Apple denies Parler’s app re-entry to App Store

Parler’s social media app was denied re-entry to Apple’s App Store recently after it was removed the platform in January, according to documents obtained by Bloomberg News.


William Turton and Mark Gurman for Bloomberg News:

On Wednesday, Parler LLC cut its three remaining iOS developers, according to a person familiar with the matter. When it initially removed Parler from the App Store in January, Apple asked the social network to change its moderation practices. Apple said that Parler’s new community guidelines, released when the service came back online Feb. 15, were insufficient to comply with the App Store rules.

“After having reviewed the new information, we do not believe these changes are sufficient to comply with App Store Review guidelines” Apple wrote to Parler’s chief policy officer on Feb. 25. “There is no place for hateful, racist, discriminatory content on the App Store.”

MacDailyNews Take: Since there is no place for hateful, racist, discriminatory content on the App Store, Apple today also pulled the Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and all other social media apps.

Just kidding.

Apple included several screenshots to support the rejection. Some screenshots, reviewed by Bloomberg, show user profile pictures with swastikas and other white nationalist imagery, and user names and posts that are misogynistic, homophobic and racist.

MacDailyNews Take: Live on Twitter currently (the first one’s been there for six and a half years and counting, as per the oh-so “robust moderation capabilities,” if not timely, that Apple so desperately desires for inclusion in their App Store:

Objectionable Tweet 01
Objectionable Tweet 02
Objectionable Tweet 03

“As you know, developers are required to implement robust moderation capabilities to proactively identify, prevent and filter this objectionable content to protect the health and safety of users,” Apple added in its letter to Parler, a copy of which was obtained by Bloomberg.

“In fact, simple searches reveal highly objectionable content, including easily identified offensive uses of derogatory terms regarding race, religion and sexual orientation, as well as Nazi symbols,” Apple wrote. “For these reasons your app cannot be returned to the App Store for distribution until it complies with the guidelines.”

MacDailyNews Take: Also live on Twitter currently:

Objectionable Tweet 04

Wait, did some hypocrite cite “Nazi symbols?”

The Parler website relaunched in February with support from cloud hosting company SkySilk Inc.

MacDailyNews Take: Bloomberg News tries a little doxxing on for size.

Again, Apple’s stated reasoning for pulling Parler is fine, if applied uniformly.

But, Twitter, Facebook, etc. have never been suspended from Apple’s App Store. Why?

Why are the same sort of comments okay to exist on some services, but considered a ban-able offense – to the tune of the entire app – on others? What’s the difference? What does it reveal about those at Apple who are ultimately making the decisions when it’s ban-able “hate speech” on one platform, but left to fester for 6.5 years and counting on others?

Anyone who claims that Twitter, Facebook, etc. have robust content moderation in place that effectively removes harmful or dangerous content that encourages violence and illegal activity is either ignorant or lying.


        1. THE ISSUE is always the same: if Apple, Twitter, etc do not want to be legible for what people say on their platforms, then they have no right to censor anything except for things that are directly illegal. And if they censor as they do now, it means that they act as PUBLISHERS, meaning that they should be sued by any party freely. This means that Section 230 is violated now and all those companies should be sued for this.

          1. That is not what Section 230 says. It provides immunity for “any action voluntarily taken in good faith to restrict access to or availability of material that the provider or user considers to be obscene, lewd, lascivious, filthy, excessively violent, harassing, or otherwise objectionable, whether or not such material is constitutionally protected.”

            To repeat, Apple has the legal right to restrict access material that it considers “objectionable.” There is nothing about the material being “directly illegal.” Even if Section 230 were not there, the remainder of the Communications Decency Act would require it to censor things like child pornography.

            The Supreme Court precedents are clear. Without 230, the very first deletion would move Apple from being a platform into the category of being a publisher, which would make it liable for every word and image anywhere on any Apple site. That sort of liability would make the App Store a questionable proposition and would destroy the viability of any site that allows third-party posting. Would MDN allow our comments if it could be sued for libelous insults or bad medical advice?

