat for that matter because you are a hypocrite. Fair and balanced concept you continue to IGNORE and run away.

        Got it…

        1. Ha! Didn’t think anybody would actually follow the link and read the article, did you? What it actually says is that a Washington Post reporter says that two unnamed Congressional staffers said that unnamed Apple lobbyists suggested amendments to the proposed bill, but the staffers refused to say what the amendments were or why they were being requested. That is hardly irrefutable proof that Apple supports forced labor.

          The article does not say (or even imply, apart from the headline) that Apple was lobbying against the bill, as distinct from suggesting improvements. Indeed, it specifically quotes an Apple spokesperson as saying, “we support the goals of the Uighur Forced Labor Prevention Act. We share the committee’s goal of eradicating forced labor and strengthening U.S. law and will continue working with them to achieve that.”

          1. Regardless of what a single article says Apple’s largest trading partner is a criminal state. Apple willfully turns a blind eye to the ethic genocide of millions of people.

            WTF would you continue to defend the brutal treatment of “communities of color” your silence is violence.

            Tell the truth TxAbuser, if Tim was a Republican that supported orange man then all of your post would the 180 degree polar opposite. You moral line is drawn along political power; your humanity is fake …

            Now reply by telling us how bad trump is

      3. Let’s just say that WSJ subscribers might be wise enough to see this emperor is butt naked.

        The only real systemic injustice is that which is foisted upon people by leftists to help keep racism alive. When more people start saying that racism isn’t a problem in their lives, the left scrambles to redefine racism. It’s not simply hate anymore, it’s everywhere. It’s systemic. You cannot escape it even if you don’t experience it. Now add a healthy does of the biggest bullshit of the 21st century, so called Critical Race Theory, and not only is it systemic, but everyone and everything from Aardvarks to zoology is racist, even math.

        It’s working very well. Racism will be a problem well into the next century.

  2. Most CEO’s avoid topics such as social injustice, because it opens their corporation to criticism on non-business fronts. For example, a majority of Apple’s manufacturing base is in China. Currently the Chinese government is carrying out a massive imprisonment campaign against the Uyghur people in China. Is Tim Cook going to speak out against the Chinese government? — No, because it could impact his company . . . So maybe Cook’s article for the WSJ should be titled, “How money makes a person morally compromised.”

  3. “In simple theory, a disease should affect all of us equally. But in plain fact, the opposite is true. We have all seen, in real time, how structural discrimination and obstacles to opportunity do their work in a crisis.”

    Yes, in “simple theory” Tim Cook fails to recognize that a disease affects us all equally no matter where you live and pay attention, DOES NOT DISCRIMINATE!!! Damnit!

    To turn this into a FALSE racial diatribe is unbecoming of a CEO for the largest and richest tech company in history.

    Tim, go back adding more ports to MacBook laptops, less soldering and lockdowns of computers and cease the FALSE SJW indignation.

    Time for you to go and be replaced and I’ll take another uncreative bean counter CEO any day that does not DRAG Apple into social justice politics…

      1. Tim is a community organizer. He gets all you whiny trolls together to bitch daily about every little thing he does.

        It makes no sense for you to buy anything from a company you hate so much, led by a man you clearly despise. But then, we can see that you have no principles and way too much time on your hands. You must enjoy being miserable that no selfish extreme rightwing company has the ability to make any forward looking tech at all. NOT ONE. Perhaps you don’t want to admit it — if you supported only companies led by people of your political persuasion, you’d have no products that weren’t yanked from the ground and/or burn petrol. Kent, you’re a loser. Tim has accomplished a billion times more than you ever could.

        1. Precisely. These geniuses constantly complain about Apple, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon and what have you, but they have been unable to come up with alternatives that can succeed in a free market. Having finally realized that the traditional American economy is not working as they desire, they want to fundamentally alter our political and economic system by sponsoring federal and state legislation to curb free enterprise and substitute government control as the fundamental authority in our society.

          Even while they are pushing for public, rather than private, control of the means of production (the dictionary definition of socialism), they accuse the most successful capitalists in America of being socialists. From the evidence here, they apparently misuse the term to include anybody who supports the 14th and 19th Amendments to the United States Constitution by advocating equal rights for minorities and women.

          While pushing their plan to fundamentally alter America, they have the gall to accuse their opponents of being unpatriotic.

        2. Tim has accomplished a billion times more than you ever could.

          Preciously true. Tim has done more to promote, fund and enable the most evil criminal state in modern history. Very few people will ever have the impact that Tim Cook has on slave labor and ethic genocide against communities of color.

