Texas reopens state 100%, ends mask mandate; Gov. promises ‘no more lockdowns’

Texas’s Republican Gov. Greg Abbott on Tuesday said he planned to open the state next week “100%,” ending the state’s mask mandate, and promised “no more lockdowns,” roughly a year after the COVID-19coronavirus pandemic spread from China to the U.S. and across the globe.

Texas reopens state 100%, ends mask mandate; Gov. promises 'no more lockdowns'

Brittany De Lea for Fox News:

Abbott issued an executive order that rescinds many of the state’s previous orders, allowing all businesses in the state to fully reopen and revoking the statewide mask mandate as of next Wednesday.

Abbott pointed to a number of positive statistics as he detailed the state’s reopening plans, including a reduction in active COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations, and the lowest positivity rate the state has seen in months.

He also noted that the vaccine is a big contributing factor to the state’s ability to safely reopen, saying that health experts expect 7 million shots to have been distributed in the state by next Wednesday.

The executive order allows a county judge to implement COVID-19 mitigation strategies if hospitalizations rise above 15% of the hospital bed capacity in any region for 7 consecutive days.

However, no one is allowed to be jailed for not following county orders, Abbott said, nor can be penalties be imposed for failure to wear a face mask.

Abbott’s latest directive will go into effect on Wednesday, March 10. President Donald Trump declared the coronavirus pandemic a national emergency on March 13, 2020.

MacDailyNews Take: Congrats, Texans!

According to Apple, there are some 8,407 Apple employees, 105,000 App Store ecosystem jobs, 515 Apple suppliers with 13 mfg. facilities, and 18 Apple Retail Stores in Texas. Apple’s second-largest corporate presence in the world is in Austin, with 6,000 employees from the local area.

Here is the press release from Texas Governor Greg Abbott, verbatim:

Governor Greg Abbott today issued an Executive Order (GA-34) lifting the mask mandate in Texas and increasing capacity of all businesses and facilities in the state to 100 percent. The Governor made the announcement at Montelongo’s Mexican Restaurant in Lubbock in an address to the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce.

“With the medical advancements of vaccines and antibody therapeutic drugs, Texas now has the tools to protect Texans from the virus,” said Governor Abbott. “We must now do more to restore livelihoods and normalcy for Texans by opening Texas 100 percent. Make no mistake, COVID-19 has not disappeared, but it is clear from the recoveries, vaccinations, reduced hospitalizations, and safe practices that Texans are using that state mandates are no longer needed. Today’s announcement does not abandon safe practices that Texans have mastered over the past year. Instead, it is a reminder that each person has a role to play in their own personal safety and the safety of others. With this executive order, we are ensuring that all businesses and families in Texas have the freedom to determine their own destiny.”

During his remarks, the Governor discussed the incredible advancements that Texas has made that allow the state to open fully and lift the mask mandate—noting the rapid increase of vaccines. Nearly 5.7 million vaccine shots have been administered to Texans, and the state is now administering almost one million shots each week. By next Wednesday, about 7 million shots will have been administered in Texas and over half of seniors in Texas will have received a vaccine shot. By the end of March, every senior who wants a vaccine should be able to get one. The vaccine supply continues to increase so rapidly that more and more Texans will soon be eligible to receive a vaccine.

The Governor noted that Texas has a surplus of personal protective equipment and can perform over 100,000 COVID-19 tests a day. The state has invested in a variety of anti-body therapeutic drugs that have kept thousands of Texans out of hospitals. Texans have also adopted daily habits that reduce the risk of COVID-19 exposure and infection. More than 2.5 million Texans who were lab confirmed for COVID-19 have recovered since the beginning of the pandemic, and experts note the total number of Texans who have recovered from COVID-19 is likely 4-5 times that amount. The number of active COVID-19 cases is the lowest since November—meaning more Texans are recovering from COVID-19 than contracting it.

This executive order rescinds most of the Governor’s earlier executive orders related to COVID-19. Effective next Wednesday, all businesses of any type may open to 100% capacity. Additionally, this order ends the statewide mask mandate in Texas. Businesses may still limit capacity or implement additional safety protocols at their own discretion.