        2. It’s weird that our elite betters of eliteness and betterness refuse to acknowledge that the emperor not only forgot to dress himself today but that he’s actively drooling. Check out President Asterisk trying to figure out who the Secretary of Defense is. Not that SecDef is an important job anymore or anything. His gig now is mostly to rid the ranks of extremists who don’t think men can change into women through the power of activists demanding everyone else pretend they can. But still, the president ought to, you know, know who he is.

          It would be nice to have a CINC who isn’t manifestly senile. Which * is. And it matters – right now we have an alleged president who might start WWIII by pressing the wrong button thinking it’s his remote and that he’s changing channels from “Matlock” to “Murder, She Wrote.”

          — Kurt Schlichter, March 11, 2021

          More The Emperor Is Naked and Senile Too

      1. Which it would not. The Court does not waste its time granting discretionary review to hear appeals of unanimous appellate decisions following clearly established law by refusing to reverse a trial court dismissal for failure to state a legally cognizable cause of action. Nobody has a enforcible right to sell their merchandise through somebody else’s store.

        Apple has concluded that Facebook and Twitter are making a bona fide effort to clean up hate speech on their platforms while Parler has not. That decision lies within Apple’s sole discretion and is not subject to judicial review even if the court disagrees with the decision.

        1. Apple is allowed to be a Brown Shirt NAZI Goon Squad Enforcer of Communist Ideology and the Democrat Party. Apple is allowed to fight free expression and to kill companies that support free expression. Tim Cook is allowed to be like Heinrich Himmler if that is his hero. Apple fans are allowed to cheer on a company that believes in human slavery and oppression. Apple is allowed to be EVIL. And Tim Cook is doing all he can to keep it EVIL as long as he is there.

          1. kent, seek professional help. you obviously have lost your moorings. for years all you former Apple lovers defended the idea of a walled garden with onlyApple bureaucrats to manage it. You took cheap shots at every open computing platform. Now you whine because a foreign entity (Parler) wants to play by different rules.

            I guess you should buy a Windows computer then. Or get a clue and learn how to access your favorite forums using an internet browser. Is that too hard for you, whiny kent?

            1. I feel very powerful, having forced you to name yourself in my honor. Knowing that you get very confused with the simple idea of “F”, because you are confused about which of the 100 genders you are, I say thank you for using all your brain capacity to come up with that monicker. Now, I am guessing you, like Tim Cook, enjoy anal sex. So, when I say to you GFY, I mean it in the nicest way since I know that you prefer to explore the sewer. You probably live there.

              Now, to the topic at hand. Apple is free to be evil. I have said that. Tim Cook has made Apple evil. Tim Cook, homosexual bon vivant, is enjoying his role of bullying others on the playground. Fine. For me I would suggest anyone who loves freedom to postpone any future purchases of Apple products till Tim Cook is gone. Hopefully a new set of Nuremberg trial are convened and all those who have conspired to destroy America, and to destroy the Constitution, will be found guilty and be sentenced exactly the same as the harshest sentence the original Nuremburg trials imposed. Tim Cook deserves that fate for his blatant, and degenerate attack on America. We will let the jurors decide. But the gallows are ready. The rule of law will prevail in the end.

              Now, GFY.

          2. Well I’m not going to take your egregious bait. But…
            With two relatives who, out of twenty seven family members, alone survived the Holocaust and five years of inhuman atrocities… …. I’m struggling for words. That you so cursorily demean their suffering means you are guilty of being anti Semitic. You also, crassly devalue the Nazi extremist actions with a preposterous comparison that also demeans the legions who died to defend democracy in Europe. Then there’s the homophobic ad hominems.
            Do we conclude you are a youthful and therefore blissfully ignorant but hope that life experiences are not too painful? Or do we conclude you are beyond hope?
            There is NO excuse but I will accept an apology on their behalf.
            But I’ll leave it to them since they could both spot a blowhard at distance and would knowingly and gleefully in unison declare “scheisser!”

        2. These are strange times. The ideas of freedom of speech, even freedom in general no longer have priority in American society. This is the age of the “victim.” The victim matters over the future of the nation.

          We have become weak. Spineless. Cowardly children. You can call me “nixxer” all you want, and I will still stand with you when they try to silence you. Because they will silence me next… and sure enough they already are.

          I just got banned from Facebook for explaining why race swapping fictional characters is stupid.