          Great job Tim. The CCP should hand out awards to people like Tim. Maybe a gold statue of concentration slave chained to an operating table.

          1. Your post @E squared succinctly nails the DAILY double standard HYPOCRISY of Tim Cook.

            To preach to one country about virtues and equality for all, then turn a total blind eye to the VOLUME of human rights abuses in Communist China is is absolutely stunning beyond belief.

            CCP discrimination and denial of rights to select groups of ethnic and religious people, isolation, torture, death, jail time is the tip of the iceberg.

            Let’s not forget the state telling women what to do with their bodies by how many children they can have and what sex is desirable for society. Years ago led to a global adoption wave of young female children. One of my best friends spent a month in China with his wife 13 years ago and adopted a totally awesome little girl, now a bright happy teenager in the top of her class. That is back in time when Democrat iron fist teachers unions allowed children in schools instead of sitting back not working collecting billions in Covid relief dollars.

            When was the last time woke leftists in Big Media reported on slave labor conditions in China taken advantage of by American companies? Short answer, today almost non-existent. Topic was a very common reporting practice to deafening levels 20-30 years when a capitalist Republican company was involved. The fair minded astute readers here already know where I am going and no need to spell out Media hypocrisy, for now.

            Bottom Line: Tim Cook has just exposed himself thoroughly like never before in EXCRUCIATING DETAIL as the most hypocritical CEO of the world’s wealthiest company in history!

            The sooner he is long gone from Apple, the better insanely great NEW products mantra will replace the done by others copycat catch up mantra …

    1. Completely on point HAHA, would recommend Tim Cook focus on managing Apple and spending every waking hour on that execution which one might argue is getting a little sloppy, leave your opinions and views for retirement.

    2. Little secret Tim has lots of free time because he doesn’t run shit, I’d love to see a Tim Cook designed phone … or a Tim Cook designed anything …

      Even is style, language, fashion, mannerisms is a complete rip off of SJ.

  4. There is absolutely no question, he’s right.

    Many of are sitting at home (perhaps one of our homes) with multiple outdoor spaces, computers, bandwidth and plenty of rooms for kids to do schoolwork, and two parents with jobs that tolerate (or perhaps even excel at) being done remotely. They get their groceries delivered at the push of a button, and can zip out of town any time they like to get outdoors.

    Many others had to physically go to work every single day, often to jobs that require close proximity to coworkers and customers, often travelling by transit, shopping frequently at physical stores in order to be able to carry what they can, and have had to make difficult decisions to look after kids, them engaged at school. And that’s for people who still have some amount of work.

    There were two different pandemics, and which you experienced had a lot to do with the color of your skin.

    1. Why do people mainly die from COVID-19?

      Generally because they are fat fucks. Didn’t take care of themselves for all or most of their life. Gluttons who gave themselves diabetes and asthma.

      This is why the U.S. has so many COVID-19 deaths, relatively.

      The U.S. is the Land of the Fat.

      Of course, the typical Democrat SJW bullshitters came up with the whole “fat shaming” line of crap granting “permission” to fat fucks to stuff their fat fucking faces even more.

      Well, now you have permission to die.

      Survival of the fittest. Indeed.

      In America we have (stupidly) provided food stamps so that poor junk food can be purchased and ingested en masse causing diabetes, obesity, heart and respiratory conditions. And welfare check for cigarettes, of course.

      After many years of seeding this health calamity, a virus that preys upon those with diabetes, obesity, heart and respiratory conditions appeared that is spread by close contact, coughing, sneezing, touching face, and rubbing eyes.

      Leftist-induced mass race protests (over “victims” who were each involved in criminal acts, I might add) that bring together virus carriers in close contact with those with diabetes, obesity, heart and respiratory conditions combined with tear gas which causes coughing, sneezing, touching face, and rubbing eyes.

      As they collect the black and brown (and old and sick) bodies, leftist tards who a) made people unhealthy with poor education and free junk food, cigarettes, etc. and b) induced them to “protest” (loot TVs at Walmart) en masse are shocked that there were “two different pandemics, and which you experienced had a lot to do with the color of your skin.”

        1. Healthy people who are exposed to weak sauce SARS-CoV-2 virus shrug it off as a minor cold, if they even have any symptoms at all.

          It’s old, unhealthy people who die from COVID-19 disease.

        2. Right, and the second issue is our pre-existing state of health.

          Many of us have access to a supermarket or health food store selling fresh fruit and vegetables. Others live in neighborhoods that have, at best, some bodegas and Dollar stores selling mostly junk food.