If COVID-19 hospitalizations in any of the 22 hospital regions in Texas get above 15% of the hospital bed capacity in that region for seven straight days, a County Judge in that region may use COVID-19 mitigation strategies. However, County Judges may not impose jail time for not following COVID-19 orders nor may any penalties be imposed for failing to wear a face mask. If restrictions are imposed at a County level, those restrictions may not include reducing capacity to less than 50% for any type of entity.


  1. Welcome, Texas, to the freedom you should have had all along as American citizens!

    The data show that cloth masks are nothing more than wishful thinking.

    1. We have been here before. Texas was among the first states to relax its social distancing rules after the Spring outbreak and consequently among the worst hit in the second wave. We have lost 151 people per 100,000 population. At least that is better than South Dakota, where wishful thinking has killed 213 per 100,000.

      1. We also have the worst vaccination rates in the nation. And my county is run by idiots. I sat in my local Commissioners Court meeting yesterday, one of three people of two dozen in the room wearing a mask. One of the commissioners stated that our county wasn’t “accepting additional vaccines from the Federal government because we don’t want to reduce our state allocation.” 🤦🏻‍♂️

        I don’t care where my vaccine is coming from I want to get my shot so I can get back to living.

        1. In my county, they decided that it would violate personal privacy if they asked folks whether they were really over 65 or had a prexisting condition. So everybody was put into Priority 1B. People like my wife , who is immunocompromised and over 65, were placed on the same waiting list as healthy college students. The list is not public, so nobody knows how long we will have to wait. They plan to send out an email with an appointment right before it happens. If you don’t have email, you are apparently too poor to live.

          The Governor claims that there is no need to enforce public health standards because Texans can be trusted to act responsibly. I wonder if he is also planning to repeal the Penal Code because Texans can be trusted not to kill or rape one another.

          1. You are comparing apples and oranges. People CAN be trusted to act in their own best interests and avoid COVID. The Governor didn’t say that people can be trusted to act in other people’s best interests so we still need police and jails. Get it?

            Just respond and say “I get it, you are being logical” to show that you are capable of logical thinking, or flame me back with no logical rebuttal to show the world that you are lefty.

            1. If you cough in my face when you are not wearing a mask, it threatens my health but does not implicate your self-interest to the slightest degree. If you have no regard for my health, the law was my only protection, just as it is my only protection from a mugger (who is less likely to seriously harm me).

            2. “Just respond and say “I get it, you are being logical” to show that you are capable of logical thinking”

              CC, as you read in the response, does not respond directly to posts particularly when proven wrong. Did not deny he is a “lefty” but of course he is.

              Leftist arrogance is not logical, then follows his specialty M.O., DEFLECTION response. Tx ego always has to have the last word to make himself feel better and magically eliminate in his mind where he screwed up.

              Who coughs in someone’s face? Like that happens to everyone everyday, not! Particularly today with social distancing and masks. Fear mongering Libtard hogwash. The best: cough is more dangerous than a mugger… 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

            3. In the ancient days, and still today, societies isolated the infected. That’s why leper colonies for instance, to pick an extreme example.

              When you cannot identify the infected, when the infected themselves don’t know they are infected, yet the infected van literally randomly kill, you get masks. At a minimum.
              Because you’re rights stop where another’s begin.

              Logical enough?

          2. The whole point of my Genius Governor’s decree is for social distancing and masks to go away, so yes, people are going to be coughing in our faces.

            1. Nobody coughs in another face, 99.9% of the time. It is impolite and people know better. You are disrespectful of your Governor FAKE conservative. I have many relatives in Texas and they are cheering!

              What do you offer is ALL FEAR. Stay home for a year, done…

      2. Hey TxUser, I think you’d be more comfortable living in CA or NY or some other commie state. Give it some thought. It seems there’s too much of that freedom stuff going on in Texas for you.

