What’s wrong with the Nasdaq?

It’s a bit confusing to look at the stock market on Monday as many of the most popular benchmarks are up sharply, yet the Nasdaq Composite continued to recede.

stock chart

Dan Caplinger for The Motley Fool:

It’s never fun to see the broader market soar while your stocks get left behind. But as investors in high-growth stocks know all too well, sometimes some of the most powerful companies in the world have to go through market corrections, and that appears to be what’s happening here.

If you look at the top eight stocks in the Nasdaq on Monday, you’ll see nothing but a sea of red. At the top, consumer-tech giant Apple dropped more than 3% to fall before the $2 trillion mark in market capitalization.

When you get wholesale declines across the board like this, they tend to signal a broader trend rather than anything specifically wrong with particular stocks. Today’s move looks like investors rejecting mega-cap Nasdaq stocks regardless of their respective merits. That kind of mindless selling pressure can create opportunities when one or more stocks have competitive advantages compared to others.

MacDailyNews Take: Own it, don’t trade it. This too shall pass.


  1. I like AAPL’s fundamentals. My spidey sense says something else is messing with the tech market. Congressional scrutiny? Higher taxes? Other?

    We’ll see.

    1. Inflation is gaining steam, which challenges many of the expensive (over valued) tech stocks.
      Bond yields have been rising…which aligns with rising inflation.

      Commodities are a hot sector…again consistent with increasing inflation.

      AAPL has risen for more than a decade. I’m in no place to say the time has come for a mellowing, but common sense reality would acknowledge, there will be a time for the gain to simmer.

  2. DON’T FORGET………………….

    These pull backs are a great time to ADD to your AAPL holdings; annnnnnd most importantly——

    I can assure you that Luca M. and his minions at Apple are buying back shares at these bargain prices as we speak.

    FYI– Last quarter the average price per share re-purchased was $120 per share…….!!!
    At today’s closing price I’m sure the bargain basket is filling up……

  3. Silver lining: you can buy the dip… And Apple can buyback more and retire… Both can be seen in a positive light If one believes in Apple’s long term prospects.

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