Mobile World Congress plans in-person event with 50,000 attendees in June

The Mobile World Congress is planning an event with tens of thousands of international visitors to congregate for its flagship event in Barcelona in June, more than a year after it was canceled due to the response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mobile World Congress plans in-person event with 50,000 attendees in June


The GSMA trade body said everyone present will have to show a negative Covid-19 result to access the Fira Gran Via venue and repeat the test every 72 hours. Rapid testing centers will be made available on site and organizers are considering using hotels for more.

“We believe that we can have around 45,000 to 50,000 attendees, as of today,” Stephanie Lynch-Habib, the GSMA’s chief marketing officer, said in an interview on Monday, adding that visitor interest is expected to be strong…

MWC Barcelona, which in 2019 attracted 109,000 attendees from 198 countries, was one of the first major European conference casualties when it was axed in February last year.

The GSMA’s confidence isn’t unique, either: Web Summit, typically even larger than MWC Barcelona, is on track to take place in November with more than 70,000 people descending on Lisbon, a spokeswoman for that show told Bloomberg on Monday.

Visitors to MWC Barcelona will have to download a new mobile app that acts as both a digital badge for entry as well as a contact-tracing beacon, it said… That data will be available to health authorities “if needed to mitigate potential further exposure,” she said. “That’s something that all attendees will have to agree to before entering.”

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More info about MWC Barcelona and the planned safety protocols .


    1. Aww, wannabe Hilters the world over mourn the end of the massive authoritarian overreaction to SARS-CoV- 2.

      The baby Mussolinis want to keep the stupidity going because they love dictating illogical nonsense to braindead pawns who believe CNN and, more importantly, they need to get as many spending bills passed as possible to bail out their socialist leftist bankrupt cities and states from years of incompetent government bureaucrats and their stupid fucking failed dead-end “programs.”

  1. Polling suggests that only about one in three Americans were personally acquainted with one of the 525,000 dead. Some of the other two-thirds apparently don’t give a squat about any human tragedy that does not affect them personally. Hence the high correlation between COVID denial and denial of any discrimination in America except against themselves. Like the novel coronavirus, antipathy is apparently a contagious disease.

    1. 60,000,000+ surgical and medical abortions since 1973, hundreds of millions of abortifacient, chemical abortions on top of that, the Holocaust x100. Leftists are the ghouls who don’t give a damn about human life unless it can be used to satisfy their control freak obsessions. Millions of literal idiots are still running around, driving, biking, hiking, etc. ALONE with masks on, destroying their lungs. Progs are dangerous mental defectives.

    2. Amazingly, you get stupider with each passing day.

      The COVID Hypochondriacs Think They’re Saving the World, But They’re Actually Destroying It

      The United States recently passed a grim “milestone” of sorts with over 500,000 deaths being attributed in some way to COVID-19. What this really means, of course, is that more than 500,000 mostly super-old and/or mostly super-sick people have died who, at some point prior to or at their deaths, discovered COVID-19 in their systems thanks to super-sensitive PCR testing that may or may not have been correct. Sadly, that’s the extent of what we know for sure at this point, though our overlords pretend they know everything while consistently being proven wrong weeks later.

      Extrapolate the “experts” and their “models” to the “climate change” doomsayers, as well, tard.

      It’s political. You’re being duped. Wake TF up, dumb ass.

      Around 3 million people die in this country every year, to the tune of well over 7,000 every single day. Yes, there have been excess deaths caused by COVID, but those are probably two-thirds of that grim number we constantly see on the TV ticker. Further, overall deaths over the coming years are likely to be significantly lower as we find that COVID-19 took many people weeks and months earlier than they otherwise would have gone.

      I don’t point these things out to be insensitive or disrespectful of the dead, but I do think society has lost all sense of perspective. All death is tragic and sad, especially for those who lose loved ones, and my intention is not to minimize any of it. It is, however, my responsibility to point out that, as absurd as it sounds, a significant proportion of the population of this country seems to have forgotten that we are all, at some point, going to die. Indeed, even as 500,000 were dying of or with COVID-19, 660,000 others were dying of heart disease, and 600,000 were dying of cancer. Where, pray tell, is the national memorial for them?

      The truth is, throughout human history, the chance has ALWAYS existed that one could transmit a virus or pathogen either directly or indirectly to someone already super old, super sick, and/or super vulnerable (i.e. immunocompromised) and that that virus or pathogen could play a part in someone’s death. Humans have been at least to some degree aware of this for hundreds of years. It’s not that society shouldn’t be wary of germs and viruses and take reasonable, sustainable precautions against them. But THIS? What has gone on over the past YEAR? To say these draconian lockdowns, unscientific mandates, and bizarre restrictions have been entirely disproportionate to the actual threat would be the understatement of the century. They have been a gross, pathological, hard-to-believe-it’s-not-intentional OVERreaction.