        1. MOST of us here do not really know what data is real, truthful, and unbiased. So much bull-butter is being shoved back and forth that so many people do not trust any news. And, statistics can be portrayed in almost any way you want to skew it.

          However, that aside, my own personal database (I own a pharmacy) does give me some insight into what is happening in my part of the world of NE Alabama. The data is generated from 2 exact timeframes: 1st period from 11/01/19 to 03/03/19 and 2nd period from 11/01/20 to 03/03/21. I filled 278 prescriptions for Tamiflu 75mg in the 1st period compared to 9 rxs in the second period. Yes NINE. For those that don’t know, Tamiflu is generally prescribed to treat the common flu.

          Again: 278 to 9.

          WHY did the number of rxs for flu drop so dramatically? I can’t tell you the exact reasons why, but here are some guesses:
          1. Doctors didn’t test for flu but only for Covid
          2. People wore masks which helped to prevent the spread of flu
          3. People did not go to get tested for flu, but stayed home
          4. Flu diagnoses were changed to Covid (intentional to get higher reimbursement or unintentional due to bad lab practices-neither is probable)

          The flu is different slightly from Covid, but my point is that something changed from last years flu season to this years flu season. My own personal opinion is that masking helped to reduce the spread of flu significantly.

          For me, a mask is an intelligence detector.

      3. Right on que, TxDEFLECTION extreme partisan pees on good news, rather than CHEERS! Naturally following, his cancel culture lockdown politics now peeing on both independent strong governors in Texas and South Dakota who are Republicans.

        Tell us the death rates from Covid (per 100,000 population) in the four largest Democrat SEVERE lockdown states of California, New York, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Whenever you are ready. But I suspect you don’t want to talk about that for obvious reasons.

        Republican Governor Kristi Lynn Noem be afraid Democrats. Unlike Sarah Palin, she is just as beautiful, but is whip smart, educated, well spoken, a hunter and calmly in FULL command of the facts. She makes Kamala Harris look like a free wheeling Libtard dogma talking point JOKE on Saturday Night Live. If Kristi is not the first female president, she will be the next Vice President.

        You don’t have to go out and celebrate Texas opening TxDEFLECTION, because obvious for a year now you are very fearful of Covid deaths. I humbly suggest you stay home probably for another year eating canned pasta, watching CNN and reading the New York Times.

        Lastly, a HUGE shout out to President Trump for his strong and unwavering leadership “Project Warp Speed” will go down in history as the fastest and most effective vaccine response to a pandemic in world history! He does not get the credit he rightfully deserves from the Democrat Liberal media TODAY, to be expected gee what a surprise, but hopefully historians will do what is RIGHT.

        Thank you, sir!!!…

        1. Stupid is as Stupid does……

          And Texas is full of stupid. It’s a shame because there are MANY smart Texans who also think this is stupid but they are not in a position to do much. The problem is, they will stupidly go and infect either those careful Texans or the people in the surrounding states. Worse, because they will allow the virus to spread for a longer time, they will be behind the potential rise of a new variant. Wonder what they will name it? Stoopid-19? Dumbass-19? TEXID-19?

          1. Buster Bluster Baloney!

            Yeah, you know all about STUPID a certified expert. You can stop looking in the mirror now.

            Florida and now Texas and others are shining examples of how to deal with Covid in their states and set people FREE.

            Democrat Governors obviously are drunk or high with POWER and CONTROL, not freedom, and way too STUPID to enact smart policies to keep their citizens safe and free while the economies are open. Democrat teachers unions are in the same boat. And now, after killing their economies with draconian lockdowns, they are begging Biden for billions in relief today being debated in the U.S. Senate Covid relief package that only 9% of $1.9 trillion goes to Covid relief.

            The rest? Aside from the typical Democrat pork when they are in charge to their pet projects, billions to Democrat states and cities for screwing up the last year. The Republican governors and cities are mostly left out for doing the right thing, so much for equal social justice.

            Buster will never get fairness and what is actually going on he is foreigner clueless. But the rest of us know the score and WILL remember at the ballot box in 2022…

            1. …he is foreigner clueless. Buster Bluster Baloney….
              GoeB you kill me….lol. Do you have a ghost writer to come up with these fun phrases?