          Many of us had gym or golf course memberships before covid. Others of us still live in neighborhoods where it is not safe to take a walk after we get home from our second job.

          Some of us have comprehensive health care from our family doctor and a network of specialists available through our employer’s health plan. Others are uninsured and rely on free clinics and emergency rooms that do not offer preventative care.

          Unequal inputs cause unequal outputs. In this case, bad health leading to high mortality.

          1. Just to make it clear, I was saying “Right” to disposable identity and not to “Medical doctor.” While older people with preexisting conditions are more likely to die, it is certainly not true that all young healthy people shrug it off like a cold. Thousands have died, tens of thousands have been hospitalized, and many of the survivors have long-term consequences.


            1. Unfortunate choice of terms, but yes, reallocation of taxpayer resources ACCORDING TO THE POLICE THEMSELVES would result in better outcomes.

              No policeman wants to be the one do-it-all hero. Hire specialists to focus on things that current police departments can’t or won’t do well. Just like easy preventative healthcare shouldn’t be performed by an emergency room surgeon. Duh.


            2. UhOh Like everything else going on now, a very thin minority has a big microphone, you state “police themselves:. There are very few police saying this. A handful doesn’t make it true when the vast majority of police disagree, as do most voters. Get one policeman to say something and out comes lines like “Police themselves”. Putz

            3. chazz15, I worked with peace officers from dozens of agencies every day for almost thirty years and I do not know a single one who thought that they should be doing the work that social workers and mental health professionals could do much better. I have not met one who thought that jails should be serving as the nation’s largest mental hospitals. They obviously would not have supported cuts to their own, already underfunded, budgets, but they would all — unanimously — have supported a reallocation of additional funding to get the work unrelated to law enforcement off their backs and into another agency.

        3. Its not privileged living – it’s working hard in school. Its obtaining a job and showing up for it and willing to work a lot of hours.

          You put the effort in and you obtain results. It’s privilege, it’s hard work.

          1. So much easier if you start life in a home with everything you need, and are of a color that’s first in line to get hired.

            My parents bought me a Mac, all the books I could ever want, and had plenty of time to spend with me after school. Then they made sure I could go to a good university, and they introduced me to a friend who gave me my first job.

            I’m standing on the shoulders of giants.

            That’s privilege.

            Lots of hard work and luck after the, of course. But I’m a product of my environment. You are too.

            1. Bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!

              Privilege is living in subsided housing, paid for by the rest of us.

              Privilege is buying $300 sneakers and expensive phones while collecting welfare, paid for by the rest of us.

              Privilege is getting free food, paid for by the rest of us.

              Privilege is going to a college for free, even though you barely passed high school, because you are a minority, paid for by the rest of us.

              Privilege is getting a job or a promotion that you are unqualified for because you are a minority, paid for by the rest of us.

              Privilege is racism practiced by minorities and paid for by the rest of us.

          2. There are a lot of Americans working two or three jobs to feed their families. It’s hard work, but getting out of the hole is not guaranteed, no matter how much effort they put in. The only ones who can claim that luck and family connections don’t play a part are those who have been lucky or privileged.

            1. Read recently privledge includes those who have family support. If you only have one parent accountable for support whose fault is that? Babies are created the same way no matter what the race.

            2. Yeah, just like he family where one son is an attorney and the other is a drug addict. If they are working 3 jobs and can’t get ahead, there is a reason and its not society’s fault.

              My success has NOTHING TO DO WITH LUCK OR CONNECTIONS. I busted my hum to succeed. Can’t admit to yourself that you are a libturd, can you TX?

            3. but you didn’t succeed. you turned out to be a bitter selfish whiny beeeatch that nobody likes. If you have no empathy for anyone, why would you expect anyone to respect you? Other people share, which involves compromise/give&take. You act like you worked hard once so now everybody should do exactly what you say. Screw you. Nobody believes your stories about how you magically created yourself with no help from anyone else.

            4. FYI, since you are too stupid to figure it out: Americans hate liburd stupidity, your lies, your racism, your whining, your violence, and your destruction of the country.

        4. I agree. The average pay wage in the USA is 58,000/year. We should confiscate all wealth and give to 95% of the world that don’t have our privilege our wealth.

          Apple CEO Tim Cook’s 2020 Total Compensation Up 28% To $14.77 Million. Heck Tim could go first, what an amazing example of “paying for the sins of privilege” by donating all his “blood” wealth to his victims, as he steps down as CEO and nominates a women of color to take his place. Tim is worth billions, he has lived a life of luxury and privilege. If he spends the rest of his life scraping to make ends meet then his suffering and sacrifice would be a great roll model. imagine if he actually applied the standards he preaches to his own life.

