Apple’s ‘Find My’ app update lets it find missing items like keys and bags

An upcoming update broadens the function of Apple’s “Find My” app – currently used only to locate Apple’s own devices, such as other iPads or AirPods – so that it can be used to locate “non-Apple products.”

Apple referenced 'AirTags' item trackers in an April 2020 support video
Apple referenced ‘AirTags’ item trackers in an April 2020 support video

Apple seems much closer to the launch of the long-awaited AirTags which which will be able to track hardware, devices, vehicles – you name it.

Andrew Griffin for The Independent:

Other companies such as Apple-owned Beats and even Belkin have allowed their products to be found by the app, meaning that people should more easily be able to locate their missing headphones.

But the feature is probably also a preview of Apple’s long rumoured “AirTags”, which are said to be small pucks or stickers that can be attached to any item so that it can be tracked by the iPhone.

The feature makes reference to a host of non-smart items – it says that it can be used to find a “backpack, luggage […] or other items” and includes pictures of keys and a bike – which can presumably be made to communicate using the iPhone using the AirTags.

The feature is enabled in the iOS 14.5 beta that was recently pushed out to developers, and first reported by MacRumors.

MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully this means that AirTags are finally imminent!


    1. It’s been reported the next software update will include, “Finding Joe.” Apparently Jill called Mr. Cook directly and requested the change. She’s been long concerned and recently exasperated with Joe’s wanderings. She, the Chief of Staff, nor The President can predictably find him after breakfast.

      Fortunately, she has learned he gravitates to the bowling lanes…where he likes to sit middle-lane push balls towards the pins and clapping loudly upon ball/pin contact.

      In-spite of some moments of worry, Jill has remarked, “it’s cute to see him having so much fun”.

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