              Yep Florida and Texas are indeed shining examples…of what not to do. Let me use small words so you can hope to understand….the longer they let infections drag on, the increased chances of creating variants, some of which could be resistant to the vaccine. If that occurs…then poof, back to square one.
              The pandemic end is near so even one more month of caution could easily do the trick. Imposing premature demask-culation will give birth to something no one wants.
              Here comes a key point (now pay attention)…its not about YOU. Its about protecting your fellow citizens. I know its hard to think outside of your own selfishness but please try.

            2. Buster: “ep Florida and Texas are indeed shining examples…of what not to do.”

              What not To do?!?

              You are a f*ckin Libtard idiot!.

              Nuff said…

        2. I am not “glad” to talk about death, but I am certainly willing, for reasons that will become obvious.

          As I said below, GeoB, the mortality rate in the “Democratic SEVERE lockdown state of California” is lower than Texas, 132/100,000 as opposed to 151. Almost half of those deaths were in Los Angeles County, which locked down fairly late and ineffectively. The rate in San Francisco, which locked down early and quite effectively is 49/100,000. The rate in Apple’s home, Santa Clara County, is 94/100,000.

          The rates in the Northeast are quite high because they have densely packed populations of urban poor and because most deaths happened in the first wave, before effective treatments were available, social distancing (particularly in nursing homes) was poorly enforced, and masks were rarely worn. New Jersey is highest (262/100,000) followed by New York at 245.

          The other two “Democratic SEVERE states” you asked for are: Pennsylvania at 187 and Michigan barely higher than Texas at 165. Both are significantly lower than Republican lax states like Mississippi (224) and Arizona (220). Smart as a whip Kristi Noem has presided over a 213/100,000 mortality rate in South Dakota. North Dakota is at 194, ahead of three out of four of the big Democratic states.

          I am “fearful of COVID deaths” because there are so damn many of them, including family and other people I know. If you can blow off 516,000 US deaths, 1306 of them just yesterday, you deserve a HUGE shout-out as an unfeeling brute. I’m sure you are thrilled at AMERICA FIRST, with more than our share of the 2.55 million inconsequential-to-you human beings who have died worldwide.

          As you point out, I have been fearful for a year now because I predicted exactly this outcome a year ago when you and your unwavering leader were promising us that the virus wouldn’t kill more than a few people who would have died anyway. I wish that you had been right and I had been wrong, but if wishes were horses all those dead Americans could ride. The tragedy is that so many fewer could have died if politicians had listened to the scientists.

          1. “If you can blow off 516,000 US deaths, 1306 of them just yesterday, you deserve a HUGE shout-out as an unfeeling brute. I’m sure you are thrilled at AMERICA FIRST”

            Copy and paste where I blew off Covid deaths?!? You are LIAR and PROJECTING again something that has absolutely NOTHING to do with me. You think you would LEARN by now to stop the practice. I’m not falling for liberal MISPREPRESENTATION BAIT, not now, not ever. Got it clueless?

            Yes, I am absolutely thrilled at AMERICA FIRST and President Trump looked stronger than ever delivering his CPAC speech Sunday and the movement is not only alive, but growing daily as we watch the dementia senior citizen Biden buffoon plodding along. The second ridiculous impeachment could not, and never will not, stop the conservative America First momentum Trump started.

            “As you point out, I have been fearful for a year now because I predicted exactly this outcome a year ago when you and your unwavering leader were promising us that the virus wouldn’t kill more than a few people”

            That is an EXTRAPOLATION LIE! Not a surprise, you continue to misrepresent not only myself but President Trump for five years.

            “The tragedy is that so many fewer could have died if politicians had listened to the scientists.”

            The scientists predicted 2.2 million would die in the first year. Less than 25% up to this point. The so called expert political swamp creature scientist Dr. Fauci in February last year said masks were not necessary and would have no effect. I can find the video quote at a news conference if you have not seen it.