          I said something to the effect of “people of color” are not impressed by such actions. In fact, you will find that in cases of these iconic characters, we are just as invested as any white person, and often find the changes cringeworthy at best. In addition, creating a gay Batman, black Superman, trans WonderWoman and a Mexican Flash doesn’t make the characters interesting, it makes the writers appear beyond lazy.

          I also explained to the guy who kept using the phrase “people of color” that many of us so called “of color folk” find the phrase derogatory, insulting, condescending, and as racist as it can possibly be. It is an attempt to rob people of their individuality and agency. It’s bad enough suggesting that all black people think the same way, but the “of color” phrase just creates one big massive collective of any individual not regarded as white and says they have the same thoughts, ideas, experiences, feelings and so on. It is a Biden-esq racial slur.

          My comment was deleted and I got suspended for 3 days.

          The sad truth is that I fear the left wing, far more than a bunch of morons. I’m sorry, but this truly is all too reminiscent of the gradual take over of Germany by the Nazis. If you are on the left, and you believe this kind of thing is ok, you really MUST go read up on how the Nazis came to power.

          I know damn well that the people who approve of these tactics for the most part don’t see it that way. In an innocent almost infantile way they see it as stopping the bad guys. They don’t see that they have become the oppressors. They are the bullies. They are the ones allowing the totalitarian society to to take root flourish.

          1. Thelonius, you are a “classic” liberal, in the mold of Steve Jobs, who was politically left of center but most definitely a champion of free speech and I believe, a true lover of America as founded. Jobs knew that he more than most benefitted from the American free enterprise system, the free capital markets, the Constitutional protection of private property, and the right to individual liberty. And Jobs was confident in his beliefs and would never have sought to censor opposing ideas. Jobs felt very comfortable in the arena of ideas. Tim Cook is the opposite. He is a censor of the highest order, who can’t defend the ideas he supports so instead he uses his big club to shut down free speech. Tim Cook is perfect for the Soviet Union or Cuba or China, where individuals are squashed by the State and freedom is a joke. Tim Cook hates America as founded and hates the Constitution.

            Thelonius, I salute you for calling out the people who are doing this. You can retain your politics and still be for open and free debate. Open and free debate is now Apple’s Enemy #1.

            1. Agreed. Jobs is rolling in his grave. That the ‘classic’ liberals of today are too comfortable in their lifestyles to speak up speaks volumes about them. Thinking being labeled a ‘racist’ by idiot children is worse than actually being an adult and behaving like one is a travesty. They are ‘liberal’ only because they are sheep and that is the smiled upon thing to be. Modern, millennial run Silicon Valley is a joke. Folks like Cook are enablers of the worst kind. That we are even having this conversation about a publicly traded business in the first place is lunacy.

          2. Dr. Seuss…too painful. Mein Kampf? If western civilization was this backward 200 years ago, the bold and sometimes reckless exploits, the golden age of discovery, the industrial revolution would not have happened.

    1. Parler is fundamentally a hub of misinformation and hate speech.

      Kudos to Apple for banning it, as you can see in these comments what happens when people who lack the capacity to evaluate truth from fiction buy into it hook line and sinker.

      1. This is an increasingly common ploy by the trash ruling caste that controls our culture. They lie to your face then get irate when you point out how they are lying to your face…

        You’d think they might mention that Biden is manifestly in decline, since we all see it. But they won’t. It’s bizarre.

        No, the emperor’s new clothes are fantastic. Look at that tailoring on his bib!

        The prezzy is totally not senile.

        Men can become women. Women can become men. They can be both, or neither.

        Global warming is totally a thing that will kill us all in 2000, I mean 2005, I mean 2010, I mean 2015, I mean 2020, I mean shut up, racist.

        Systemic racism is a thing, and you’re even more racist by denying you’re racist.

        Amy Schumer and Lena Dunham are funny and sexy.

        Now, this tactic presents some problems in the long term. In the short term, brazen lies can work because Americans are nice people and they are not used to people just outright lying to them, so they scratch their heads and wonder if they are missing something even though what they are being fed seems all wrong. But they catch on eventually, and lies upon lies breeds cynicism. And cynicism is bad for liars in the long term because it decreases their ability to fool people since people soon assume that they are fibbing every time they open their lie-holes.