          Tims working arrangements :

          Tims travel budget in 2020 was $432,564 for air travel. What is the size of that mans carbon footprint ?

          Tim’s security costs in 2020 was $470,246. Wait do those private security guards carry firearms ?

          woke liberals are the new religion; bow before their god are the will cut off your legs below your knees. You will worship their God are you will pay

            1. What’s to envy? I’d rather die poor, broken and alone then partner up with the CCP. It’s truly amazing how you so willingly defended genocide. Steve once said he would go thermal nuclear against Google because of how they stole iPhone tech.

              “I will spend my last dying breath if I need to, and I will spend every penny of Apple’s $40 billion in the bank, to right this wrong. I’m going to destroy Android, because it’s a stolen product. I’m willing to go thermonuclear war on this,” the late CEO famously said.’

              How much more should Apple take the fight to the CCP for the rape, murder, torture and slave labor for the stolen lives or at least not do business with them. Make no mistake Apple is currently the largest single company pumping money into the CCP. 15 years ago their was hope that the CCP would change but today we see that hope is gone.

              Lots has changed… now Google and Apple are best friends. And Tim has transformed a once great American company into a shame and puppet for the CCP. Only a fool or greedy bastard could f -up Apple like this …

              I also like how you didn’t respond to any of the data points but tried to attack me … you my friend are being used.

              Most of us miss Steve, he was a traditional liberal with principles. Didn’t always agree but shared mutual respect, and was loved for his passion… it’s amazing to consider under Steve that Apple had almost not political lobbying… But today he would be canceled.

              Free Tibet ! Free Hong Kong ! Defend Taiwan

    2. Nationally, the age-adjusted mortality rate among Black Americans was twice the rate as among White Americans. The rate among Hispanic Americans was 2.4 times higher than non-Hispanic whites.

      Here in Texas, the 13% of the population who are Black have received around 7% of the vaccinations. Only a willfully blind man could fail to see that the impact of this disease does not “affect us all equally.”

      1. “Only a willfully blind man could fail to see that the impact of this disease does not “affect us all equally.”

        NO! Absolutely not! Only a blind leftist like yourself plays the race card and poor neighborhood card. Appalachia, Midwest Plains and Mountain states are not exactly wealthy and people of all races live there.

        The pandemic spreads when people are infected in an area, simple as that. The virus doesn’t give a rat’s ass what color you are, how much money you make or where you live.

        Get a grip, RACIST!…

        1. If the virus does not give a rat’s ass about any of those socio-economic factors, what is your explanation for the differential in both cases and deaths between white non-Hispanic communities and everyone else?

          1. You’re an idiot and because all you got is name calling. Oh, wow! Racism is Tex brow beating whites, keeps blacks on the plantation they cannot improve their lives on their own without government assistance and can’t get an ID card — boatload of Leftist stereotypical crap. A race baiting pimp in tactics used by Jackson and Sharpton. He has no credibility posting worthless leftist cherry picked agenda links time after time and TOTALLY BLIND to his own hypocrisy. Run home to mommy little one…

            1. Five days later, and you still haven’t explained why there are twice as many deaths per 100,000 population among African-Americans and 2.4 times as many among Hispanic-Americans as among whites if the virus and society are as color-blind as you insist.

        2. Afro Americans lead the USA in obesity. The number one preexisting condition for Covid death is obesity. It seems in simple theory we should only allow leafy greens and healthy protein and fats for obese people. No sugar drinks, carbs and unhealthy food choices if your BMI is above 25.

          At some point people must take responsibility for what and how much they put in their mouth. My bad, i meant to say at some point the government must take responsibility for what people put in their mouth.

          Asian Americans have the lowest rate of obesity and mysteriously the lowest rate of death by percent from covid. And since we are unable to encourage black communities to eat healthy we should force Asians to eat unhealthy, more processed sugars and complex carbs. Absolute equality of outcome no matter what the cost is the only truth. Individual choices and genetics be damed we all most be equal.

          Here is the data point that says it all.
          Black obesity rate: 49.6
          Asian obesity rate: 17.4

          In 1950 hardly anyone was fat. Look at old photos, being fat was rare (less then 10%). But today almost half the USA population is overweight. Covid effects overweight people.

          No job needed and all the unhealthy food you can eat. Welcome to the Democrat’s Plantation 2021

          …. but of course this is all because of racism. In most places in the world, through out 50,000 year of civilization, being bone skinny was a sigh of poverty, but in America, the racist government is systematically giving EBT cards to the poor so they can buy all the food they can eat and they become unhealthy and fat.