            Seems to me you are so painfully blind supportive of the ALL Democrat side, you are clueless to the TRUTH and not open to all sides of the equation.

            Walmart in Texas has a sale on Chef Boyardee most varieties. Find a superstore open 24 hours and shop in the middle of the night with your double mask on…

            1. Thank you for making my point. You asked for statistics, expecting them to show that mortality was lower in Republican-run states. Of course they didn’t, so rather than respond to the actual facts, you went off a tangent of personal attacks and amazing lies.

              As for what we were promised last year, we do not all have dementia, so we can remember when Trump told us on Feb. 2, 2020, “We pretty much shut it all down,” on Feb. 10 when he said “Looks like by April it all miraculously goes away,” on Feb.26 when he said “the 15 US cases is going to be down to zero in a few days,” on Mar. 6 when he said “we are working to keep the deaths [as close to 11] as possible… you have to be calm. It will go away,” on Mar. 12, “We’ve stopped it,” on Mar. 13, “I don’t take any responsibility at all.” I could continue.

              The only 2020 projection that went as high as 2.2 million was an Imperial College study on March 17 that said that could happen if there were no remediation steps taken at all: no lockdowns, no travel restrictions or entry screening, no social distancing, no contact tracing, no masks, no emphasis on hand-washing, no new treatments, no vaccines, no nothing, followed by unrestrained geometric growth in cases. They also issued a more realistic estimate the same day assuming a rational response to the virus. That projection—100,000 to 200,000–actually turned out low because not all the possible mediation steps were taken. That’s on the politicians, not the scientists.

              If “blew off the COVID deaths” is too strong for you, how about “consistently minimizing the threat and reality of the novel coronavirus for over a year, with no change in attitude on the horizon.”

          2. You are comparing democrat vs republican managed COVID deaths, yet you fail to separate out how many of those deaths were from mismanaged democrat governors putting covid patients in nursing homes while publicly saying that doing so would be like lighting a match to dry grass (Cuomo) and then covering up the fact that that is exactly what he was doing.

            In fact 5 democratic Governors are now under investigation for doing the same thing. What is that about? Yet you have trust that the democrats are “following the science”?

            I would rather follow the random path of COVID, then follow a deliberate anti-science goal of killing people with incompetence (or worse).

            Let’s not forget, COVID began in nursing homes in Seattle. We all watched it spread like fire. Every thinking person who’s IQ is above 60 knew that if there was ANY science that was known, sending COVID patients to nursing homes is not what the science would say to do.

            Do you have a logical defense for your “Science following” democratic governors, or are you at least a bit suspicious that maybe this was done on purpose for some unknown reason.

            Sherlock Holmes said something like: When you have ruled out all the things that are impossible, then whatever remains however improbably must be the truth.

            Is it possible that 5 governors (so far) with scientific health departments reporting to them DID NOT KNOW this would kill so many people? (Impossible) or did they do it on purpose (improbable, but true).

            Something you need to think about and have a very good answer in your soul before calling other people conspiracy theorists.

            I don’t know what the truth is about the “pandemic” but one thing I am sure of, whatever the official story is, that ain’t it.

            1. I never claimed that the Democratic governors handled the early days of the pandemic well. They didn’t. People died. It was mostly due to ignorance about a new disease. For example, it was not clear how long the virus remained infectious and when it was safe for recovering patients to leave the hospital. Patients were sent back to nursing facilities who should not have been. The present safety rules were not yet in place, but were being developed by trial and, sadly, error.

              I simply said that the Republican governors haven’t handled the later days of the pandemic well. The difference is that the Republican strategy is still killing people and it is happening when the virus is rather well understood. Its behavior was illustrated when Texas and other states relaxed their rules last summer and the second wave almost overwhelmed them. There are still hundreds of bodies in El Paso refrigerator trucks because there is no room for them in the mortuaries.

              We know that cases are again slowly rising and that the new stains of the virus are far more infectious. There could hardly be a worse time to relax the measures that have carried us this far, particularly when most Americans will be vaccinated within the next few months and relaxing the rules will be much safer.

