How Apple will protect against AirTags being used for stalking

Apple has long been rumored to be working on new tracking devices, called AirTags, which can be attached to any object. Reports have suggested that the AirTags will be attached to things like key and bags so that iPhone users can locate them via their location on a map, which raises concerns of stalking.

Andrew Griffin for The Independent:

Apple AirTag
Apple’s tag image asset in iOS code
The feature will likely work even when the items are away from a persons’ phone: Apple already uses its network of devices to scan for other missing products, so that a strangers iPhone might connect to a laptop that has been reported missing and allow it to be tracked down, for instance.

That same feature could come with security concerns, however, if for example a person attached an AirTag to someone else’s property without them knowing. As such, the tools could be used as to stalk people, or otherwise track them in ways [of which] they are not aware.

A new feature found in the latest beta update to iOS appears to suggest that Apple will be able to trigger a notification to avoid that happening, however. Developer Benjamin Mayo found that as yet unreleased version of the iPhone operating system includes an “Item Safety” setting, intended to protect people from being tracked.

The feature is triggered if the iPhone spots that a certain tracking device that is not registered to you is “moving with you.”.While the feature will not stop someone hiding such a tracking device on a person, it should mean they will be told if that happens.

MacDailyNews Take: We’ve got a few Tile trackers in use already, so it’s nice to know that we’ll be able to mix in AirTags and track both types of trackers as Apple broadens the function of the “Find My” app – currently used only to locate Apple’s own devices, such as other iPads or AirPods – so that it can be used to locate non-Apple thrid-party products.


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