Jay Blahnik gives rare look inside the Apple Fitness+ Studio

Apple’s senior director of fitness for health technologies, Jay Blahnik, has provided Men’s Health with a rare behind-the-scenes tour of Apple’s new 23,000-square-foot, three-story Fitness+ Studio.

Apple Fitness+ is the first fitness experience built around Apple Watch
Apple Fitness+ is the first fitness experience built around Apple Watch

Apple Fitness+, the first fitness experience built around Apple Watch, brings inclusive and welcoming studio-style workouts to iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV so users can work out anytime, anywhere. Fitness+ intelligently and seamlessly incorporates key workout metrics users love from Apple Watch directly to iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV alongside inspiring workout content for an unparalleled, highly personalized, immersive experience, set to motivating music from the world’s top artists. Whether users are looking for a daily routine, want to try something new, know what they like to do, or are just getting started, Fitness+ offers workouts for everyone from a team of celebrated, charismatic, and passionate trainers who are specialists in their fields, and are inspired to coach all levels, from beginners to fitness enthusiasts. All of the workouts also include a trainer demonstrating modifications, so there’s always someone to follow, no matter a user’s ability.

Apple Fitness+ offers 10 different workouts types across a range of durations, including: High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Strength, Yoga, Dance, Core, Cycling, Treadmill (for running and walking), Rowing, and Mindful Cooldown — along with inspiring music from today’s top artists, thoughtfully chosen for each workout to keep users moving and motivated. For those not sure what to do on any given day, Fitness+ recommends workouts based on what they already enjoy doing so they can jump right in with something familiar, try something new, discover a new trainer, or find a workout to complement their current routine. They can also use the intuitive filter to choose the trainer, time, workout, and music to fit their mood, and in seconds, they’ll be on their way to their next great workout.
For people who are just starting out, trying a new workout type, or getting back into exercise, Absolute Beginner workouts provide expert guidance through the basics of HIIT, Strength, Core, and Yoga as an option to prepare for the weekly studio workouts.

Ben Court for Men’s Health:

The interior is Apple-modern, all-white everything, wood accents, lots of glass, lots of screens. All the screens show whatever is going on in the wood-walled and wood-floored fitness studio, which has three sliding glass doors opened to reveal a verdant garden… Blahnik opens the door, and inside, an instructor is warming up on a spin bike, about to start a cycling workout with two other trainers. Seven robotic cameras are focusing on the trainers from the front, the sides, and even directly above. Arrays of bulbs shine down, bathing the riders in warm, welcoming light. When Blahnik closes the door, the spinning — and shooting — will start.

“We want these workouts to be magical. We’re creating a piece of art, a piece of inspiration, a piece of motivation,” says Blahnik. “Many people might not think about the importance of lighting a cycling class differently than a yoga class, but we think it makes a difference.” Blahnik’s worked in fitness for more than 30 years. He developed fitness devices and apps at Nike in the mid-2000s, and he’s also a rowing instructor. “Fitness+ creates incredible workout experiences that are also beautiful.”

Exercising more may seem like a simple goal, but as you’re probably aware, it’s also extremely hard. And how Apple is tackling this challenge offers a glimpse of the future of fitness and how we imagine and experience training: with bio-data tracking via the watch and dynamic onscreen displays; next-level cinematography and editing, all strategically synched to music; and an intuitive app that lets you remix your own workouts. It has implications for anyone who wants to work out more and have more fun while doing it.

MacDailyNews Take: There’s tons more in the full article — recommended – including photos of the Apple Fitness+ Studio, rehearsal room, control room, and more here.

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  1. With a deeper look provided by this article, my thinking is more resolved…I have no interest in Apple Fitness. It looks like a cheezy production with a Hollywood touch…and that’s supposed to entice one to partake?
    It doesn’t move me at all and have to wonder, if I’m that different from those that REALLY want to exercise and be fit? You need this sort of production to get motivated to break a sweat/get the blood flowing?
    Maybe it’s for those needing the (weird) enticement from the production to finally get off the couch, or?

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