              Democratic or Republican, politicians have screwed this up and cost lives by not following scientific advice. Americans need to make them stop killing us.

      4. Go peddle your COVID fear porn to other snowflake betas, you totalitarian wannabe.

        Nowhere in the Constitution does it say, all this can be suspended if there is a bad disease. We have lived through typhus, cholera, smallpox, HIV, tuberculosis, polio, the Spanish flu. We’ve lived through an attack on our soil. Never have there been months and months and months of emergency powers when we weren’t actually fighting a war. So this is completely unprecedented. Lockdowns have never been done before in free societies. And really, we are turning into a version of totalitarian states before everyone’s eyes. And I really hope, you know, we wake up quickly, because history also shows that it’s a small window in which people can fight back before it’s too dangerous to fight back. – Naomi Wolf, liberal

        This Tennessee Data for Masked vs. Unmasked Counties Would Be on Every Front Page, if Results Were Different

        Like Florida, Tennessee is a great place to compare mask-mandated places with ones that aren’t and see if such governmental overreach really does contribute to slowing the spread of COVID-19. If they help, surely some evidence of that would be in the data, right? Since I’m a resident of the eastern part of the state, I decided to run the numbers myself. When I first started getting the data together, I didn’t know entirely what to expect. If there was a sharp difference showing masked counties doing better than unmasked ones, it would be a truth I would have to report, even if it went against my preconceived (in this case anti-mask) notions…

        Over the allotted period, counties with mask mandates saw 4.7% of their population infected while those without them saw a 4.6% infection rate. Interestingly, Hawkins County, which let its mandate expire at the end of September, had 4.3% of its population infected, while Carter County had 5.1% infected with a mandate in place. Both have nearly identical populations…

        If mask mandates worked as our overlords insist they do, does not logic demand that the raw numbers would show it at least a little? If this data were in the pro-maskers’ favor, wouldn’t it have already been on the front page of The New York Times?

        When you combine this Tennessee data with Rational Ground’s data from Florida and masked vs unmasked states nationwide, the picture is increasingly clear. It’s time to face the fact that mask mandates DO NOT WORK to stop or even slow the spread of COVID-19. — Scott Morefield

        1. Excellent data and totally agree. If masks worked for the last year, why were numbers climbing steadily. The numbers are going down little to do with of masks, vaccines and herd immunity…

          1. The numbers climb because of the Trumpists NOT wearing masks you moron. I know you cannot be that stupid to not understand something so simple therefore you must deliberately be making these stupid claims.
            Either that or your mom dropped you on your stupid head when you were a baby…..probably deliberately but you survived anyway. Please just do not add to the gene pool…..

    2. You’re a complete idiot. But please let Darwins Law have it’s way with you. One less moron in the gene pool. Thank you for your sacrifice.

    3. Actually no, it does not. The cherry picked information might suggest such a thing, but the actual science says otherwise. But let’s be honest, fuck wits like you don’t care do you?

  2. Darwin in action. More deaths on the way for Texas. Deplorable Governor.

    And what in the hell does this have anything do do with Apple? MDN – get your head out of Impeached twice Trumps ass.

    1. personal responsibility is still a thing. Just because a mask mandate is lifted doesn’t mean you have to stop wearing a mask or protecting yourself in many other ways. Blaming any politician for deaths from a new highly contagious global virus is ignorant. Take personal responsibility to protect yourself and others based on your circumstances.

      1. For the ten millionth time, the masks protect OTHER PEOPLE. You have the right to choose your own risks, but not to inflict risks on others. I’m so tired of cons using their own stupidity as a power base.

        1. yes, flimsy fabric masks protect other people but N95 masks DO protect the person wearing. They have been tested against viruses so go educate yourself. And then there are the higher end masks that do filtrate the air.

        2. “You have the right to choose your own risks, but not to inflict risks on others”.

          I’m so tired of libs using their own stupidity as a power base.

          ‘not to inflict risks on others’ – sounds like a good anti-abortion argument.