      Seemingly out of nowhere, society has turned itself into a pretzel in a futile attempt to prevent anyone from dying of or with COVID-19, even though the survival rate is well above 99.5% and the vast majority of those who have died with the virus would have likely soon been dead of something else. We have destroyed livelihoods, futures, and even lives in this Quixotic quest, yet have accomplished absolutely nothing except paving the way for further tyranny down the road exchanged for a false sense of security and protection. In the name of ‘saving’ humanity, we have tragically undermined and destroyed so many things that bring joy to life.

      So where does this all end? Vaccine distribution has been ramping up, and Johnson & Johnson is in the game now with a one-shot non-RNA vaccine that could be a game-changer for those who are hesitant. I’m skeptical, but if vaccines ‘work’ to get the fearful feeling good enough to end this charade, that’s good enough for me. Yet, despite increasing vaccination rates and declining infection numbers, Team Apocalypse refuses to budge and are now literally mask-shaming Texas and Mississippi for ending their unconstitutional mandates.

      Now, Dr. Fauci wants fewer than 10,000 cases a day to even consider relaxing restrictions, a number that hasn’t been reached since the beginning of the pandemic. The often untold reality is, while vaccines may (hopefully) help, they will never eliminate COVID-19 entirely. This virus will ALWAYS be with us, albeit hopefully in a less lethal form. Given that and based on their actions so far, is there evidence our overlords don’t intend for the current measures of masking, restrictions, and social distancing to last for years, if not forever, at least in the areas they control?

      Zero-COVID, obviously, is the ‘goal’ of the psychopaths who want to use this pandemic to impose their twisted policy aims on society, and people like Fauci and others who advise President Biden are increasingly looking like they adhere to this ridiculous notion. If ZERO COVID is the impossible goal now, this insane ‘New Normal’ we’ve been experiencing for nary on a year will NEVER go away. Not without a fight anyway.

      We are living in a time when most people seem to believe that appalling (in any era) assaults on individual liberties are completely worth it if they provide the off-chance that SOME lives could maybe, possibly, conceivably be prolonged by a few weeks or a few months. The irrational fear these hypochondriacs can’t let go of has made life intolerable for the living in countless places worldwide. Consequently, we’ve been watching the world die a slow, self-inflicted death. It’s time to choose life. It’s past time to fight back against the fear and the fearmongers, assess the risk, and live our lives to the fullest. Because COVID or not, none of us are guaranteed tomorrow.

      — Scott Morefield, March 8, 2021

      1. No, “TruthDetector,” the goal is not “zero COVID,” because that is not possible and no actual human being not made of straw believes that it is. To say otherwise is a libelous lie almost as outrageous as your made-up statistics.

        The goal is to find a balance between the preservation of human life from a deadly and highly communicable disease and the preservation of personal liberty and economic stability. I said “balance between,” not “choice between.” The notion that we can only have one without the other is a false dichotomy embraced only by fanatics. Pursuing the middle ground of reasonable science-based public health policies that keep businesses open has not worked because a large segment of the public, taking its lead from science-hostile politicians, has refused to voluntarily follow that guidance.

        The insistence that there is no middle ground may have led to excessively draconian restrictions, but it has certainly led to a backlash against even the most reasonable restrictions. When Texas bowed to that backlash and prematurely repealed its rules beginning last April, the result was a spike in cases that swamped our medical system and required the reimposition of restrictions by June. In September the rules were relaxed again and there was another spike in hospitalizations and deaths by October that continued to the end of the year, despite the reimposition of restrictions. Now the restrictions are being repealed yet again just as Spring Break is beginning, more infectious strains are spreading, and cases are creeping up. Another spike will inevitably follow. More people will avoidably die.

        Why not retain the most effective regulations until most of us have been vaccinated. Probably because selfishness has replaced empathy as the dominant force in a growing chunk of our neighbors.

        1. “Why not retain the most effective regulations until most of us have been vaccinated[?]”

          Because you’ve already destroyed millions of lives with your stupid, illogical, unconstitutional lockdowns and dictates, moron.

          E N O U G H .

          It’s Time for Mass Civil Disobedience on Masks

          Whelp, President Joe Biden’s “100 days” of mask-wearing took all of less than a month to extend into basically “wear a mask until 2022.” The virus numbers are dropping like a rock, even in the dead of winter, and no solid numbers have shown places with mask-mandates to work any better than those without, but nevertheless, we are told we must keep our air holes covered indefinitely, with no end in sight. And if they are telling us that NOW, at the beginning of 2021, it only goes to show you that my long-held speculation that our overlords want masks literally forever can’t be far from reality.