        Nobody trusts the elite, and no one should…

        Likely, at some point, the rest of the elite will decide that the masquerade has gone as far as it can and the ruling caste no longer benefits by pretending Ole Gropey is A-OK. The elite is ruthless when it senses one of its own has outlived his usefulness – remember Emmy-winning American hero Andrew Cuomo? He’s toast, and his girl-grabbing wasn’t even near as gross as Grandpa Badfinger’s antics. Oh, and Cuomo killed a few thousand normal people but hey, he made some liberal women who knowingly hung out with male Democrat politicians uncomfortable and that’s convenient for getting him out of the way, so sayonara, sucker.

        We all know Biden’s senile. The people who should have told us do too, but instead of telling us the truth they are lying to us, even though they know we know they are lying to us. Ask yourself what else they are lying about.

        Wait, I’ll help you out – the answer is “Everything.”

        Kurt Schlichter, March 11, 2021

  1. 1st off let me say that i am no fan of Parlor…
    But this is cancel culture continuing in full force… and its big tech flexing their muscles at whatever they find disagreeable to their agenda/opinions!

    If Apple’s argument is to be considered valid and with merit … then why are Twitter and Facebook still allowed to be in the App store..They are flooded with same kind objectionable content. FLOODED!!!
    In fact, to quote “simple searches can easily reveal highly objectionable content including easily identified offensive uses of derogatory terms regarding race, religion and sexual orientation, as well as Nazi symbols” In BOTH OF THOSE PLATFORMS.

    The Hypocrisy and Double Standards and Tyrannical behavior by the indoctrinated tech is nauseating and, imo, incredibly dangerous to the foundational values of USA. FREE SPEECH! and the Cosntitution. …
    Apple and alike.. im not saying Hate speech is a good thing. not even close… but your hypocritical/ selective Virtue signaling IS total Horse S—t!

    1. To repeat: Apple has concluded that Facebook and Twitter are making a bona fide effort to clean up hate speech on their platforms while Parler has not. That decision lies within Apple’s sole discretion and is not subject to outside reversal even if you disagree with the decision.

      1. The reason that is true is simple: the First Amendment does not prohibit private parties like Apple from limiting the speech of others, absent some special circumstance not present here. The First Amendment does prohibit the government (including the courts) from limiting the ability of Apple to control its own message.

        1. TXUSER- you are actually incorrect.

          These Tech giants are able to censor not because of the 1st Amendment but because of Section 230 – which protects the Internet Giants from lawsuit if they act as a Publisher and not as an editor- which by all their actions they are doing.
          — Because Section 230 is being misapplied – the Tech Giants are editing, blocking other speech since they can’t be sued for overstepping their bounds.

          Repeal Section 230 protections since they aren’t adhering to the rules, watch the lawsuits they will be hit and how quickly they’ll stop from blocking conservative viewpoints.

          Everyone who wants completely free dialogue should write their Legislature representatives to ask for a repeal of

          1. “Repeal Section 230 protections since they aren’t adhering to the rules, watch the lawsuits they will be hit and how quickly they’ll stop from blocking conservative viewpoints.”

            Exactly right. Leftists don’t get it and are a waste of time responding to the arrogant partisan fools with weak apologies…

            1. You and Matrix are simply wrong about Section 230. There are no “rules” except the one protecting “any action voluntarily taken in good faith to restrict access to or availability of material that the provider or user considers to be obscene, lewd, lascivious, filthy, excessively violent, harassing, or otherwise objectionable, whether or not such material is constitutionally protected.”

              Without Section 230, compliance with the remaining sections of the Communications Decency Act would make Apple (or MDN, AWS, or GoDaddy) a publisher, rather than a platform. If they allowed any outside content, they would have open-ended liability. It would end the Internet as we know it.

            2. No! You are WRONG.

              As I posted on another Parlar story earlier today:

              Section 230 allows Leftist internet companies the right to CENSOR, DISCRIMINATE and SILENCE political free speech they do not like.

              Their discriminatory practices, potentially criminal in the real world without special carved out Section 230 protections, are shielded from lawsuits. The law is OUTDATED crafted in the 1990s when the birth of the internet was growing and becoming mainstream.