          1. And I’m tired of people claiming to be “pro-life” when they reject every element but one of a consistently pro-life position. It’s not just that they sit complacently by while 516,000+ of their fellow Americans and 2.54 million of their fellow human beings have died, many of them because these “pro-life” claimants have refused to take steps to protect them.

            It is also because they are baby killers. They oppose most means of preventing conception as immoral, require every female who falls pregnant (even preteens, incest victims, and rape survivors) to give birth, and then kill the children after they are born by denying them and their mothers minimal social services like food, medical care, housing, and education. They support war, police brutality, vaccines, and the death penalty in defiance of their churches’ consistently pro-life teaching and then have the unmitigated gall to suggest that those who support public health are immoral.

            I’d rather use stupidity than sociopathy as a power base.

      2. “Personal responsibility is still a thing”
        Not to the totalitarian, entitled, intolerant neolib minds to whom everything needs to be fully controlled, regulated and mandated to death!
        The overly anal, freaked out segment of the worlds population.

      3. Taking personal responsibility isn’t going to protect us from those who don’t.

        I haven’t been out much, but I have been shopping about once a week at the only readily accessible local supermarket, which had contingency plans for an epidemic and has been enforcing public health guidelines since last year. As of March 10, they will follow the Governor’s orders and stop requiring masks. No amount of personal responsibility on my part is going to protect me from maskless individuals who crowd me in the checkout line. They are spinning the cylinder on a revolver and playing Russian roulette with the muzzle against my head… and my family’s.

        I might survive the virus, but my wife almost certainly would not. She has only seen about eight other live human faces on fewer than ten occasions since March 5 of last year, but that won’t protect her because our Governor doesn’t want to offend the “patriots” who don’t think scientists know science.

        Oh, and just to get this out of the way, I don’t want to move to California, even though it has a significantly lower mortality rate than Texas. This is my state. I was born here. I won’t be driven off by buffoons.

          1. Yes, I have heard of online ordering. That is something available to people who don’t live in rural Texas, who have high-speed internet access, and who can afford to double their food budget. Other folks are too poor to live, apparently.

            Why should I wear three masks because you are too damn selfish to wear even one? Oh, I forgot… that would interfere with your “freedom” to kill my family. You call me a loser when you aren’t even fit to call yourself a human being.

            1. TX LUUUUUUUUUSER is hopeless and pathetic leftie who wants to tell everyone else what to do. You’re the sad slime that doesn’t deserve the “human being’ label. Worse than an Android… TX LUuuUuUuuUUUSER.

    2. Realist Governor!
      Life is lethal! You want to play it safe or safer.. no one is stopping you. Stay home and do nothing, as in zero! Any action may expose you to some kind risk/threat! .. That would do it right!? ..But come to think of it that may not even cut it .. the roof could collapse on your head…
      Life is bitch isn’t it… Wake up and smell the coffee!
      Naive and unrealistic minds.. living in their idealistic lala land… having zero conception of what threats they live with day in and day out if its not on the news 24/7 frying their minds!

      1. Our Realist Governor announced today his support for legislation granting Texas state judges jurisdiction to review and reverse editorial decisions by private media outlets. I’m sure you First Amendment advocates think that is just as reasonable as removing the authority of cities, counties, and local health authorities to enforce public health regulations. As somebody elsewhere on this thread pointed out, Texans do not want to be governed, so we have elected officials who will not provide appropriate governance.

    1. FAKE VOTES a daily reality around here, like Biden’s suitcase votes in the middle of the night after they kicked out Republican observers, then took weeks to count if they had enough…

      1. Goeb….there you go again. Spreading bullshit around like its post harvest time on the farm. You lie about mask protection, you lie about voting, you are just a pathological liar…..and hater.
        Get this into your stupid head, any election will have some fraudulent votes BUT they are never enough to sway anything. It is disingenuous to say that a specific example here or there shows that it is massive…because NO ONE has shown ANY proof that this occurred in the recent election at any scale other than tiny and about the same as any other election which includes Republican presidents.
        So stop with the lies….it just makes you look pathetic.

