YouTuber builds his own Apple Silicon iMac using M1 Mac mini parts

By disassembling am Apple M1 Mac mini and installing the parts into an old iMac, a YouTube content creator has created what he calls The World’s First Apple Silicon iMac.

YouTuber builds his own Apple Silicon iMac using M1 Mac mini parts
YouTuber builds his own Apple Silicon iMac using M1 Mac mini parts

Wesley Hilliard for AppleInsider:

YouTuber Luke Miani took a motherboard from a Mac mini and shoved it into a 2011 iMac.

Miani notes that the Mac mini motherboard is so small that it can fit snugly within the iMac chassis without any modifications. Using an HDMI display adapter from the Mac mini motherboard to the custom to Apple iMac display connector was the vast majority of work on the project.

Essentially, the Mac mini is running unmodified within the chassis of the iMac and using it as a display with the help of that adapter circuitry…

The 2011 iMac has a very low resolution by today’s standards. Its pre-Retina 27-inch 2560 by 1440 display is not an ideal way to use macOS… [and] all the ports — and power button — are inside the chassis and completely inaccessible from the outside without taking the screen off.

MacDailyNews Take: We’re going to wait for the real Apple Silicon iMac models, thanks!


  1. MDM take as purile as ever. The point is that the guy did something interesting with his M1 Mac Mini. Kind of like the people that put modern PC innards in old Mac cases. Obviously, he’s not going to put the thing on sale, he just did it because he could.

    1. Nothing special about pulling a Mac mini to bits and connecting it to a screen. Nothing special at all. Just a dumb gimmick for views. Pathetic. The kind of stunt John Dweebler, LA fool, wouldn’t have the brains to pull off.

  2. It’s a fun idea. I have an even older iMac, from back when the smallest size was 17-inch. I’d consider trying, if the video connection isn’t a difficult hack. Also, article seems to think 2560×1440 resolution is too low a resolution to run current macOS effectively. What? That’s nonsense. My older (but still supported) MacBook Air is 1440×900, perfectly useable.

  3. I put a 2011 Mac Mini into a Mac SE case along with an LCD display that fit the CRT opening. It has been a fun conversation starter. I even found a company that made adapters so it still uses the original keyboard and mouse.

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