              If and when Section 230 is changed or repealed as it should be, I can imagine two game changing lawsuits:

              1~ Parlar sues Apple for DISCRIMINATION and DAMAGES ruining their business model accusing them of hate speech, while at the same time allowing hate speech on many other apps.

              As we have seen for months now, hate speech from the Left is perfectly acceptable and hate speech from the Right is censored and banned. As MDN and various authors have written, Leftist HATE speech is still allowed on half dozen App Store social media apps, but sorry Parlar, you are a conservative favorite and denied.

              2~ Former President Trump sues Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Google, et al for censorship, defamation of character, unequally applied terms of service, simply because he is an America First Patriot.

              “If they allowed any outside content, they would have open-ended liability. It would end the Internet as we know it.” Says a Leftist, HA! Scare tactic and fear mongering, spare us. They will have to clean up their acts and be held accountable like any other business including the media.

              Obviously, you repeatedly defend and agree with Apple and other Social Media apps censorship and ABUSE of POWER…

            3. And as I responded there, GeoB, allowing Donald Trump to sue platforms into oblivion for hosting comments or websites he does not like will just encourage millionaires on the left to do the same. Pretty soon, no wise investor would put any money into a business with such open-ended and unavoidable liability (unavoidable because every decision to delete a libelous or obscene post would allow a suit from the poster). No money, no tech industry, no Internet, and we can all go back to communicating via the US Mail.

      2. Yes, after beating a man to death, Apple is allowed to conclude that the other goons who helped it beat the man to death, are making “bona fide efforts” to be good. Apple loves evil and hates America. It is allowed to. Just ask the useful idiot TXUSER.

      3. LOL..
        Are they??!!!!!!.. both platforms are flooded with these kind of content…as we speak and have been throughout the Bull…

        And please let me modify your statement.. ..” ….That decision lies within Apple’s sole discretion…..”

        The word decision is a copout … ‘DISCRIMINATION’ is what defines it much better.. and that from a company that is virtue signaling “equality” left and right to nauseating levels.
        Hypocrisy is what it is!
        ..And as far as Tim himself …. a very un-fiduciary position to take… as his main responsibility is to the shareholders and polarizing Apple against half of the population is not in shareholders interest.
        I’d even argue there may be grounds to sue him if he continues this politicly motivated polarization and alienation of potential customers.. who may simply turn away from Apple because of Apples blatant partisanship.

        1. Again, it does not matter whether you or I agree with the way that Apple uses its discretion. If you disagree, you can protest or “cancel” Apple, but that is not going to change the decision, because the decision is up to Apple, not you, me, or the government. Do conservatives really want to take the discretion over private business decisions away from the companies and give it to the Biden Administration?

          1. We can do one other thing – call Apple what it is – EVIL. Apple is now pure evil, bullying and censoring and killing good companies, all because they allow people to communicate. APPLE IS EVIL. SHOUT IT FROM THE MOUNTAIN TOPS.

            1. Aw, poor liddle baby. You gotta get your porn and hate speech from the internet instead of an iOS app. Boo hoo hoo. Apple made it too hard for you. Whaaaaaaaaaa!

        2. Have never used Parler. Large social network sites have their work cut out for them. To cover posts they do not automatically flag, FB and twitter have methods in place for users to report questionable posts for review and possible removal. Does Parler have any similar process in place? If not perhaps that is something that Parler needs implemented to show they are even attempting curbing hate speech and have Apple reinstate their App.

          Any Freedom including the 1st Amendment only extends to the point it infringes on the freedom of another citizen.

          1. Apple hates freedom. And Apple is happy to infringe on the freedom of others. That is, Tim Cook’s Apple. Cook knows he has joined with EVIL and is happy doing the work of EVIL.

            1. Name ONE thing Apple has prevented you from doing, whiner kent.

              They wouldn’t let you sell your products in their retail store?

              Sounds like you’re butthurt and you never read the constitution. It doesn’t guarantee that anyone else has to sell your products or publish your increasingly shrill griping. Perhaps you should start your own bitch site and publish everything anyone anywhere posts to the Kent House of Whine.