  3. Another step in keeping that country number one. You don’t reach that number one spot of 25% of the resulting deaths from the pandemic without a solid effort. Pay no attention to the pandemic, pay no attention to the snowflakes, pay no attention.

    I salute the country’s patriotism

  4. It is like cons WANT the virus to get worse. If you apply something to stop an organism, but let it up too soon, you get a resistant strain of that organism. High school science class does this experiment with mold and lysol. But of course that is why cons hate science.

    What Texas is doing might end up killing people all over the world.

    1. I find it a lot more than one state, it seems that promoting the COVID-19 virus is almost a past time there, throughout the country, bi partisan, multi factional, protests, riots, a fantasy bureau of insurrection so illustrative of a dysfunctional situation and still to your country’s credit, one of the first countries to come up with a vaccine regimen, and that in and of itself is amazing.

      My slant though is that it is much more than a national situation, it affects the species. To that end, what is happening makes sense if one believes that Calhoun’s behavioural sink is in operation.

  5. Poor Texas. Texans keep complaining about government then vote for people that hate government to be in charge of government. Stop voting for republicans. They have no interest in government working, none. Texas you keep hiring people that just want to collect a check and tell you to do for yourselves, why are you folks paying any taxes? There are some problems that are too big, or too bad, to be handled individually or will not be handled cause there is no profit in it. Is there nothing that unites the state. Is it just a matter of uniting to be individuals. What value is there for Texas to be part of the United States government? Why should there be a state government? Why a city government? Quit hiring republicans if you think government sucks, because they are the ones in charge and they are making it suck. Hire some folks that want to work for you. Republicans are not those folks. If left to them you would not have running water. Your water is your problem, dig a well if you want water, why should taxes pay for any thought or idea of water. I hear you guys are having problem with having clean water. oh well. Change up, vote for somebody else.

  6. It’s confirmed. Texas is a shithole with the stupidest so called leaders in charge. Just look what happened to their power and contaminated water. And it’s about to become COVID central. No wonder republicans are such idiots and losers. You reap what you sow.

  7. Yeah, “Congrats Texans”. You only have 233 people a day dying from Covid. What a fucking moronic imbecilic thing to say, MDN. To those of us who have lost family in Texas to Covid, this is the most asinine comment I’ve ever heard here. Might just be the final straw to push me and many others into abandoning this sinking ship for other Mac news sources.

  8. Opening bars and restaurants does not mean you MUST go to bars and restaurants. It just means you have the choice to so.

    Lifting the mask mandate doesn’t mean you can’t continue to wear your masks. It just means you have the choice to wear a mask or not.

    Isn’t America supposed to be land of the free where we can make our own choices?

    1. I do not believe that living in “the Land of the Free” should imprison me in my home because my neighbors have chosen to threaten me with a potentially lethal disease. I do not have the choice not to buy food and medicine for my family in places that my state government has made mask-free zones frequented by maskless individuals who don’t care who infects them or whom they infect. They aren’t just making their own choices. They are choosing for me against my will.

      1. So,because you’re a simpering beta snowflake pansy, afraid of life, EVERYONE should be imprisoned forever, regardless of the cost to lives and livelihoods in order to “protect” you and your ilk?

        Typical Democrat circa 2021.

    2. Wearing a mask protects others by 80 % and yourself by 20 %. It‘s been a year and why people still don’t understand the simplest things about the mask is a mystery to me.

      1. I have said it multiple times, the US is FULL of self centred idiots. How many times have people said that wearing a mask protects others. In other words, these restrictions (stay at home, masks, etc) are primarily geared to protect others from those yahoo’s that say ‘Don’t tread on me’. don’t restrict me’, others are yellow bellied scary-cats but not me. Let them stay at home, I am brave.
        Sheesh, think of your fellow citizens. This is the central reason behind the US sporting the highest number of COVID deaths (oh, and also because fat people have a 10-fold increased risk of death by COVID)……America, land of the free….and obese (two strikes and counting)

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