          Im thinking if the water is hot its because of racism AND it the water is cold its because of racism. But help me understand if the USA is so racist then why all the people of color coming here is floods? and come we never hear about the oppressed people of color escaping out of this racist hell hole that is the USA.

          1. I suppose you don’t live in a neighborhood where Twinkies (and other junk food) are the only food items for sale, the nearest grocery with fresh fruit and vegetables is miles away, and nobody you know will lend you their car. I also suppose that you don’t have the sort of job that leaves you with only enough money after paying the rent to afford beans, cornmeal, and fatty pork to eat. You can probably go for a jog in the park to get exercise without being stopped by the police or shot by a “neighborhood watchman.”

            To quote Anatole France again, “The law, in its majestic impartiality, forbids both rich and poor equally from sleeping under bridges.”

            1. The poor areas you describe are overwhelming Democrat in Democrat cities and Democrat states represented by Democrat politicians for over 50 years.

              You purposely left that reality out and the trillions spent since the ‘Great Society’ has not solved the problem, you left that out as well.

              Virtue signaling problems you are a master like your idol hypocrite Cook, but it solves absolutely NOTHING. If you really want to help these people you are always crying about ad nauseum, then do your part and get off your white privileged ass out of your upper class neighborhood and move into these areas to live, open up a business and see first hand to bitch to the do nothing politicians, in your party that allow this to continue for decades, not solving the problem.

              NO, of course not. So typical of SJW Leftists you sit back in comfort and property, whine and cry PRETENDING to care and do nothing except talk to make yourself feel good and superior.

              At the end of the day all your talk, posts and faux caring the problems are still there and now worse than ever. Good job…

  5. Agree with MDN comments, however, to say the issue is caused by systemic racism is condescending and plays to continued victimhood. There are significant cultural issues at play, huge difference one parent households. That puts each of those families at an immediate economic disadvantage. Predominately black school districts that lower the academic bar to GPA 1.0 to play high school sports and graduate kids that can barely read, write and do simple math create and trap these kids in the “from line jobs” like amazon drivers, fast food and restaurant industries, etc. Little cultural and peer support for STEM jobs over athletics, music and entertainment industries. Here’s a fact, athletes of color work extremely hard to achieve their abilities, such hard work in the STEM areas would pay off also as handsomely, but it’s not looked at within their communities with the same appreciation of success as the other paths. Too many people are throwing people under the bus while shedding no light as how the black culture has contributed to it’s current state. It all has to be on the table for any real change to stick. Can’t simply give everything to them and expect anything to change. Both sides need to be open to the changes needed.

  6. Tim Cook is now the Most Nauseating CEO in America. He won this award on the strength of his attack on free speech with the nasty move to censor any conservative access to social media on the Apple devices. He has now capped it off with this massive insult of all that is good about America. Seriously, I wish these people would move to a place they really love – Cuba or China or Venezuela. Just leave. Your vile hatred of your own home is despicable.

    1. The last 4 years we were super-fucked and going down fast. I wondered how long it would take some clueless asshat to post this video which signifies nothing but gives vacuous clowns something they think means anything. There are plenty of instances of presidents stumbling. It bears no reflection on their capabilities junior.

      1. Perhaps Saturday Night Live could hire Chevy Chase to portray the President as an incompetent who cannot board an airplane without hurting himself. It was funny when they did that in 1976.

      2. Can we get Harris already. Its actually elderly abuse and cruelty how they are taking advantage of him. He she be able to enjoy retirement and his final years. They will push him with Namenda (memantine) until he has a induced stroke or heart attack. This must stop,

        Harris is qualified and should be made president. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is second in line and she can become VP. Biden should be allowed to retire peacefully. He has done his part and served our party well but its time to let him go.

  7. As a Apple shareholder I received my “Apple Notice of 2021 Annual Meeting of Shareholders and Proxy Statement” and the “Form 10-K” along with the ballot for voting for Board of Directors and proposals. I used to concern myself with regards of my vote to that envrionmental co*k er kook, Al Gore. However, if Tim wonders about the “against” vote he received from me and possibly others, Look no farther then the WSJ Mr. Cook!

  8. Tim, if you want to do some immediate good get all your manufacturing out of China. Until then you have no credibility. I’m an apple share holder, and over 30 year user of apple products. But that loyalty will all be thrown away as we watch apple contribute to the enslavement and torture of millions of people in China.

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