        1. I do not believe that Apple promotes hate speech by liberals and refuses to promote hate speech by conservatives, but if it did, so what?

          Like any other person (natural or corporate) subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, Apple is allowed to hold a viewpoint, support that viewpoint, and oppose other viewpoints. It is allowed to encourage others to share its opinions and discourage others from holding opposing opinions. That is the essence of free speech. Nothing in the definition of free speech requires you, Apple, or any other person to help others promote ideas that you or Apple oppose. That would be the antithesis of free speech.

          The truly scary thing is that some people think that the First Amendment requires what it quite specifically prohibits: allowing those who hold one opinion to use government coercion (whether through legislation, executive action, or a lawsuit) to suppress the free expression of those who hold a different opinion. The men who drafted the Bill of Rights were appalled by the notion that any government official (whether President, Congress, or a judge) could tell an American what ideas he must support through his speech, press, religion, petition, or assembly.

          Apple can do what it believes to be right. This I know; the Constitution tells me so.

      4. Apple Is the largest enabler (fund raiser) of Marxist CCP. Apple benefits off a system that systematically uses torture, rape, force sterilization, ethic genocide, murder and organ harvesting against minorities communities of color. Apple hides behind subcontractors that benefit of slave labor. Apple preaches to us about social responsibility and equality for communities of color when at the same time Apple’s number one partner is the criminal state that actually has 3 million people in concentration camps.

        apples 2020 q4 profit margin is 38%. If any company could afford to stand up to the CCP it’s Apple. Apples principles stop at the profit margin.

    2. and let me add.
      I posted the same exact content on 9to5… got censored.. i posted again.. it got censored.. though there were other posts with similar tone!
      I wrote 9to5 directly asking for explanation… and why the selective censoring…. no response..
      10 mins later all comments on that article were deleted and comment section closed!

      Yes ladies and Gentleman… regardless of your political affiliation.. this is what is happening in US of A.. the Land of the free… I have never seen this kind of tyrannical censorship from the right!
      Its SCARY… and imo most are so Naive and Indoctrinated that they cant see.
      Left.. yes maybe the ‘result’ of these actions are favorable to where you stand in your ideologies..
      but the issue is not that… just imagine if someday this kind of behavior was used against your voice!
      And then some dare to talk about China’s media control or other tyrannical regimes.!
      Hope people wake up before its too late… whats going on is Alarming!
      Who is running US?

      1. Thank you, MDN, for allowing discussion and for calling Apple out when they do the WRONG thing, obvious to everyone who’s honest.

        Leave it the MDN to speak truth to power!

    3. We should consider the sad plight of a man who was censored by the liberals. If you doubt how his free expression has been unconstitutionally suppressed, read his postings on his personal website or on Parler, Telegram, and Gab. Read what his supporters have said on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other mainstream media.

      To hear how he has been silenced, listen to his own podcast or to any of the four other podcasts that have interviewed him. If that does not convince you that he has been cruelly muzzled, watch his regularly scheduled interviews on three cable news channels and a dozen or so streaming newsfeeds.

      Alternatively, you could attend or watch the livestream of any of the speeches he is giving at conservative venues or watch his testimony to the House on C-SPAN and the Senate on C-SPAN-2. The minority members of the relevant committees (like the media interviewers) asked him probing questions that convinced an audience of millions that he has been completely silenced and cannot spread his message. So sad.

      1. The other day, Clarence wrote:

        “Unclear rules threaten to undermine [the electoral system]. They sow confusion and ultimately dampen confidence in the integrity and fairness of elections… An election system lacks clear rules when, as here, different officials dispute who has authority to set or change those rules. This kind of dispute brews confusion because voters may not know which rules to follow. Even worse, with more than one system of rules in place, competing candidates might each declare victory under different sets of rules.”

        Shortly afterward, AMAZON removed his autobiography, Of course Anita Hill’s book is still present.

        You can try to deny it, defend it, and embrace what is happening all you want but to pretend it’s not a critical problem is the most intellectually dishonest stance you can possibly take.

    4. “But this is cancel culture continuing in full force… and its big tech flexing their muscles.”

      Exactly, Apple can get away with CENSORSHIP of conservatives because they are protected by the worst tech law ever written, Section 230.

