Apple TV+ series ‘Truth Be Told’ filming shut down by protesters

A shoot at South L.A.’s Leimert Plaza Park for the second season of the Apple TV+ crime drama “Truth Be Told” was cut short Thursday when local protesters objected to the crew and cast’s presence.

The global premiere of “Truth Be Told” took place in November. The Samuel Goldwyn Theater with the cast and executive producers. Left to right: Haneefah Wood, Mekhi Phifer, Ron Cephas Jones, Annabella Sciorra, Elizabeth Perkins, Reese Witherspoon, Nichelle Tramble Spellman, Octavia Spencer, Aaron Paul, Michael Beach.
The global premiere of “Truth Be Told” took place in November 2019.

Dominic Patten for Deadline:

Referred to as “community members,” by FilmLA, the protesters were primarily concerned with the plight of the homeless in the City of Angels and the announced presence of the Octavia Spencer starrer became the object of their ire. Specifically, the organized protesters objected to how filming was allowed to go on in areas like Leimert Plaza Park while the jurisdiction have been denied to those without a roof over their heads. Though the gates at Leimert Plaza Park are now open during the day, many parks have been locked up or greatly restricted by civic officials in recent months due to the coronavirus pandemic.

MacDailyNews Take: You know, because COVID-19 can only be transmitted in parks at night. (So sayeth the “logic” of California authoritarian-wannabes.)

With around ten “Truth Be Told” crew members on location, the FilmLA permitted shoot came to a halt around 3 PM as things got heated very quickly, I hear… LAPD were on the scene soon afterwards the situation began to escalate.

After today, it is highly unlikely that “Truth Be Told” will be returning to Leimert Plaza Park anytime soon, I hear. Other locations that meet the Nichelle Tramble Spellman created show’s needs are being secured it seems.

MacDailyNews Take: Sigh.


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        1. And thank YOU MDN for continuing to allow what used to be the best Mac news site become the toilet for Trump Trolls to dump their steaming brown opinions into!

      2. Exactly. So, Tim Cook, you voted for Gavin Newsome and he is the Governor and LA’s Mayor is another Democrat Marxist, which you are too, of course. So, Tim, just give in to the protestors. They are right. Filming should not be allowed with COVID killing more than the Black Plague. Shut down all of Hollywood. Shutdown all of San Francisco, including Apple and Microsoft and Google and the whole filthy lot.

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  1. Growing up in the area we used to be able to head down to Leimert Park where there were shops, mostly black owned businesses, art stores, and a park that needed no fences or gates. During my “stupid as the average liberal phase,” I bought my first Che Guevara t-shirts and pan-African bumper stickers there. Great place to go see a play at night, hear poetry, everything you needed to impress a young lady.

    Then da-boys started coming. Shootings became regular. Robberies. Rapes. Large traffic jams of cruisers on the weekends. Brawls, etc.

    As is always the case, contrary to popular opinion, poverty followed the crime. Not the other way around. Not as bad now, though It still has higher violent crime and higher property crime than greater Los Angeles, which is saying a lot. I believe it is still a black enclave though the rest of the surrounding areas have turned Mexican. Memories.

    Gentrification is going on. Real estate prices are going up, lots of beautiful old style los angeles houses for sale in the million dollar range.The white folks are coming back.

    $900,000 in Leimert Park

    beautiful 960k place

  2. But, he’s a black man (on the other side). Some on the correct side have an urge to call him an U____ T_m. His perspective is sooo white.

    How can his perspective be deemed worthy?

  3. I realize that people on-line enjoy the anonymous bullying of others of opposite belief. California is fine. It isn’t bleeding residents (42 million more to go). It isn’t a horrible place to live, quite the contrary. The politics of hatefulness need to stop. It seems like fun, but it is ruining our country, not California. Of course this will stimulate all the haters to try to troll others who don’t agree with them. Don’t waste your fingers.

  4. Americans don’t want California to bleed. We like to keep Californians right were they are. In fact, we plead with them to stay and stop destroying other states.
    If you think a $900,000 house that would be a slum anywhere else is a nice place to live, you deserve it.
    The hate was created and festered by the left and continues, but Americans will never stop hating those that wish to destroy the country as much as libturds so. Enjoy the hate, you worked hard for it.

  5. The homeless were all protesting that rich socialist hypocrite, John Dingler LA Artist. Communists want to invade his own and redistribute his welsth, and burn his artwork in the park for warmth. Dingler is part of the 1%, and the demonstrators were stating they wanted to Occupy his mansion and everything he does have to the people, where it belongs. Occupy Dingler NoW.

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