          It seems, tragically, that the monsters who favor somehow reaching so-called “zero-COVID” have managed to obtain a stranglehold on all levers of power, not just in the U.S., but the entire world. I’ve got to grudgingly give it to them – it’s a brilliant strategy. Since “zero-COVID” is an impossible goal to reach, the struggle to obtain it via tyrannical measures can never possibly end. Even in New Zealand, where COVID has seemingly been eliminated, a single case can trigger fresh new rounds of lockdowns. Indeed, for the power-hungry, the COVID-19 pandemic has truly been a dream come true.

          So, how DO we get things back to normal, in a time when seemingly little is going our way? It’s easy to ask, “What can I do?” when faced with something that seems so much bigger than ourselves, and often the answer is sadly, “very little.” I’ve certainly written before about opposing corona-fascism in our local communities, but here I’d like to focus on a single step that most individuals can take themselves, right now, and make a measurable difference.

          That step is very simple:

          Make a personal choice to defy mask-mandates in your area.

          This decision is easy for some, more difficult for others, even impossible for more, but I implore you to at least consider it. Some of us have been doing this the whole time and have zero problem walking barefaced into a store like we own the place. Others have chosen to at least to some degree submit for a variety of reasons that likely include fear of conflict, reluctance to disobey authority, and social pressure. It’s understandable. I know many people like this who know all the correct information, yet still choose to conform because it’s the ‘easy’ thing to do right now. Still, here’s my obvious question to those who know the truth yet continue to obey: How long do you intend to submit to this insanity? All of this year and the next? The rest of your life? Will there be a point where you say, “Enough!” If so, when will that point be?

          I say that time is now. (OK, I said this many months ago, but since time travel is impossible, the time REALLY is NOW!) What am I doing? I live in a red-state with no mask mandate but a county that does employ a toothless one. Consequently, as required, there are signs on every business entrance. Do I pay attention to them? Nope. I just walk in like I own the place, and I haven’t been challenged yet. Maybe I’ve gotten a few stares, but I don’t care, and I can barely see them anyway peering (I assume) self-righteously from behind their giant COVID diapers. Keep breathing those microfibers, chumps, and let’s see where that leads a few years from now.

          The left already thinks we’re all terrorists, racists, homophobes, and every other possible name in the book. In the COVID-era, add “grandma-killer” to the list. Whatever. Who gives a flying you-know-what what they think? I don’t. Do you? I consider it a badge of honor. I parade around with my face exposed dying for some triple-masked Karen to come up and film me and put it on social media. When/if they ever do, I’ll call it “street cred” and laugh maniacally as the hate pours in and my Twitter mentions explode.

          Now obviously, we’ve got to be smart about this. For example, I can promise you I’ll have a COVID diaper on my face when I fly Delta next month. I’m NOT messing with the TSA! In other words, the degree to which you decide to engage in civil disobedience will understandably depend on your location and circumstance. If you’re in a blue state that also punishes citizens with fines for non-compliance, maybe you need to take a more measured approach. Maybe you just avoid wearing them outside and/or place yours under your nose when indoors. Heck, these days even not wearing a face muzzle alone in a vehicle can be a small act of defiance. The point is, far be it from me to judge anyone for what they choose to do, but I would simply challenge every like-minded individual to do more than they are doing right now.

          Is it a little uncomfortable? Sure, at first. But you get used to it, I promise. I used to get the pitter-patters every time I’d think about going inside somewhere I knew almost everyone else would be masked. Now, I barely think about it. And guess what? Seeing someone else also daring to stand for science and defy the status quo always boosts my spirits, as I hope I do theirs. The point, ultimately, is to let others know the water is fine. We’ve already got hard data comparing masked versus non-masked counties in Tennessee and Florida, and the numbers aren’t in their favor. Let’s give this rotten tree a push and see if we can take a step towards bringing it down. It’s the moral, righteous thing to do. Think of it like a game of Dominoes. The more people go without masks in the more places without the sky falling, the easier it will be for others to follow suit.

          No, the war against COVID-fascism isn’t easy, but fighting it in any way we can is necessary and noble. The good news is, any of us can engage and even win a ‘battle’ by choosing to fight our fears, show our faces, smile, and simply walk into the arena with our heads held high.

          – Scott Morefield, Feb. 22, 2021

          1. So, you want to break the local laws designed to protect other people because you find the law inconvenient. It interferes with getting laid at Spring Break. So do the laws requiring the woman to consent. Are we going to repeal those? Perhaps “the more women get raped in more places without the sky falling, the easier it will be for others to follow suit.”

            Isn’t it ironic that the very same people advocating the use of deadly force against civil disobedience last summer are advocating it now. Why is asking you to wear a mask a more egregious violation of civil liberties than kneeling on somebody’s neck for nine minutes?

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