      Big Media does not have the same legal protections with impunity as Big Social Media currently gets away with. Nicolas Sandman proved that by successfully suing CNN and other national media companies collecting undisclosed monetary damages.

      The law needs to be abolished or at very least overhauled and make Big Social Media and Apple, accountable for censoring and ruining the Parler business (damages) with specious 🐂💩reasons only Leftist dimwit apologists swallow. They also should be sued for character defamation and President Trump would be first in line. It is DISCRACEFUL the CENSORSHIP these companies get away with targeting political ideologies they do not agree with. World dictators also silenced their citizens with dissenting opinions.

      The daily double-standard hypocrisy continues as these partisan leftist companies ALLOW HATE on a wide range of Apps and millions of posts with zero repercussions still available on the App Store. The author and MDN made a slam dunk compelling case to expose their hypocrisy.

      Apple can is HIDING behind a simple legalese sentence “does not meet our guidelines.” But Facebook and Twitter do? Only the dimwit leftist apologists, as I have read many of their weak arguments here, do not recognize their own folly and hypocrisy.

      Spare me the excuses…

  2. I have been a major Apple supporter for decades but Tim Cook’s bigoted view of free speech and liberty are making it increasingly difficult to continue my support of Apple.
    He is destroying one of our greatest companies. What is really disturbing is that, given that he is an intelligent person, his bigotry is so obvious that it must be intentional. He has no excuse other than that he is possessed with hatred for certain groups of American citizens.
    But he is not alone. It is true for virtually all of the mega billionaires. Silicon Valley has become a place of despair.

  3. MacDailyNews makes an excellent point. Apple absolutely should pull Twitter and Facebook apps from the App Store. These apps are toxic to public discourse.

    Facebook and Twitter can still be found on the web. Let the trolls eat web cake…

    1. Twitter and Facebook love EVIL just like Apple. Why would Apple pulls the apps of allies in its quest for the end of America. Tim Cook is a bully who loves other bullies. He just hates America, freedom and goodness. Tim Cook is more likely to renounce anal sex than pull the apps of Facebook and Twitter.

        1. Gotta ignore Communist Useful Idiots like PJS. American and Truth and Goodness will win. Apple and the New Communist Party, aka the Democrats, will lose. Evil loses in the end. But it does get its day because a lot of people love evil. Like Tim Cook. And PJS.

        1. There is an amendment to the United States Constitution that guarantees equal protection to black people and that authorizes Congress to pass implementing legislation like the 1964 Civil Rights Act. That includes forcing restaurant owners to treat black and white customers equally.

          There is another amendment that directly prohibits Congress from legislating to restrict freedom of speech, press, religion, assembly, or petition. That includes interference by any government agency with Apple’s freedom to control its own corporate message.

        2. You imbecile! Parler would be available to youif other stores weren’t blocked.
          And if Black people weren’t correctly a protected group, yes they can. Bigots would have had the right to exclude them. Thank goodness for liberals.

            1. Would that include the 130 “smart and fair minded conservatives” in the House of Representatives who voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the 29 “smart and fair minded conservatives,” including the Republican nominee for President, who voted against it in the Senate?

  4. It is nice to see Apple stock go down again, like almost every day, on the day it attacks the Constitution, freedom of expression, and basic human decency. Tim Cook has made Apple into an instrument of hate, racism, intolerance, communism and EVIL. Since Tim took his first stand for evil over a month ago, Apple stock is down 25%. Karma is a bitch. No matter what the stock does, Apple has earned the pure revulsion of every freedom loving person across the globe. FUCK APPLE should be the rallying cry of all those opposed to 1984 and to bullies across the world.

    1. says the troll who comes to an Apple cheerleader site every day. Go trash your Apple electronics and gtf outta here, tough guy wannabe kent. effin whiners like you have destroyed this site.

      1. I loved Apple. Until Tim Cook turned it into a tool of Nazi oppression. So, as a long time Apple buyer and an occasional shareholder I will speak my mind. And I will do it precisely because there are so many leftist communist supporters who view themselves as “tolerant” and “peaceful” and who oddly have no problem with Apple doing the same type of censorship Hitler and Stalin did. I can’t help it that you don’t know history and that you get uncomfortable being associated with Nazi goons, which is what Apple has become. If you like freedom you should join me. If you like tyranny then cheer on the censoring bully Tim Cook. But, I won’t go away.

  5. looks like a circle jerk here, so no comment on my part, you guys have fun jacking each other off…

    i will go to where thinkers ask of other to espouse and respond intellegently

    why do you all pay so much attention to apple when there is an insurgency to join?

    chicken $#!+$

  6. This story, and the 2020 election, make is clear the New Democrat Party is the party of censorship, bullying, cheating (and proud of it), propaganda, and tyranny. Tim Cook’s Apple and the Democrat Party are mirror images of the NAZI Party. Nasty goons who silence anyone who dare speak the truth. It is good to see all the lifelong Democrats here on this site confronted with the evil their party has become. And like the useful idiot TXUSER, instead of being principled and good, these people CHOOSE to fall in line with the new NAZI leaders. Hey, no more TOLERANCE and UNITY bumper stickers. Instead, its SHUT UP AND TAKE IT.

      1. You don’t have to read my comments little Snowflake. Obviously you have a hard time dealing with issues. Go back to your LGBTQ Coloring Books and do the puzzle where you guess your gender.

  7. The posts Apple provided were almost certainly written by Democrats and Facebook/Twitter employees who did this to set up Parler. Like the Antifa and BLM thugs were the ones in the Capital and the campus racist episodes are always BLM members creating fake events to push their narrative. This is what the Democrats and Tim Cook love. Lies. Tim Cook is doing an amazing job in converting Steve Jobs freedom loving Apple into an Apple Hitler and Stalin would love. Tim Cook, converting gold into lead.

  8. Thank you TXUSER. Good reminder for all American citizens. The Leftist Commie Brigade is working on a bill to eliminate the right of urban women to protect themselves from Antifa and BLM killers. And of course these drooling leftists have “defunded and defamed” the police so they can’t protect the nice urban women. So, soon we will be told of a mass shooting, with many deaths, by gun, that means we must eliminate the right of urban women to protect themselves. You should know that this event will be paid for and committed by The Left, Antifa goon types, BLM Marxists. They are the ones who love violence, as we witnessed all summer. So, be prepared. When a mass shooting occurs, it is ANTIFA and BLM doing it and then running into the shadows with their masks and their funny black tights. The Democrat Party is now the party of goons, of violence, of beatings, of racism, and of 24/7 lying and deception. When the big EVENT comes, the Left will have done it and will then use their own act to flood the airwaves with lies and demands to disarm the urban women who simply want to walk to work in peace. With a gun to protect them. Who else will protect them since the Democrats have destroyed the police?

    1. Yes, the Democrat Party and the extreme Leftist mouthpieces like USER are sickening degrading quality of life DAILY while supporting curtailing constitutional rights and free speech. “Antifa goon types, BLM Marxists,” Covid illegal aliens at the border coming in and all criminals types are what the Democrat Party stands for these days. JFK is rolling in his grave. Remember to vote 2022, to rid this political cancer scum and plague on America…

  9. Tim Cook has transformed Apple from a great American corporation into an ANTIFA/BLM anti-American, Marxist tool of the New Democrat Socialist (aka Communist) Party. Apple is now the corporate version of the ANTIFA/BLM goon wearing a mask and black clothes and body armor and beating the hell out of innocent people just living their lives. Apple is the big stick goon squad that will beat the crap out of anyone who “thinks different”.

    There are some real reporters left in America. One of the best and most courageous is Andy Ngo, who operates on the street, with the Antifa/BLM thugs and documents their daily assaults on America. He probably uses an iPhone to do this. And he has the battle scars from these degenerate thugs to prove his cred. Andy Ngo’s book, Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy, provides full documentation of these evil bastards and their evil plans. And Tim Cook has shoveled hundreds of millions of Apple money to these criminals to help pay for their “concrete milkshakes, their lead pipes, their pre-ordered ready to go pallets of concrete blocks that end up going through the windows of urban businesses. Tim Cook has made Apple a leader in the war against America. And his action against Parler is just one more bit of evildoing in that war. Tim Cook is evil.

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